Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1277 (END) - Finale!

Chapter 1277: Finale!

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pu sound rang out, and Zhan Kuang who was several zhang away, suddenly screamed miserably! He only felt as if a portion of his soul had been forcibly severed!

The arm no longer turned into mist, and instead transformed into a pile of glistening sand!

“The Nine Illusory Quicksand!” Miao Qingcheng cried out hoarsely.

Jun Moxie had actually managed to turn the already congealed Nine Illusory Quicksand in Zhan Kuang’s body back into the Nine Illusory Quicksand!

“Not bad, so this is the Nine Illusory Quicksand!” Jun Moxie opened his palm and looked calmly at the Nine Illusory Quicksand, carefully sensing the mystical spatial and regenerative powers in it. Sighing lightly, he could not help but praise in his heart. As expected of a heavenly treasure!

Jun Moxie raised his head and looked silently at the screaming Zhan Kuang in the distance: “Zhan Kuang, for all the sins that you’ve committed! Today will be the day you account for them!” His hands did not move, but the Nine Illusory Quicksand in them disappeared without a trace.

Pinched between his fingers was a wisp of greyish black mist that was struggling unceasingly.

Zhan Kuang’s body shook heavily.

This was not from pain, because Zhan Kuang’s current body was incapable of feeling any pain. It was from fear! A fear that came from the deepest recess of his soul!

The greyish black mist in Jun Moxie’s hand was a portion of his soul!

By destroying that arm and reverting the Nine Illusory Quicksand back to its original state, Jun Moxie had also managed to separate the piece of soul that resided in that part of the arm. Whenever he exerted some strength on his finger, the piece of soul in his hand would squirm in pain. In addition, Zhan Kuang’s body would also shake fiercely

Zhan Kuang’s eyes turned red and he roared. “Give it back to me!” Howling fiercely, he charged forward. With a cold snort, Jun Moxie rolled his eyes. “Give it back to you?”

A sudden blaze filled his eyes and he raised his head. “Then, who will give the millions of lives back to those people who died because of you?!” With a sudden stretch of his left hand, he grabbed Zhan Kuang.

His hand expanded in midair, becoming the size of a small mountain.

Compared to his palm, Zhan Kuang was like a tiny mosquito!

Clenching his fists ruthlessly, Jun Moxie activated the eighth level of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune.

A shrill howl suddenly rang out, breaking through the sky!

Miao Qingcheng watched from the side, unable to believe his eyes! The powers that Jun Moxie had displayed thus far had already exceeded his imaginations!

He’d fought Zhan Kuang for three years, but Jun Moxie only required a single palm to settle the matter!

A violet light flashed in his hand, and the Nine Illusory Quicksand dropped onto his palm before being promptly kept into the Hongjun Pagoda. The only thing remaining in his palm now, was Zhan Kuang’s soul!

Not even a tiny shred of his soul had managed to escape!

Jun Moxie held him with his right hand and in his left hand, a ball of Flame of Primal Chaos appeared, roaring fearsomely. “Zhan Kuang, you no longer have an indestructible body. I wonder how many times… your soul can withstand the refinement of the Flame of Primal Chaos?”

As soon as the ball of black flames drew near, Zhan Kuang’s soul began to screech aloud with alarm. The face that’d formed from the greyish mist was filled with fear.

Miao Qingcheng couldn’t bear to watch and turned his eyes away.

Jun Moxie smiled cruelly and started to burn, bit by bit…

In the end, Zhan Kuang’s soul was burned to nothingness…

“Old Miao, where will you go now?” Jun Moxie asked lightly.

Miao Qingcheng was suddenly stumped. The world was so big, but he actually had nowhere to go.

Sighing heavily, he shook his head. “I… where else can I go?” As those words came out, a bleak aura suddenly filled the air…

“Why not come with me to the Evil Monarch Manor and stay there temporarily?” Jun Moxie asked.

“That’s fine as well.” Miao Qingcheng sighed and agreed.

Two shadows flashed and disappeared towards Tian Fa Forest.

Another year passed, and Jun Moxie finally trained the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to the peak of the eighth level. In this same year, the allied troops also returned from the land of the Outsiders. With everything in place, Jun Moxie decided to conduct his grand wedding ceremony that year!

Mei Xueyan, Guan Qinghan, Dugu Xiaoyi, Miao Xiaomiao, Qiao Ying, Ke’er, Han Yanmeng, Ling Meng, and Qian Xun, these nine great beauties, would be married with him together on the same day.

The Evil Monarch’s wedding was undoubtedly the most important matter in the world! Once the news was spread out, the entire Xuan Xuan Continent was stirred up! Countless esteemed guests began to flood towards Tian Nan…

The Evil Monarch Manor.

Dongfang Wenxin’s eyes flickered with tears as she busied herself with all the preparations. The entire Tian Fa Forest also became active.

This was their elder sister’s wedding! None of them could afford to lose face.

