Our Glamorous Time

Chapter 82 (END) - (Bonus Chapter) Because Of You

Chapter 82: (Bonus Chapter) Because Of You

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I — Story of The Honeymoon

Lately, Lin Qian had not been completely pleased with Li Zhicheng.

The wedding he had organized, had made her feel complicated, sophisticated, and boring. It was held at a luxurious five-star hotel, with attendance from the important figures in business and politics. The MC put on a show so they could display their love, and was also full of well-dressed guests, making it look fancy and glamorous…but their wedding was no different from any rich redneck’s.

Lin Qian was aware that these were all necessary, as they were both leaders in their industry, and he was even more famous than she was.

After the guests had left the wedding, the bride and groom were left lying on the couch, exhausted. She looked at the travel brochure on the table, and thought, that’s it for the wedding, but the honeymoon, I won’t let anyone interrupt. So she sat up with excitement, picked up the photos of the different islands, and asked Li Zhicheng, “I’m planning the honeymoon, do you have any requests?”

Staring at her sexy feminine figure in the red qipao, he looked up, “I’m ok with everything. As long as I have my bride.”

Lin Qian shrugged.

Three days later, they arrived on a tropical island.

The blue sea merged into blue sky on the horizon, with the white sand, and the endless jungle. The two were wearing their backpacks, like any ordinary young couple on a hike. It was a trip that she had been dreaming of for a long time, so naturally she was very enchanted.

The two were heading towards the hotel on the beach, the juncture of ocean and jungle was right next to them. Li Zhicheng was also wearing a light smile, with his hands in his pockets, following her.

In a low voice, he said, “It’s looking complicated in this area, don’t get lost.”

Lin Qian turned around and stared at him.

Ever since their relationship and career became stable, he seemed to be enjoying more and more treating her like a “big bad wolf”. For example, he always acted like he was flirting with her in a careless way, and would trick her, or “eat” her when she was not paying attention…

That was why, even though he was being considerate, from Lin Qian’s perspective, he seemed to have said, everything is under my control, your best option would be relying on me and following me. The “big bad wolf” would never get bored of reclaiming and reliving his sole control.

“Huh, so you know everything about this place, don’t you?” She was playing angry.

“Of course.”

“Let’s make a bet.” Lin Qian’s playfulness and emulation were stimulated, “Let’s play hide and seek. If you can find me, I’ll… wash the dishes for a week!”

Under the bright sunlight, Li Zhicheng’s eyes were half-closed. He took a step forward, looked down at her with his handsome face looking heavy and touching, more than any other young men Lin Qian had seen.

“No. If I win, you’ll…”

Someone was walking by, he lightly lowered his voice, only Lin Qian was able to hear it. Her face suddenly flushed, immediately pushing him away, “Cheeky!”

But the deal was made.

However, since Lin Qian had never won over Li Zhicheng when it came to a bet, this time, she was playing smart, suggesting best of three sets.

The location for the first round was very smart. She would dive underwater. In the blurry water, everyone was in a diving suit with a mask on, it would be impossible for him to find her.

Afternoon, the sun was shining bright, and the wind was nice and fresh by the ocean.

Carrying an oxygen cylinder, Lin Qian proud swam under some rocks. She was enjoying it with the small fish and plants around her, and also avoiding the jellyfish, with the size of a massive alien creature… huh, so pleasant. Next to her were five to six other young women, also dressing in the same diving suit, with similar body types, she knew that Li Zhicheng wouldn’t able to tell which one was her.

Meanwhile, she saw a man swimming in a great posture, quickly approaching them from a small distance.

Lin Qian was delighted, she quickly had a look at the time. Considering it had already been 30 minutes since she and Li Zhicheng were apart, with the small size of this area, he should’ve been getting close. And with that figure and swimming posture, it was getting more and more like him.

So she decided to lie on top of a rock, staying in the centre of the group, otherwise once she moved, he would find out.

The man was getting closer and closer. He stopped when he was a few meters away from them, with his eyes behind the goggles carefully observing them, like he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move.

Lin Qian faked nonchalance, but deep down she was very curious too, waiting to see if he was really that good with his military background. Would he really catch her that easily? Maybe not. Plus he was a Land Warrior, and this is in the water…

Just while she was thinking, she saw him swim towards a woman on his front right hand.

Hey! That’s not me!

Lin Qian was getting frustrated, over excited. Just when he was about to grab the woman’s hand, without thinking, Lin Qian quickly swam in between them, looking up at him harshly. He turned out to be totally the opposite of surprised, suddenly turning around his arms and immediately grabbed her waist. Lin Qian lost balance, struggling around in the water with him, before they finally got hold of their balance, floating.

He was holding her, very tightly. His hands even squeezed on her waist.

