Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408


Zibal fell to an unknown place after riding the galaxy created by Grandmaster Zikfrector. He realized that the life detected by Raiders was Faker and thought of the word ‘fate.’ It was too amazing to dismiss it as a coincidence when the place he fled to was a place with an Overgeared member. Then he soon figured out the situation.

“Is this the safest place in the world right now?” Zikfrector’s murmur as he stood on Raiders’ hand allowed Zibal to understand the situation. The ancient teleportation magic used by Zikfrector moved the two people to coordinates that corresponded to the user’s will.

‘The safest place in the world...’ The Overgeared Kingdom had grown to such an extent that it was rated like this by the system.

Zibal smiled and descended from Raiders with Zikfrector. The person who approached him wasn’t Faker but a young man.

“T-That is a magic machine, right?” It was a boy who couldn’t hide the admiration shining in his eyes. His appearance and ID couldn’t be seen due to the visor he was wearing. However, Zibal felt a strange feeling from him. It was a sense of strangeness that could be felt because Zibal’s knowledge was excellent.

Zibal could see that all the items the boy was wearing were of too high value. It was difficult to have such an assortment even if the boy was a second generation chaebol. Additionally, the current location was an area where the monster didn’t respawn right away... this was a boss zone. He opened the map and saw that the location was Bairan. Based on the moon, it must be the day when the Awakened Guardian of the Forest appeared. However, the guardian wasn’t visible.

“Kid, are you Grid’s son?” The time it took to get a result based on multiple pieces of evidence was only a few seconds.

Lord wasn’t wary of the unidentified stranger who recognized him with one glance. "Yes, and you are the young nobleman Zibal, right?”

Lord smiled widely as he took off his visor. He also inferred Zibal’s identity through Raiders. He remembered hearing from his father and his father’s colleagues that an excellent and courageous warrior called Zibal was riding the magic machine.

Zibal clicked his tongue. “I heard you just had your coming of age ceremony, yet you’re already hunting the Guardian of the Forest. Even if Faker...”



Zibal closed his mouth. Faker’s reaction in sending a whisper the moment his name was mentioned startled Zibal.

-What?Are you hiding from this little kid?Then he raided the Guardian of the Forest by himself?

-That’s right.

-This is a game where blood is important...

If such a child was so strong because he was Grid’s son, wouldn’t the child that Zibal have been quite excellent? The concept of marrying and having children in the game had been unfamiliar and awkward, thus Zibal avoided it in the meantime. Now his attitude changed to the positive.

“SIr Zibal, why did you visit Bairan? Did you want to hunt the Guardian of the Forest?”

“You don't know how scary your father is. Who in the world would covet a boss owned by the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“I know that Father is relentless toward his enemies. However, isn’t Zibal Father’s friend?”


A friend? The flustered Zibal reflexively looked around but he couldn’t see Faker. The reason he was able to detect Faker was only due to the biometric detector built into Raiders. After a failed attempt to send a question with his eyes, he finally sent a whisper to Faker again.

Faker’s cold tone in response was a bit uncomfortable...

-I’m not the one who spread the rumor that Grid and I are friends, right?

-Then it must be a rumor from Grid.


Zibal was the former leader of the Seven Guilds and he led a war against the Overgeared Gui.d. This included the invasion of Reidan. Then at events such as the National Competition, he blocked the road of the Overgeared members every time. Later, he avoided conflict with the Overgeared Guild as much as possible. Some situations happened and they often cooperated, but to say they were friends...

-If you’re uncomfortable, then talk to Grid.

-No, since when am I uncomfortable?I’m just surprised because it is unexpected...

Zibal was surprised while talking to Faker who was hiding in an unknown place. It was due to the smile that spread on Zikfrector’s face as he stared at Lord. Why did Zikfrector react like this when he was usually indifferent to others?

“Prince, what is your schedule?”

Zikfrector asked Lord who was staring enthusiastically at Zibal. Then Lord turned his gaze to Zikfrector for the first time. He gave a polite greeting before answering, “I was about to return to Reinhardt.”

“Is your business here finished? Too bad. Then I look forward to seeing you again next time.”

“Can I please know this nobleman’s name?”

“I don’t have a name to give. I’m just someone who wants to be your father’s friend.” Zikfrector was officially a traitor of the empire. He didn’t need to cause trouble by revealing his identity. There must be a reason so Lord bowed deeply to Zikfrector and Zibal.

"I see. I don’t think I should bother you so I will go. I hope good luck will accompany you...”

Eh? Goodbye.”

They entered the territory of their own will, yet it didn’t bother Lord? Didn’t he believe in the security of the Overgeared Kingdom too much?

Lord smiled at the confused looking Zibal. It was a smile that seemed to convey, ‘It is because you are my father’s friend.’

‘It is bewitching.’ His skill of smiling with a beautiful face was unusual.

Zibal clicked his tongue and confirmed that Lord had left. Then he asked Zikfrector, “Since we’ve come to the Overgeared Kingdom, isn’t it better to go to Reinhardt? Grid has been wanting to meet you.”

"No, the galaxy led me here so it is better to stay here for a while. Once your Providence is available again, we will go and meet Grid.”

-Yes.Is this okay, Faker?

-It doesn’t matter.I don’t want to constrain the grandmaster.

He wondered if he should ask about Providence but he didn’t know what to say. Well, the grandmaster wouldn’t answer even if there was a question.


