Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 5 – A Ray of Hope

Chapter 005: A Ray of Hope

Even though Jun Xie’s words were spoken in a soft voice, for Jun Wuyi those words were tantamount to a clap of thunder resounding throughout the skies!

Suddenly, Jun Wuyi’s eyes were opened wide, a layer of brilliant yellow glow emitted outwards from his body, causing others to not dare look at him. Unleashing an unusually powerful strength from his body, he suddenly grabbed onto Jun Xie’s arm, and asked eagerly: “Moxie, are you saying that you have the means to cure me?”

It appears that during those many years of recuperation, Jun Wuyi had never stopped practicing his Xuan Qi cultivation. This layer of yellow light symbolized the strength of an Earth Xuan ranked expert. Even though he was currently only at the early stages, his achievements in correspondence to his age is truly rare!

In all of Tianxiang Kingdom, how many Earth Xuan ranked experts can you find? For Jun Wuyi to climb all the way to Earth Xuan rank in a mere 30 odd years, this feat was simply comparable to that of a sky shaking genius! Not to mention, all the meridians on his lower body were severely defective. If it were not defective, then his strength would have certainly been able to enter an even higher stage!

Jun Xie’s arm produced cracking sounds due to Jun Wuyi powerful grip strength, however, his face remained calm and indifferent, as though it was not his own arm that was being gripped, feeling not an ounce of pain, he smiled and replied: “I have no guarantees, but I can try.”

Jun Wuyi suddenly became aware of his surroundings, he quickly retracted his arms. Taking a look at his own hands, a wave of doubt suddenly washed over him as he turned towards Jun Xie: “Weren’t you in pain? Why aren’t you crying?”

“I am in pain!” Jun Xie lightly replied: “But if I cry, will it stop hurting? If it would, I will be first to cry out loud. Unfortunately, things do not work that way!”

Seeing the look of indifference on Jun Xie’s face, Jun Wuyi was greatly startled. Jun Wuyi stared at him long and deep before suddenly laughing loudly: “Haha! Now you have actually managed to convince me that you could actually cure me.”

This nephew of mine seem different from before! Jun Wuyi secretly thought to himself.

“What needs to be done currently is to get the servants to massage your body once every morning, afternoon and evening every day! If possible, get servants with a background in martial arts to massage along the meridians. Don’t miss even one of the treatment! Every night, you also need to soak yourself in hot water for one long hour (two hours), no interruptions allowed. After a period of time, when the preparation on my side is done; then we can start on your treatment, is that all right?” Jun Xie smiled.

Jun Wuyi slowly calmed his emotions down, then said seriously: “Very well! Moxie, Third Uncle will trust you this once!” Both his hands slowly balled up into fists, Jun Wuyi slowly said: “Even if it fails, I will accept it.” He left out another part unsaid. Even if you’re just messing around with me, I will also accept it.

A strand of hope is better than none at all!

“After all these years, I believe Third Uncle has gone to see many doctors?” Jun Xie felt that something was off. After having checked Jun Wuyi’s body again, he realized that Jun Wuyi’s current state is truly not optimistic. All the meridians at the waist had been completely blocked off, in addition, there was also a heretical drug slowly eroding his meridians. If it was not for his high level of care and maintenance, his muscles would have already suffered from atrophy. At that point, he would truly become a cripple with no chance of recovery! Even if those high-level doctors were unable to cure him, they should have been able to see that.

“Not only that! Pretty much all the well known doctors from the Kingdom have been invited over to check up on me. Not only was I attacked with an insidious skill which sealed off my meridians, I was also inflicted with a highly peculiar and toxic poison, leaving me with a life worse than death…” Jun Wuyi replied with a face full of hate. “Father had already tried many times to break the insidious seal on my meridians, but was always unsuccessful. As for that nameless poison, no drugs could fight off against it. The only possibility would be to utilize an extremely powerful Xuan Qi to force it out, that may be the only way left to cure me.”

“If that is the case, then why…” Jun Xie asked, but stopped halfway.