Lin Qian soon found out that it was a trap. He had already recognized her earlier, but with a little trick, he was waiting for her to come up to him.


Staring at him, she mouthed, “Shameless.”

He smiled.

“Hmm!” Lin Qian acted like she was going to run away from him, but ended up being dragged to swim up. When they both emerged above the water, her face mask was taken off by him, with his face already looking down, kissing her tightly. The ocean was still shimmering, and the sunset was far away in front, creating a stunning image. He put his mouth close to her ears, whispering, “Thanks for the honor.”

Although Lin Qian’s mind was messed up by his kiss, she still remembered, “Don’t get too carried away. Still two rounds left!”

It turned out, without any suspense, she lost the second round.

The location was still her choice, in the wild deep jungle.

Lin Qian was fan of outdoor activities, and she was confident that she could get away with the chasing from a special forces soldier. Her plan was simple too, she found herself a big leafy tree in the middle of the jungle, then she climbed up, waiting on the trunk.

She knew it’d be unlikely for him to find this particular tree in the middle of the jungle.

As it turned out… he found it.

Five minutes later, Lin Qian grabbed the chunky tree trunk in an uncomfortable position, looking at Li Zhicheng, who was quickly climbing up to her, she started to pity herself.

“Hey, how did you find me?! Did you cheat?” She was reluctant to admit the truth.

Having already climbed right in front of her, Li Zhicheng giggled at her.

“You left footprints all the way here, also the bent twigs…” He pulled her over from the trunk into his arms, “An inexperienced scout could even find you.”

Lin Qian looked down, she couldn’t easily spot the traces he mentioned among the big jungle.

She turned around, trying to climb off the tree, “Fine, you won, I’m gonna head back to do the dishes…”

She was pulled back again.

“Why? Are you going to stack the deck? In his low and clear voice, “You haven’t paid me back yet.”

Lin Qian suddenly blushed.

Same night, in the hotel room, and … on the tree, having cashed the best for the whole afternoon, Lin Qian walked downstairs with a sore body, coming to the bonfire party on the beach hosted by the locals.

Tonight was their third round. It didn’t matter whether she won this one or not. Lin Qian still followed her plan, disguising herself as much as she could. She put on the ghostface mask and a new dress that Li Zhichen hadn’t see before. She even put… hmm, cotton pads in her bra, and wrapped her waist with strips of cloth, in order to change her figure.

To her surprise, it actually worked.

In the dark night, with the vague effect of the bonfire, tons of visitors and locals were mingling together, dancing. Right after they started dancing, she saw Li Zhicheng walk past from not too far away.

Without any disguise, Lin Qian understood that he must’ve felt a need to show-off. So he was just in a simple while shirt and black pants, walking past the group, standing out with his handsome facial features. He took a look in her direction, Lin Qian quickly turned her head down. Surprisingly, he didn’t notice her, he then looked at the other side quickly, with his aloof glance.

Lin Qian was stunned all of a sudden.

She burst out laughing. She wondered how much she really liked him. Just looking at him searching for her in the crowd. She was already feeling her heart ache. She couldn’t even bare the merely wasted opportunity even just once.

Quietly, and softly, she approached him from behind.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” she asked in a clear rising voice.

Li Zhicheng paused, he turned around to look at her, with his brows rising gradually.

“Found you!” he said in his quiet voice.

Lin Qian stood in front of him, only one step away, and she couldn’t help but giggle, “It doesn’t count. I walked out myself, because I… I want to be found by you.”

Without any change to Li Zhicheng’s facial expression, he grabbed her hand, pulling her into his chest.

“I know,” he said, “this whole time.”

Lin Qian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Li Zhicheng was gazing at her quietly under the dark sky.

This whole time.

Before falling in love, you only felt tender and protective towards myself, and kept creating opportunities for me to get close to you. Among the interactions every day and night, every time we looked at each other, was filled with love that you didn’t even notice yourself. You wanted to be found by me, and you wanted me to have you, ever since the first day we met.

Of course I knew that it was the most precious thing to a woman, love.

And I was so lucky to finally have you. Let me marry you, and never let you down.

“Hmm, what do you mean by that? You obviously chased me first!”

“Yeah, because I’d received your signal very clearly, then I acted according to it.”

“When have I ever sent you any signal?!”

He reached his hand and pointed to her eye lightly, “Here.”

From a long time ago, the way you saw me.

II — Story of Giving Birth

Whether to give birth to a boy or a girl, Lin Qian was just like most of the women, she had her struggles too.

If they had a baby boy, he would probably act like his father. Having thought of this, she couldn’t help but look up at Li Zhicheng, sitting on the couch across.

It felt… good.