On the night before the grand wedding, when everything was settled, and after sending his beautiful wives into the nuptial chamber, Jun Moxie’s banquet began. The entirety of Tian Nan was filled with esteemed guests, and the banquet contained a full 100,000 tables! Practically all of the continent’s best chefs were gathered here, including the imperial chefs of the various palaces and the head chefs of the large aristocratic families…

That night, Dongfang Wenxin sat smilingly in the kitchen, arranging the dishes. Across her, there was a portrait of Jun Wuhui. Young, handsome, and heroic…

Dongfang Wenxin looked deeply at Jun Wuhui’s portrait, her face as silent as the night. It was as if, at that moment, the couple were enjoying a drink on their son’s wedding night…

Dongfang Wenxin seemed to even be able to see Jun Wuhui sitting in front of her. A look of pride hung on that strong and chiseled face of his. He was smiling warmly at her, talking and laughing with her in a gentle voice…

Dongfang Wenxin smiled with bliss as she laid the table, specially selecting the dishes that he liked to eat the most. Her face was filled with happiness, as she poured cup after cup of wine for him…

Wu Hui… meeting you, I have no regrets. Knowing you, I have no regrets. Loving you, I have no regrets. Marrying you, I have no regrets…

I miss you, so much…

Dongfang Wenxin smiled lonelily as tears fell silently from her eyes…

This kind of night was so warm… how nice would it be if such nights could last forever?

If there’s a next life, Wu Hui… please wait for me. There will definitely be a next life!


On the morning of the wedding, Jun Moxie got up from Mei Xueyan’s bed feeling thoroughly comfortable. En, the wish that he’d had for a long time, was finally thoroughly fulfilled last night…

He was about to stretch his waist when he felt something strange. Because… Perhaps due to the changes with the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune and the Hongjun Pagoda, something had changed…

He… seemed to have broken through?

Jun Moxie was completely surprised.

With a flash, he entered the Hongjun Pagoda, going all the way directly to the ninth level without any hindrances!

The ninth level did not come with any new comprehension or directives. There was only an empty space. When he looked into himself, he realized that the little world in his dantian had completely finished taking shape.

There were previously no trees, grass, or flowers. But now, they covered the entire place…

Everywhere was filled with the smell of life…

With a single thought, countless humans appeared. People were born, slowly growing up year by year till adulthood…

With a wave of his finger towards the forest, countless birds and beasts were born.

Jun Moxie fell silent for some time, not understanding what was happening…

Only when he saw the mist in the air, did he know that this was the energy of Yin and Yang!

After last night’s time of harmony, Jun Moxie’s Yin-Yang energy had thoroughly stabilized. When his Yin-Yang energy was stabilized, he naturally obtained the ability of creating life…

“Hur hur…” Jun Moxie laughed lightly and returned to the real world. Hugging Mei Xueyan’s jade-like slender waist, his heart was filled with fulfillment…

Mei Xueyan yawned lightly and turned around, falling asleep again… Last night was simply too rough…

Jun Moxie completely had not expected that with Mei Xueyan’s strength, her ability to endure was actually not superior to Dugu Xiaoyi or the others. Last night was so vigorous that she continuously begged for mercy. In the end, she could not even move a finger…

Young Master Jun had once proposed to let Mei Xueyan return to her original form for him to smack her cute bottom for fun. However, this proposition was flatly rejected by the great beauty. Furthermore, she’d even snapped, determinedly announcing that they would never sleep together again if he mentioned this matter again…

And so, the great Evil Monarch Lord Jun could only rub his nose helplessly and agree… Looked like this kind of scene could only be something that remained in his dreams. It was impossible to realize in real life…

Another year passed, and another piece of good news appeared. Guan Qinghan was the first to announce her pregnancy. Following closely behind, as if Young Master Jun had suddenly gained some sort of power, Mei Xueyan, Dugu Xiaoyi, and Miao Xiaomiao also reported their good news…

To the small Jun Family, this was an incomparably huge joyous matter.

Grandpa Jun was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth from smiling. His laughter rang out all around the Jun Residence daily, and Dongfang Wenxin became even more busy, weaving clothes for her future grandchildren. Although the Evil Monarch Manor had countless maids who were capable of these kinds of tasks, Dongfang Wenxin insisted on doing all of it personally.

Nine months later, several new lifes were introduced to the Evil Monarch Manor, increasing the joyous mood.

Another three months passed, and one morning, Dongfang Wenxin’s room was found to be tightly shut for a long time. The maids were running about in a frenzy to report to Jun Moxie. Jun Moxie sighed heavily and lowered his head. He’d already prepared himself for this matter a long time ago. But when it really came, he still felt a heart wrenching pain in his chest…

Inside the room, Dongfang Wenxin was hugging Jun Wuhui’s portrait closely to her chest as she laid on the bed. Her breathing had already completely stopped. By severing her own heart veins, she’d left the world in a calm and painless manner.

“Mother, you are truly hard-hearted…” Jun Moxie’s tears fell like the rain.

He already knew that if his mother wanted to reunite with his father in the next life, she must definitely die first. Otherwise, with the difference of one lifetime between them, it would be impossible for them to meet in any lifetimes…

This day had finally arrived.

