Pampered By Mr President!

Chapter 317 - What An Arrogant Man

Chapter 317: What An Arrogant Man

Mu Siyin was drifting off to sleep when she noticed someone standing beside her all of the sudden.

Mu SIyin snapped back to her senses and immediately opened her eyes.

When she saw that it was Shi Beiyu, she instantly find herself wide awake.

“You’re back…”

Seeing Mu Siyin’s sleepy face, Shi Beiyu felt distressed and lifted his hand to pinch her cheeks. “Why don’t you go back to the room and sleep when you’re sleepy?”

Mu Siyin could not help but frown. “I can’t sleep. Might as well just lay on the sofa and watch the television.”

Shi Beiyu burst into laughter. “Why can’t you fall asleep when you can’t even open your eyes?”

Mu Siyin’s face turned slightly red. “I was just sleepy for a while. How was it at the Mu family today?”

Upon hearing that, Shi Beiyu lifted his eyebrows slightly. “Are you not at ease of having me in charge?”

Mu Siyin chuckled. “No, I just wanted to know how you taught them a lesson,”

There was nothing Shi Beiyu can’t accomplish.

Shi Beiyu pondered for a while before he gave her an instructable look and said, “They’ll be obedient without the need for me to teach them a lesson.”

Mu Siyin lifted an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

Shi Beiyu nodded. “Of course.”

Mu Siyin tutted and blinked her eyes.

As a matter of fact, everyone in the Mu family is a social climber. Although in their eyes, Shi Beiyu is the president of Tengyue, it is still a lot bigger than the Mu Corporation. They would naturally behave and butter him up when they see him.

Looking at how speechless Mu Siyin was, he curled his thin lips and held her hand. He took out the string of blood jade beads and put it on for her again as he warned, “Do not take it off again without my permission.”

Mu Siyin squinted her eyes with a smile and nodded as she stared at the shiny blood-red beads. “I understand.”

What an arrogant man!

Shi Beiyu gave a brief acknowledgment before he handed over her handbag. “Your phone is in there too. Check if anything is missing.”

Mu Siyin took it and looked at him as she asked, Did you find that someone had rummaged through my bedroom when you went in, especially my bookshelf?”

Mu Siyin knew that Mu Heyuan and the others were searching for the succession certificate that was in her hands. Since she was finally not around and the door was probably unlocked, they would not let this good opportunity slip away.

Upon hearing that, Shi Beiyu paused for a while before he replied, “I think… it’s quite tidy.”

Mu Siyin sighed softly. “Forget about it, I’ll take a look for myself when I get back.”

Shi Beiyu burst into laughter. “What’s wrong? Is there a treasure in your room, babe?”

Mu Siyin frowned and nodded immediately. “Yes! All my mother’s relics are kept on my bookshelf. They are very precious.”

Looking at how vivid Mu Siyin’s expression was, Shi Beiyu could not help but hold her in his arms and chuckle. “We’ll go back and take a look when you get better. I’ll help you find them.”

Mu Siyin curled her lips as she looked at him and said. “I don’t need your help. I can find them on my own!”

It must be those at home if something went missing in her room.

Shi Beiyu could not help but chuckle. His Yinyin was no pushover.

“How’s your leg? Does it still hurt?”

He reached out his hands gently and slightly lifted Mu Siyin’s bandaged leg.

Mu Siyin leaned into his arms lovably and let him be as he checked her wound. Warmth filled her heart.

“It’s better than this morning. It will fully recover in a few days.”

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