Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 772 - Xue Yan Recultivates, Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune!

Chapter 772: Xue Yan Recultivates, Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune!

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Mei Xue Yan felt embarrassed. To think that this scoundrel was harboring such horrid thoughts…. Hehe, luckily, I’ve returned to my original form or else….if I were in my human form, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist his advances anyway…..

Now, let’s see what you can do!

Hehehe…. Mei Xue Yan thought bashfully and sweetly….

“Sigh, men… we’re really no good when it comes to this. Once we get excited, there’s no way to suppress it, and we’ll be burning with desire….. Poor me has been holding back for a long time…. I can’t do this, I can’t do that….Everywhere I go, I get rejected, or have people rolling their eyes at me. Finally with great difficult, I found one who doesn’t reject, but in a blink of an eye, my great beauty became a small, little creature….”

Jun Mo Xie moaned and groaned regrettably. “It really is difficult for me…. I’ve been holding back… I could just die….

“At the same time, I hope that you return back to your human form. But I’ll be a little unwilling as, after all, you are really extremely adorable in this tiny form…. You are also to be blamed for this. You didn’t make it clear. You didn’t say earlier that you were that little beast in the Tian Fa Forest that I had taken advantage and behaved inappropriately to….. It was so nice kneading and rubbing you… That feeling on my hand was really good, enough to make one drunk… How I miss it…”

Jun Mo Xie continued to dwell in his melancholy, his big hands subconsciously stroking Mei Xue Yan’s body…

As expected, this scoundrel doesn’t harbour any good thoughts!

Mei Xue Yan thought embarrassedly. She genuinely wished that she could just viciously bite into that big, indecent palm!

“Really, without you beside me, I really am lonely….” Jun Mo Xie suddenly sighed, and his palm also stopped moving. “Actually…. I am also not part of this world…. The world I originally came from is too far away from here…. leading a wandering existence in a different place all alone…. that sort of feeling is truly unpleasant! After all, I am just a wandering soul from another world…. and you, as a Xuan Beast who had cultivated a human form, looking up, this entire world is like a different place to you… the two of us have too many similarities….”

Mei Xue Yan couldn’t help but jerk lightly! This sudden news was really too shocking…

After all, I am just a wandering soul from another world!

This sentence from Jun Mo Xie’s mouth left Mei Xue Yan in completely shock. If she were able to speak, she may already have cried out in surprise….

But this jerk of her body finally brought Jun Mo Xie back to his senses!

“Xue Yan, you’ve awaken? Are you better?” Jun Mo Xie carried her up elatedly, making her face him. He opened his mouth and bit her small little mouth!

Mei Xue Yan shut her eyes tightly, trembling all over.

“If you’re awake, you’re awake! Why are you still so shy; what sort of relationship do we have! We’ve done what lovers should have done; wait, no, the most important deed has yet to be completed….” Jun Mo Xie laughed happily. “You don’t know how worried I’ve been the past few days… God! You are my star, my moon, my sunshine, my life!! The flowers in spring, the refreshingness of summer, the fruits in autumn, the warmth of winter. Ah~!”

Jun Mo Xie was so mushy that even Mei Xue Yan, who was in her original form of a Xuan Beast, couldn’t help but feel goosebumps…. Her entire skin turned red, not from bashfulness or embarrassment, but a mix….

Too terrifying….

“Why are you shivering? Hurry up: open your eyes and look at me!” Jun Mo Xie threatened. “Or not, I’ll hit your small buttock!” After making this statement, he suddenly felt exuberant. Since the two of them knew each other, when had Young Master Jun felt this sort of exuberance before Mei Xue Yan? Now he really found it invigorating….

Finally, I’ll get my revenge for all that wronged suffering!

“Little girl, you’ve fallen into my hands this time! Frequently abusing me last time, hmm?” Young Master Jun laughed in an unbridled manner, a joyous expression on his face. He smirked villainously and lasciviously.

Mei Xue Yan opened her mouth. But shut it. And shut her eyes while she was at it to. Completely ignoring this fellow!

“Go on, scream! Why aren’t you screaming? I’ll be honest with you; even if you scream until your throat tears, no one will come and save you. You still dare to be uncooperative with me? Did you think that I couldn’t do anything just because you shut your mouth and closed your eyes? Watch me hit your small buttock! That feeling is really excellent!” Young Master Jun haughtily threatened ‘dirtily’.

Mei Xue Yan was scared by him. She was really scared that this scoundrel would really humiliate her little part, opening her eyes instantly. Although she couldn’t speak, she glared at him furiously. Aside from embarrassment, there was also anger in her eyes.

“Hehe….I mean to say that that part of you is extremely pretty….” Noticing that she was really enraged, Young Master Jun quickly attempted to appease her. “Your eyes are beautiful, and so are your brows and your mouth…. you look good from head to toe; no matter how I look, I can’t get enough of it, heheheh….”

Mei Xue Yan was angry, but she also felt like laughing.

God, how did I meet a clown like this? This fellow is too ridiculous….

Most Xuan Beasts are unable to understand what humans were saying, and after falling down so many levels, it seems like I am nothing—not even the lowest level Xuan Beast. But why is it that I can still understand what is he saying? How good it would be if I couldn’t understand a single thing….

At least I would be spared from the anger and sappiness.