There were also perks to having a girl; considerate, lovely, and most likely spoiled like a princess by her invincible dad. It was beautiful to just think about it.

So she asked her partner, “Would you like a boy or girl?”

Li Zhicheng quickly answered, without even looking up, “A girl.”

Lin Qian was surprised, “Why?”

“A girl doesn’t need to bear too much.”

At first Lin Qian was a little stunned, but after some thinking, she understood.

He’s so chauvinistic!

“In today’s society, the girls are also bearing a lot.” She argued, “And can also bear a lot.”

Li Zhicheng put on a light smile, sitting by her side, crooking his hand.

“Yeah? Who is bearing more between the two of us? In any sense.”

Lin Qian started pondering.

Without a doubt, it has to come from family and business. He has already become the CEO of New Aida Corporation, and he’s also investing in the shares of some companies who he thinks have been doing great lately. He’s developing his own business empire quickly. While I’m still working for my brand, Glamorous, and the interest is still controlled by him… fine, he’s bearing more.

As to family. Err, he’s also bearing more?! He helped his brother, and had married her. He was also visiting her mom constantly. Her relationship with her mother was improving thanks to this son-in-law…

And good health? It also seemed to be him. Regardless of his busy schedule, he had been planning workouts for them two. Under his influence, they had been keeping a healthy lifestyle, enjoying their pleasant life…

Even in bed… Hmm, it was also mainly him.

Lin Qian’s face slightly turned red, “Fine, supposing you have a point. But nowadays, it’s easy to find great women, but not so much when it comes to good men.” She stared at him, as if she was considering something, if they really had a girl, would she have such luck to find a great guy like him?

Li Zhicheng replied, “My daughter, will live the life she wants.”

Five years later.

That same year, Li Zhicheng’s prophecy came true, Li Qian gave birth to a pretty girl, her personality was a lot more like her father, quiet, independent, and already sophisticated for her age.

For instance, now…

In the toy room at Li’s, Li Chenglan and Ji Shu (son of Ji Bai), were whispering to Bo Jian (son of Bo Jinyan).

Ji Shu said, “Bo Jian, just do as I said, stand under the roof. When the sunset is hitting on the ice at 45 degrees, and the temperature reaches 3 degrees celsius, the steam on the ice will turn into a rainbow.”

Li Chenglan, who was two years younger than them, was also adding the trimmings, “That’s right, brother Jian, it was in the book, you should try it.”

Lin Qian walked past the door, and having heard the strange theory they told Bo Jian, she started to feel intrigued, as she’d never heard of it before.

Then she saw the boy Bo Jian carelessly nodding, “Ok, I’ll do it, and I’ll tell you the result.” Then he walked out of the toy room, and seeing Lin Qian, he politely and proudly nodded, like a grown-up, “Aunty Lin Qian.”

Lin Qian was stunned by his “Aunty Lin Qian”. She giggled, “You can just call me aunt.”

Once he left, the two small and naughty kids, Ji Shu and Li Chenglan, started to titter.

Then they sat down, picking up the games and playing against each other.

And Bo Jian on the balcony…

Lin Qian walked up to him, asking, “Have you seen the rainbow they told you woudl appear?”

Looking at the broad snow and ice on the ground, Bo Jian smiled, “Aunt Lin, why did you fall for their childish lie?”

Li Qian was speechless all of a sudden, she continued, “But why did you…?”

Bo Jian put on a rare shy smile.

“Aunt, you probably didn’t get it. The way a girl tries to tell the boy that she likes him, was to make fun of him.” He said calmly, “Although my goal is to solve the case, and won’t say yes to her in the next few years, I can’t reject her directly, so I’ll just let her believe that she’s fooled me.”

Lin Qian, “…”

Bo Jian, you’re only 8 years-old, are you sure you’re not too self-absorbed and thinking too much?

By the time she returned to the toy room, she saw Ji Shu was teaching her daughter to play games, hand by hand. Despite being only 8 years old, he was taller than his peers, with his clearly defined facial expressions, smiling face, and his calm behavior. There was already a hint of gentleness, tenderness and sophistication to him. The two kids were having fun, Li Chenglan kept saying in a sweet voice, “Brother Ji Shu, Brother Ji Shu.”

Perhaps under Bo Jian’s influence, when Lin Qian got back to the lounge, she also began to overthink. She said to Li Zhicheng, “The three kids are great at the moment. When they get older, what if there’s a love triangle? Ji Shu is great, Bo Jian is also excellent.”

Li Zhicheng was reading a newspaper, he was in a shirt and pair of trousers, looking almost as handsome as a painting. Without looking up, he replied, “That’s easy peasy. Of course pick Ji Shu.”

Lin Qian, “…”

Hubby, you’re looking down on Bo Jinyan’s son, is that a good thing?

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