Zibal knew Zikfrector’s true identity. The 6th evil, Zik. Zibal expected that he would one day experience a major episode related to the seven malignant saints. He thought the power he would gain in the process would be the power of the 6th evil, but surprisingly, it was the power of the 1st evil.

‘It is similar to an escape method...’

The reason for Zibal’s disappointment was that he still didn’t know the true power of Providence. During their stay here, Zikfrector planned to tell Zibal the story of the seven malignant saints and teach him how to use Providence.


It was easy to understand the Pulling Device as an auxiliary tool that converted a blade into a sword. It ejected silver thread that attached to the blade and pulled it over, allowing the Pulling Device to be used as a handle. However, the time spent in the process was at least 0.6 seconds. There was also a concern that the ejected silver thread wouldn’t hit the target due to some interference.

The thing Grid wanted was simple. It was to speed up the firing of the silver thread and simplify the process of hitting the target.

Thus, he asked Elizabeth for help and the answer that came back was ‘NO.’ Elizabeth criticized the Pulling Device as a ‘crude item.’ She suggested it was better to create a new Pulling Device rather than improve it because the limitations were clear.

Grid was actively willing to accept her opinion. The structure might be simple, but it was right to respect her opinion. The two of them headed for Reidan. After researching and cooperating for a fortnight, they succeeded in making the desired item.

[Magic Power Ejection Machine]

[* A secondary tool.

Rating: Legendary (Transcendent)

A rectangular box that can be held in one hand.

It looks extremely ordinary, but it is a magic engineering machine made with advanced alchemy techniques.

It was created out of a collaboration between Overgeared God Grid and the renowned craftsman artisan Elizabeth.

A total of 10,000 mana can be stored in the box. Once the button at the top of the box is clicked, the inner magic fan will rotate counter-clockwise to eject the stored magic power. The ejection distance is up to 1 meter. Once the ejected magic power touches the specified item, the ‘Item Combination’ skill is activated. However, it can’t exert an influence on objects owned by others.

Conditions of Use: Grid

* The duration of Item Combination is until the mana inside the box is consumed.

* Once Item Combination is triggered, 100 mana per second is consumed. The user can inject mana into the box in real time.

Weight: 200]

“Look! I need to improve the design!”

The performance of the finished produce far exceeded Grid’s wishes and expectations. Of course, the price was high. The highest level alchemy of the alchemy facility, which had been a money-eating hippopotamus since a long time ago, cost 90,000 gold for every attempt and only had a 8% chance of success. It cost more than 100 million won per attempt and only class specific skills or non-combat skills could be attached.

Of course, the research director explained that it was particularly expensive because Grid was attempting to attach a legendary rated skill, but this wasn’t particularly comforting.

In the first place, the cost compared to the performance of attaching a skill to an item using alchemy was very bad. This is because the condition of use was limited to ‘the master of the skill attached.’ There were few people in the world who would do a crazy thing like pouring so much money into making an item that couldn’t be re-sold.

“Look at the item description! It looks like an ordinary rectangular box! The item made using 8 billion won is so ordinary! Is it normal that it looks so ordinary?!”

“Don’t mention the 8 billion won.”

8 billion won to make a secondary item...

The value for money was worth it, but he couldn’t help trembling.

Ah, to be exact, it was 8.2 billion won?”


“It is such a large amount of money! Why spend precious time and money to design an item so ordinary? I said I would finish it off in a pretty manner! Why don’t you leave it to me? Can’t you believe in my skills?”

A legendary (transcendent) rated item was made.

Elizabeth’s help in the process was great. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been able to make a fan engraved with a sophisticated magic circle for magic to be attached to, nor could he have envisioned an item that ejected magic power. In fact, Elizabeth's contribution to the creation of the item was very great. The additional stats, reputation, and achievement she earned in return really helped her. Grid might be thankful to her, but she was just as thankful to Grid for the opportunity. Thus, she was even angrier.

A secondary tool that had the Item Combination skill. Even if the condition of use was limited to Grid, it was a legendary magic engineering machine that could be traded for an astronomical amount of money. Yet the appearance was that of a box. The material was Greed so it had a simplistic charm when looking carefully, but that was only a story when looking at it in detail. Elizabeth’s wish was for Grid’s Magic Power Ejection Machine to have an appearance worthy of its value.

However, Grid thought differently. “It isn’t good to have a combat aid that stands out. Rather, it is better for it to look cheap.”

“W-When did I say that it looks cheap?! I said it was ordinary.” Elizabeth finally shut her mouth. It was hard to insist on changing the design after hearing Grid’s intentions. “Well, I understand. I’ll make a concession this one time. Are you going back now?”

“Yes, the business here is over.”

There were still many items to make but before that, he was going to meet Zikfrector. A fortnight ago, Faker had run over after hearing from Kasim that Lord was trying to challenge the Awakened Guardian of the Forest. Then Faker delivered some unexpected news. Zikfrector was staying in Bairan.

Grid had wanted to go to Bairan straight away, but he couldn’t interfere with Elizabeth’s too busy schedule. Thus, he first visited Reidan. There was no reason to be in a rush. Zikfrector was safe because Lauel had deliberately strengthened Bairan’s forces.

‘Shall I go and find the sixth apostle?’

He would take a break at the same time. Elizabeth had talked too much.

Grid grabbed his throbbing head and entered the warp gate.

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