Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 774 - Old Place: Encounter!

Chapter 774: Old Place: Encounter!

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For this reason, Jun Mo Xie had to keep up appearances the same way he had to with Mei Xue Yan in the past! And not only did he tell her about him, he also used the Nine Nether First Young Master as an example… the purpose of all this was to dispel all of the apprehensions in her heart! She had suffered a major setback very recently, and this was the time she was the most sensitive and vulnerable!

What Jun Mo Xie wished to see was that originally confident and decisive Mei Xue Yan. He didn’t want to leave any shadows in her heart! For this purpose, Jun Mo Xie truly went to great lengths!

So Jun Mo Xie felt as if he had just fought a great battle with himself!

A grand battle that he could not lose no matter what!

With regards to his meticulous efforts, how could the clever Mei Xue Yan not understand them? Everything that Jun Mo Xie had done for her, the meaning behind each action—she understood them all clearly!

Because of it, she thanked him from her heart.

Yes, Mei Xue Yan was indeed wholeheartedly sincere to Jun Mo Xie. But was he not also treating her with all his heart and soul? Was he ever the slightest bit fake towards her?

At this point, it didn’t matter whether she was a Xuan Beast or a human… this life was not in vain!

Mei Xue Yan was truly very contented now. Thus, she did not want to let Jun Mo Xie down!

I, Mei Xue Yan, will triumph over myself!

Return to the peak!

I will not be unworthy of Mo Xie!

Jun Mo Xie exited the city, utilized the Yin Yang Escape Art and continued on with a speed akin to lightning. Moving at supersonic speed, he resembled a streak of formless lightning!

He had to find… the place where those bastards from the three Holy Lands were hiding!

His hatred could not be set down! His anger could be swallowed!

Without killing those people, Jun Mo Xie coul not relent!

On a small mountain not far south of Tian Xiang City, Chen Chong and a group of people were gathered inside.

Speaking of this mountain, Jun Mo Xie also happened to be somewhat familiar with it!

This was where he first led his men to rob the Second Prince of the Xuan Beast tendon crossbows. It was also here where he took care Li You Ran’s senior brothers. Most notably, it was where the first fight with the Blood Sword Hall took place. Without them being the wiser, he’d claimed a small debt of blood here before!

Because of his actions, this place, which had been flourishing with grass and life, had been turned into a clean patch of land. Even more coincidental;y, the secret cave that he’d made to hide his men at that time was the exact same place the people of the three Holy Lands were hiding in now.

If Young Master Jun came to know about this matter, he would surely turn speechless! Even if there were more coincidences in the world, they couldn’t be as coincidental as this, right? However, such were the facts! The incredible coincidence had appeared!

Speaking of coincidences, the spot that Chen Chong was sitting at happened to be exactly the same spot that Jun Mo Xie had been sitting on back then! Honestly, this could not really be considered a coincidence since although the cave was not very small, this spot was truly the most comfortable. Only at this spot could one lie down or sit comfortably. It was exceedingly convenient. As the leader of the group, where would Chen Chong sit if not there?

Although this location was not considered far from Tian Xiang City, it could not be said to be near either. There were roughly 200 li between here and the city. But with the speed of a Saint, it was not a problem to traverse this distance dozens of times a day. At the same time, it was somewhat out of the way, guaranteeing that they would not be caught off guard by Jun Mo Xie’s master if the latter suddenly turned up. Any news from Tian Xiang City could also be obtained with ease, so no matter how one looked at it, this was a very suitable location to camp.

Another point was that Jun Mo Xie had truly made this cave too convenient to use. And it was precisely because of this reason that they instantly chose it. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be simple for Saint-level experts to make a cave in any random mountain?

Inside the cave, there were a few additional holes branching out from the side. These were obviously newly made—the private resting area of the Saints. On the side was a slightly larger space.

Six people were currently sitting inside one of the larger caves that had been recently dug out.

There wasn’t any anxiousness on their faces; quite clearly, all of them were very capable of controlling their emotions. As for the other younger generation, they had all been dispersed to different areas to act as their ears and eyes. To these six, even Venerable-level experts were considered as the younger generation.

After a long time, the few of them finished adjusting their condition. Chi Tian Feng stood up and said, “It’s this old man’s turn to go out and look for some game. I’ll bring a few jugs of vintage wine back on the way. Everyone is facing this vast stretch of mountains and snow all day long; how about we have a drink together?”

Chen Chong nodded lightly and opened his eyes. A hint of a smile hung on his face as he said. “That’s good too; us old brothers only get to sit together like this every few hundred years. To be able to have a drink together is quite a rare thing. As for the three Saint experts of the Blood Ocean… Ai, perhaps their departed souls have not gone far and we can still a toast together. Also, we could count this as a final send off for them. Life and death… what is the reason for all this pain…”

A sorrowful melancholy hung in the air as he said.

Everyone opened their eyes and sighed collectively.

At their level, their concern was no longer about which of the three Holy Land would be the leader, and which faction would claim power. Their sight had truly transcended beyond these mortal things!

