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Chapter 424 - Mysterious Exploration, Special Department of China?  

Chapter 424: Chapter 424, Mysterious Exploration, Special Department of China?

“Today, I’m going to Lop Nur, a place called ‘Sea of Death’.”

“In the ‘Classic of mountains and seas’, Lop Nur is called ‘Young Lake’.”

“In the Mongolian language, Lop Nur means ‘lake where many waters converge’.”

“But now, Lop Nur has completely dried up, leaving only endless desert and salt crust.”

Ning Fei drove the car and said to the netizens on the Gobi desert with only the small falcon.

“Abbey Dean Ning, what are you going to Lop Nur for?”

“Yes, are you going on a trip again?”

“There’s nothing interesting there. It’s just some sand and hard ground.”

The netizens were immediately curious.

Upon hearing this, Ning Fei smiled and said,

“There’s an exploration team that has made a new discovery in Lop Nur. They asked me to join.”

“I thought it was very interesting, so I came.”

Ning Fei’s words immediately made the netizens excited.

[ exploration team? Is it tomb raiding? ]

[ hahaha, can temple master Ning’s tomb raiding be called tomb raiding? It’s all a righteous and aboveboard geological research. ]

[ Temple Master Ning, what new discovery is it? ]

[ can you tell me about it? ]

[ wow, so there’s a treasure. I told you, no wonder! ]

Everyone was discussing.

Ning Fei did not explain further because he did not know what was going on.

After spending half a day, Ning Fei arrived at a research institute in Lop Nur town.

Today was the appointed gathering time.

Bai Yuanche’s friend, who was also the founder of this expedition, was a famous archaeologist in China named Lin Tao.

He brought two students and two staff members of the research institute with him for this expedition.

This team of archaeologists had been to many places in Huaxia, and they were very experienced in archaeology.

As soon as Ning Fei arrived at the research institute, he immediately received a warm welcome from everyone.

“Hello, Professor Lin.”

Ning Fei was also very polite. He smiled and greeted Lin Tao. After all, he was his master’s friend, so he had to respect him a little.

Lin Tao’s hair was half white and half black. His body looked very strong, and he was full of energy. He didn’t look old at all, but full of vigor.

“Hello, Abbey Dean Ning. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Lin Tao shook hands with him and laughed.

The others also looked at Ning Fei with excitement and admiration.

Of the two students that Lin Tao brought, one was dark-skinned and wore a pair of glasses. She looked rather dull and was called Liu Wu.

The other was a young girl called Xue Fang. Her eyes were very pretty, and she gave off the feeling of a new female strategist, Liu Hao, appearing in the scene in a movie by Zhang Mouzi. She gave off a very clean feeling.

The other two were middle-aged men. They seemed to be the backbone of the archaeological team.

Lin Tao introduced the members of the archeological team to Ning Fei one by one.

Ning Fei realized that this archeological team was not simple.

The two middle-aged men had very good physical fitness. Their eyes were also very steady. One look and one could tell that they were experts in exploration.

Although Liu Wu was relatively dull, he had a face with full marks in advanced mathematics. One look and one could tell that he was a formidable genius.

Xue Fang had almost no makeup on her face, but her body felt firmer. She would not be a hindrance.

After the few of them got to know each other, Lin Tao told Ning Fei about the final goal of the expedition.

“This was discovered by tourists. A group of tourists was traveling through the no man’s land of Lop nor. At night, they filmed a strange video in the car.”

“You can take a look.”

Lin Tao first showed Ning Fei the video.

Ning Fei took the phone and looked at it carefully.

He saw that the group of tourists was traveling on a wide sand road, with high sand dunes on both sides.

At this moment, two human-like shadows suddenly appeared on the sand dunes, shaking.

From the video came the exclamation of the tourists:

“F * ck! F * ck! What is that? Look over there!”

The video was a little shaky, but it could still be seen clearly. That species had two hands and could stand upright, exactly like a human.

Ning Fei’s expression became a little serious.

“There are sand lizards, Bactrian camels, yellow sheep, and scorpions in Lop Nur, but there are absolutely no humanoid creatures that can walk upright or stand upright.”