“Those who plotted against me back then were Sky Xuan ranked experts. In order to unlock their seal and force out the poison, we would require a Supreme Divine ranked expert to lend a hand! But Supreme Divine ranked experts are near mythical existences who would meet only the heads of organizations, and not the tails of the organization. Worst yet, after treating my injury, the Supreme Divine expert would lose half their strength due to severe exposure from the poison, with no chance of ever recovering!”

Jun Wuyi smiled bitterly: “Which Supreme Divine ranked expert would make such a big sacrifice for my sake? Moxie, to achieve the Supreme Divine level of cultivation is as hard as ascending the Heavens! Who in their right mind would possibly throw away half of their life’s worth of cultivation for my sake?”

“What a vicious hand! Throwing you into a state where you know how to be treated and yet, that hope is unattainable…” Jun Xie shook his head. “It seems this guy’s hate for you is beyond ordinary! Using such a sinister method to torment you, his intention is probably to leave you with neither a path of life, nor the will to die!” Jun Xie paused for a moment, then unexpectedly asked: “Are those people our family’s blood enemy?”

“Moxie, you… Where did you find the method of treatment for me?” Jun Xie’s question caused Jun Wuyi’s eyes to flicker with pain. He did not answer the question, instead he looked at Jun Xie with an evaluating expression: “Today, it seems as though you’re a completely different person!”

“Honestly, Third Uncle’s ailment has always been in my mind, day or night,” Jun Xie broke out a sweat: “This method of treatment is just something I found by accident, but it seems very effective so I thought I should try it out. Third Uncle, we are not strangers, it is only natural that I would wish for Third Uncle to get better. Truthfully, though, this is also for my sake. I wish to be protected by Third Uncle and live a stable life as a second generation ancestor. It cannot be helped, that is simply the kind of person I am! Haha!”

“Stinking brat!” Jun Wuyi scoffed, and then suddenly looking solemn, he said: “Moxie, regardless of whether this succeeds or fails, Third Uncle will accept this act of kindness of yours!” His voice rang loud and clear.

“Third Uncle, just wait until the day comes when you can offer me shelter, that way I’ll be able to become a normal second generation ancestor, ha ha…” Jun Xie checked again before making up his mind; as long as he can increase his own internal energy by just a bit compared to that of his past life, coupled with his own personal knowledge of acupuncture and medicinal drugs, he will be able to use a three pronged treatment method to cure Jun Wuyi.

The reason he had Jun Wuyi undergo those massages to slowly treat himself was mainly to buy time. The current him do not have the slightest bit of internal energy! The acupuncture treatment requires a profound amount of internal energy for support in order to work.

Jun Wuyi’s eyes lit up as he heard those words which were filled with a high amount of self-confidence, smiling he said: “Moxie, your level of Xuan Qi cultivation is only at that of the Third Level, not much stronger compared to the average commoners. And yet, you withstood my powerful grip without batting an eye! With such a character and endurance, there’s no way you’ll just be an ordinary second generation ancestor.”

Even though that grab by Jun Wuyi earlier was not performed with his full strength, how can any ordinary laymen endure the grasp of an Earth Xuan ranked expert? It is likely that even a Gold ranked expert would wrinkle their eyebrows in reaction to his grip, and yet Jun Xie who only has a negligible cultivation of Third level Xuan Qi was actually able to endure it. In addition, he did not even utilize his own Xuan Qi to resist!

Jun Wuyi was well aware of how much pain Jun Xie had to endure, especially when such pain was inflicted while he was still unprepared, but his face did not even flinch! This level of mind…

What a pity! Looking at Jun Xie, Jun Wuyi sighed yet again, what a pity that Jun Xie’s age is already too advanced. Even if he is someone capable of enduring painful hardships, even if he were to devote his entire remaining life into cultivating Xuan Qi, it would be hopeless. Otherwise, with his level of unyielding tolerance, the Jun family would have been able to produce yet another terrifying expert!

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