Overlord, Love Me Tender

Chapter 658 - Go find your mothers for hugs

Chapter 658: Go find your mothers for hugs

Instructor Chu and Instructor Ho were the strictest and had the strongest abilities among all the freshmen instructors.

Even the martial teachers from high profound class were not their match.

What more about them students?

Challenge successfully?

What kind of joke was that!

Everyone’s gazes started to move towards Ye Qing Luo subconsciously.

In the entire batch of freshmen, only Ye Qing Luo had the ability to challenge both instructors?

At this present moment, these freshmen had all forgotten.

That Ye Qing Luo, in their eyes, was a trashy student who was in the waste class.

After hearing about the challenge, Ye Qing Luo and Liu Xiao Yu moved to one side as they gave out a blank space in the center of the training grounds.

But they had not expected that everyone’s sights would fall upon her.

Ye Qing Luo’s lips twitched as her eyes curled, “I’m a student of the Devil’s class so no matter what, I should be the last one.”


What a powerfully strong reason which the freshmen couldn’t argue with!

If Ye Qing Luo wasn’t going up, then who?

The freshmen looked at one another in dismay, as no one wanted to be the first.

They were not idiots.

Right before they were admitted into Heavenly Academy, they had already heard about Heavenly Academy’s rules.

Challenging the instructors and can leave the training grounds upon failure?

Heavenly Academy did not have such a simple thing.

Thinking back, they were just admitted into the academy and on the second day they already started on the instructor’s “training”.

Although it was training but it was essentially an assessment.

A class allocation assessment. The combined result of their three day training classified them into different classes.

Naturally on the last day of the freshmen training.

Naturally it wouldn’t be a simple task of challenging the instructors.

It was highly possible that challenging the instructors would be graded into some kind of marks.

If their results were too bad, it would pull down their overall results.

These freshmen were very smart in trivial matters.

Now that these instructors had abundant energy, the first one who went up would basically be seeking his own death.

They might as well have waited for the other students to go up on the cycle challenge for a few rounds until they had exhausted the instructor’s strength before they went up.

All the freshmen had the same thoughts and after shirking for a moment, none of the freshmen took a step out.

Both instructors’ expressions turned gloomier.

Instructor Ho called out impatiently, “Where did the one month’s worth of training went to? You don’t even have the bit of courage and still want to become strong? Why don’t all of you pack your bags and go find your mothers for hugs!”


Ye Qing Luo burst out laughing insincerely.

One really couldn’t blame her for losing her solemn composure.

Instructor Ho was showing a black face while bearing an emotionless expression in deadly earnest telling them to “ask for hugs” was simply too comical.

These students’ faces had all turned red from his words and on hearing Ye Qing Luo’s laughter, they only felt that Ye Qing Luo was mocking them.

The freshmen who were full of youthful vigour were the most arrogant and couldn’t stand anyone looking down on them!

Very soon, a student stood out, “Let me have a go!”

It took merely an incense’s time and twenty over students were lying on the ground crying out in pain.

None of them had lasted for more than five moves in the instructor’s hands.

When the instructor’s fists and palm wind landed on their bodies, it would not hurt their internal organs but it made them suffer indescribable pain.

Several freshmen from intermediate profound class had already gone up and they had not gained any advantage in the instructor’s hands.

There were some low profound students who were so scared that they started retreating upon hearing the other freshmen crying out in agony, so none of them dared to stand out to challenge.

“Next!” Instructor Ho stood in the middle of the training grounds as his eyes gloomily swept past the surrounding students.

Although he was expressionless, the imposing manner which was dispersed from him made one clearly feeling that –

He was in an extremely bad mood!

How could it be good?

After a tough month of training, was this batch of students’ battle experience actually this bad?

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