There were truly too few people in this world at their level. One dead was one less, not to mention watching three die right in front of their eyes?

“Since it’s like that, this old man shall make it a little more grand.” Chi Tian Feng fell silent for a moment, a sense of loneliness appearing on his face as he continued. “Once this matter is over, and the War for Seizing the Heavens has concluded, my guess is that us bunch of aged bones will most likely not have much chance to meet like this anymore in the future… Let’s seek a bit of respite in the midst of the troubles. Looking at the situation now, Jun Mo Xie’s mysterious master might not even reach here within the next half month. Why don’t we make the most of this period and drink to our heart’s content without using our Xuan cultivation to inhibit the alcohol?”

“Good!” Everyone agreed together. Just mentioning Jun Mo Xie’s master had caused all of them to feel a heavy feeling in their hearts. If that person really came, everything would certainly be accompanied with thunderous wrath. In the life and death battle that would follow, who could tell how many of the six gathered here would be able to return?

When they thought of this, the six of them began to treasure this moment as they sat together like this even more. At their age and cultivation, these people were already very open-minded towards their own life and death. But there was only one thing that they couldn’t accept.

It didn’t matter if they died. But seeing their brothers die before their eyes would be a torment difficult for them to bear.

Chi Tian Feng laughed somewhat bitterly and left.

Behind him, a “gracefully coquettish figure” followed over. “Big brother Chi, wait for me; let this little girl accompany you.”

The person who spoke was the Yin Yang Saint, Jiang Jun Ji.

Jiang Jun Ji was the person most discriminated against by the group. Thus, he naturally felt extremely uncomfortable. Thus no matter whose turn it was to go out to gather supplies, he would always insist on following along. This hole was simply too suffocating for him.

The purpose of this “shift work” was mostly borne out of this reason. Everyday, one person would be sacrificed to bring this weirdo out for a walk. By doing so, the other four would feel much more quieter in the cave. Otherwise, with the status of these few seniors, how would they be willing to take on such “shift work”…

Of course, it was more interesting for the person on duty,. If that day happened to be when Jiang Jun Ji was in his male form, there would naturally be no issues. He basically would not say much and be mostly cold and emotionless. But whoever met the female Jiang Jun Ji would be the most unlucky person! Anyone would be brought to the edge of a mental collapse by his antics…

The moment Chi Tian Feng heard the hair-raising voice, his heart instantly shivered and he sighed deeply. Without even turning around, he directly walked off. Listening to the sticky voice drifting into the distance and chasing after Chi Tian Feng, the other four in the cave could not help but to let out a breath of relief…

That weirdo… had finally left. They could finally relax now…

In order to have as much peace as possible, everyone had decided that the person on shift should stay out for as long as they could… however, those who went out always returned very quickly; spending time together with that weirdo was simply akin to torture! They would rather be dismembered by the rest! At least, that was better than being with him 

Chen Chong sighed again and again, his face colorless and emotionless. After all, he was the one who’d brought this weirdo here in the first place…


Jun Mo Xie had already finished searching the north, east, and west areas with a speed akin to chasing the wind. At this point, he had begun his search towards the south!

Since these people had hardened their hearts to deal with him, they definitely would not have gone far. Thus, Jun Mo Xie had set his search radius to 500 li ! Any further and it would be impossible.

He’d already searched 500 li in those three directions, but he hadn’t discovered anything.

In that case, the final direction—south—was the focal point!

The further south he went, Jun Mo Xie grew more and more certain that the three Holy Lands’ people must be in this direction! This was a kind of intuition, honed from his experience as the King of Assassins. This intuition caused him to grow even more wary, to a point where he was careful of even searching with his spirit sense as to not rouse the attention of anyone…

These were Saint-level experts. The moment he was discovered, he would be done for.

The purpose of his excursion was precisely to set traps for these people. But if he was discovered by the other party, he would instead fall into a trap himself…

Wasting his efforts would be one thing, but his face would be thrown away…

With Jun Mo Xie’s startling speed, he only took an instant to cover over 100 lisouth. Just when he was about to use his spirit sense to search again, he suddenly felt a very hidden spirit fluctuation in front.

Jun Mo Xie’s heart thumped. They’re here!

Looks like this is really the place!

He waited patiently and soon, two figures trotted out from the woods a distance away. The two looked no different from ordinary people, and there was nothing strange about their actions at all. Even if they came face to face, he would not be able to tell that these two were experts.

Only, the two’s speed was fast to an incredible extent! Just by looking at them, the two’s steps looked no different from ordinary people. Their steps were not large and was very normal. However, their figures disappeared in an instant, only leaving behind their shadows…

Shortening the ground into an inch!

And this was the peak level: shortening a thousand li of ground!

Jun Mo Xie’s pupils shrank: the Saint realm was truly extraordinary!

Jun Mo Xie revolved his Yin Yang Escape and his body turned elusive as he soundlessly followed after the two. Although he’d already hidden his body in the void, he did not dare to get too close to them. Because the feeling that those two gave him was much stronger than even Mei Xue Yan back then!

He had to be cautious!

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