“Could it be other tourists?”

Ning Fei asked.

Lin Tao heard what Ning Fei said and nodded. He replied,

“You’re right. You can look at the back of the video. At that time, the convoy thought that there were tourists lost there, so they specifically stopped to rescue them.”

“Two people even climbed up the sand dune to take a look, but they didn’t see any traces of human activity.”

“On the contrary, they found some beast hair on the sand dune.”

“These tourists are also smart. They immediately took out their cell phones and reported it to the local government.”

“There’s a department in China that manages these things, so I won’t go into details. Your master was quite domineering in this department back then, and he was quite angry with the previous generation of seniors. However, he was too capable. Those people couldn’t do anything to him, so they still had to pay their respects to him.”

“Oh, right, do you still remember the water monkey that you found a while ago? We were also the ones who dealt with it.”

When Lin Tao said this, he appeared very calm.

The expressions of the two middle-aged men behind him changed slightly.

They probably didn’t expect Lin Tao to tell Ning Fei all this.

“Special department…”

Ning Fei muttered to himself.

This was normal. There were always a lot of mysterious things. If these things were announced, it would not have a good impact on the outside world.

“Have you guys studied the fur of that beast? What kind of animal does it belong to?”

Ning Fei asked.

Lin Tao replied, “From the test results, it belongs to a kind of anthropoid ape. This kind of creature has never been discovered by humans.”

Hearing Lin Tao’s words, Ning Fei frowned slightly.

“There are anthropoid apes in Lop Nur? That’s not very realistic.”

“Apes and orangutans live in the forest. There must be trees, water sources, and fruits around.”

“Lop Nur is a desert. How can there be anthropoid apes?”

Ning Fei asked again.

Lin Tao tidied his things and then slowly said,

“That’s why we need to find the answer.”

“And there’s nothing impossible about that.”

“More than ten years ago, Shennongjia’s savages caused a commotion. Later, it was our department that gradually calmed down the news.”

“I can tell you that we also discovered something in that place, but there’s no need to announce it.”

Hearing Lin Tao’s words, Ning Fei realized that there were indeed many things in this world that had yet to be discovered by humans, and these things were often filled with mystery.

“A secret exploration team. Looks like I can’t broadcast it live.”

Ning Fei clicked his tongue and sighed.

“No, you can broadcast it live. It doesn’t matter this time.”

“In fact, if we really find an underground city, we will announce it.”

“This is an archaeological expedition.”

“It seems that you really don’t pay much attention to archaeological news.”

Lin Tao said with a smile.

Hearing that, Ning Fei was a little surprised.

Later, when he turned on the live broadcast, Ning Fei realized that Lin Tao and the other two middle-aged men in front of him were famous Chinese archaeological gods.

They had discovered many historical relics and cultural relics, had been on the news many times, and had a large number of fans on the Internet.

“It’s a good thing that more fans are paying attention to our archaeology.”

“This time, we can count on your traffic for your live broadcast.”

“However, it’s best not to talk about the departments and secrets.”

“Next time there’s such a mysterious expedition, I’ll call you again.”

Lin Tao said with a smile.

This person was very charming, and his words gave people a very comfortable feeling.

Ning fei nodded and completely understood Lin Tao’s thoughts.

This time, he was called here to help on one hand, and on the other hand, to increase their popularity. Therefore, Ning Fei had to broadcast it live.

“Did your master ever tell you to be careful? I guess he thought that this was the kind of expedition he had before.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just an ordinary archeological activity. The risk factor shouldn’t be high.”

Lin Tao said.

Ning Fei nodded.

He finally understood why Yuanche reminded him to be careful.

Lin Tao was engaged in both archeological activities and some mysterious explorations.

And those mysterious explorations had a certain amount of danger.

Hearing that there was no danger, Ning Fei sighed instead.

No danger often meant boredom.

“Whatever. Who knows, there might be some unexpected surprises.”

Ning Fei muttered to himself.

Lin Tao and the others didn’t pay too much attention to his words.

However, what they didn’t know was that after Ning Fei opened his mouth, they really encountered an unexpected surprise.

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