But she could deny that after being distracted by Jun Mo Xie like this, the shame and distress of facing Jun Mo Xie in this original form had decreased a lot A sappy experience like this wasn’t a bad feeling…

“Xue Yan, don’t you dare think groundlessly. I like you no matter how you look.” Jun Mo Xie saw that she had finally relieved her mind of those thoughts and was also relieved. Seriously, he said, “You will forever be the Xue Yan in my heart! You need to believe yourself, and even more so, believe in me!”

Mei Xue Yan lifted her small head and looked at him bravely for the first time. She was spellbound, and only after a while did she nod her head gently. The look in her eyes was full of trust and reliance!

Although no words were exchanged, all her emotions and feelings were conveyed.

“Such a good girl.” Jun Mo Xie praised. “Did you know? Xue Yan, this place is the inside of my body. In other words, the two of us are one right now.”

Mei Xue Yan looked at him in surprise. The inside of your body? Such a big space like this… How could it be inside your body? This is too incomprehensible, but he wouldn’t possibly make up such lies to deceive me, right?!

Jun Mo Xie smiled and carried her in his arms. Then he continued to explain in a gentle voice, telling her all about his previous life. How he roamed the world all alone, single-handedly, how he quickly determined enmity and look upon the pugilistic world with cold eyes, how he finally transmigrated and came into this foreign world…

Mei Xue Yan’s eyes widened bigger and bigger as she listened. An incomprehensible matter like this, even with all her wide and vast knowledge, she had never heard of such legends before!

Looking at her small, petite form with widened eyes, Mei Xue Yan was completely captivated by his story. Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but laugh, gently poking her small little nose. “There are unimaginable things in this world, but never things that cannot happen, what is so surprising about this? Actually, even the founding ancestor of the so-called Xuan Skills in this world, the Nine Nether First Young Master, is not from this word! But he comes from a different place from me; to make a real comparison, I’m a lot more proper… that person is a thorough and complete nutcase and lunatic!”

At the same time Jun Mo Xie alleviated himself, he also ruthlessly degraded the Nine Nether First Young Master.

Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes at him harsly. If she were still in her human form, it would be extremely charming, but since she was currently in her original form, she just looked extremely adorable! Upon seeing it, Jun Mo Xie laughed loudly, overcome by an unexplainable happiness.

“Xue Yan, I have already thoroughly recast a set of meridians for you! Don’t talk now… uhm, it seems like even if you wished to, you couldn’t… uhm, follow the way I circulate the Xuan Qi, and remember this path as it circulates.” Jun Mo Xie smiled and said. “From now on, you shall cultivate my martial arts.”

Mei Xue Yan only felt an oddly refreshing and soft, yet tenacious Qi entering her body, flowing through a meridian path that had never existed before… She instantly felt better!

After Jun Mo Xie retracted his hand, she began to practice circulating within this set of new meridians on her own… She could hear Jun Mo Xie’s voice beside her ear. “Remember, this is the directive of the first level….Illumination is spread when the divine light is set into movement. Tread upon the Spring of Immortals to Transcend the Nine Heavens. The heart becomes a mountain of treasure when the world is within grasp. A soul that undergoes nine divine refinements may never fall to Hell!”

Mei Xue Yan committed it to her memory, entering a state of deep meditation. She excitedly realized that this set of skills was so much so much stronger than the original skills she had been practicing!

She had only completed ten circulations, but there was already significant changes within her body. And furthermore, she had a peculiar feeling as if she was about to make an advancement any moment!

Jun Mo Xie watched as Mei Xue Yan slowly stabilized. He couldn’t help but feel envious, commenting, “You are really fortunate… Back when I just started practicing, I knew nothing of what generic paths to use…. even trying to enter a state of deep meditation was as difficult as trying to reach the heavens…. now, good for you, I already casted your meridians to perfectly skip all the beginner work…. People are truly different…. As expected, beautiful ladies have it better!”

After sighing and praising himself, he focused on providing protection. After all, this was the first time Mei Xue Yan used this set of skills. Furthermore, with a completely new set of meridians, if any mishaps occurred…. Jun Mo Xie really would not know where to cry….

It wasn’t long before a small hurricane of Spiritual Qi appeared before Mei Xue Yan’s head. She attracted all the purest and concentrated Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in the Hongjun Pagoda over to her tiny body….

Jun Mo Xie clicked his tongue. “As expected of a fourth level Venerable recultivating…. look at you, so fast. Why am I feeling so inferior?”

After a long time, Mei Xue Yan’s breathing began to get heavier and faster, her skin flushing a gorgeous shade of pink…. Jun Mo Xie didn’t even dare to look at her. This was a crucial moment!

As long as this foundation level was successfully broken through, then she would enter the first level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune! And it would be more smooth after this…. If she didn’t breakthrough the first time, trying to make an advancement the next time would be even more difficult!

Undoubtedly, it was a painful period. But Mei Xue Yan bore with it with all her strength; she knew that her most beloved person was watching from beside her, so her heart was stabilized! And blissful!

She used all her strength to breakthrough!

Mo Xie, I will not let you be disappointed…. I definitely won’t!

Mei Xue Yan exerted her mental strength, constantly pushing her way through…

Finally, with a series of sound of cracking bones, a dirty, black substance oozed out of every single pore on Mei Xue Yan’s petite body….

And her cultivation level successfully advanced in this moment!

Leaping straight to a level two Xuan Beast!

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