Jun Moxie raised his head and sighed heavily as he collected his mother’s soul. Then, spreading out his spiritual sense throughout the entire continent, and searching through all the areas where Jun Wuhui had warred before, as well as the items he left behind, he went and collected everything…

Then, with a speed akin to lightning, he disappeared. In the next moment, he’d arrived at the netherworld!

Jun Wuhui had already been dead for 15 years, and even his soul was not whole. But to Jun Moxie, this was not a difficult matter. As long as his soul was not destroyed, even if he had already reincarnated to another life, he would be able to do something about it.

After much great efforts, he finally found a piece of his soul.

Jun Moxie treated it with great care and placed it together with his mother’s soul inside the Hongjun Pagoda, using the Primal Chaos Purple Qi to protect them. He would wait for the soul to completely recuperate before finding an opportune time to send the two into the wheels of reincarnation…

Although doing this would erase their memories of their previous lives, the two’s feelings for each other were able to touch even the heavens. There would naturally be a way in the future for them to meet, being so drawn to each other by fate…

The three Holy Lands had already thoroughly disappeared, and the Misty Illusory Manor was destroyed. Of the five great powers that used to rule the lands, only Tian Fa Forest remained, and even it had been merged into the Evil Monarch Manor.

However, the existence of the Evil Monarch Manor had a terrible effect on the balance of the continent!

Because as long as any of them went to the outside world, they would have enough power to lord over the entire secular world!

Such a superpower faction should not exist in this world!

Jun Moxie also finally understood what Gu Han had meant by his words back then. One day, Tian Fa would certainly change. And heroes might become villains!

As for him, there was no way he could remain here forever.

That day, after thoroughly consulting with Mei Xueyan and the rest, and obtaining everyone’s views, Jun Moxie moved the entire Tian Fa Forest into his own created world.

That world was much larger than this one, and there were huge areas that still needed able lords to govern.

The Evil Monarch Manor’s Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer troops also expressed their interest in moving to that world, which he allowed with a nod.

Only Jun Wuyi and his wife were not willing to move over. Jun Wuyi still had too many attachments to this world. The charitable organizations that they controlled were still a huge part of their lives which they could not leave behind. Besides, the Evil Monarch Manor still required people to look after.

Jun Moxie brooded over the matter for a long time before agreeing to their requests.

In any case, with his abilities, going back and forth between the two worlds was something that only took a single breath of time. Besides, with Jun Wuyi’s ability, there should be no accidents after he and the other peak experts in this world left…

After he made his decision, Jun Moxie directly brought the huge group that was migrating away…

Time passed, and Jun Moxie could feel his spiritual sense growing clearer and clearer. His cultivation had also deepened considerably. Slowly, he broke past the limits of the ninth level of the Hongjun Pagoda…

Finally, one day, after Jun Moxie who was inside the Hongjun Pagoda broke through again, his body suddenly dissipated into light and disappeared among the vast starry universe. Perhaps, in another place, there was someone waiting for him…

At the same time inside the Hongjun Pagoda, those rare spirit herbs and heavenly treasures disintegrated and disappeared into his newly created world… these would become treasures that countless people would seek for in the future…

Whoever managed to obtain even one of these treasures would certainly grow into a peerless expert of his generation, creating a whole new legend.

The world needed legends. This was something that Jun Moxie firmly believed in.

Only those exceptional legends could be a driving force for countless youths to work towards…

One day, legends would become myths, and generations of people would tell of those myths…

Jun Moxie had already fully ascended through the confines of this world. One day, he suddenly felt like taking a trip, and he brought along his nine wives to journey through the universe, crossing over countless space to admire the large colorful planets.

Standing in the air, Jun Moxie’s eyes blazed with emotion.

This was his home!

A city of bricks and stones that stretched for miles, the magnificent long river, and the roaring Yellow River!

“Even though I’ve become a God that stands at the peak of the universe, I am still…” Jun Moxie’s hair flowed behind him as his aura surged upwards. “…a citizen of China!”

“Farewell, my homeland.” Jun Moxie mumbled in his heart. With a wave of his hand, he brought Mei Xueyan and the rest away to continue their journey.

After several years, Jun Moxie grew tired of the journeying, and the girls were also beginning to miss home. Just like that, they returned to the Xuan Xuan Continent. Within a few breaths of time, they were already standing on the streets of Tian Xiang City.

After going through many tribulations of time, Tian Xiang City had already changed completely. Only the magnificent Lovers’ Mound remained of that old city. This place had already become a sacred ground for all the lovers in the world!

Every couple would pay a visit to this mound as a tradition as they reaffirmed their love to their other half. Here, they could feel that their lover was their everything.

I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved! What deep love was that? Regardless of whether one was a man or a woman, who would not wish to experience this kind of love?

Jun Moxie walked slowly through the streets. When he reached the Lovers’ Mound, he looked at the words ‘I shall give up on the heavens, but not on my beloved’ and sighed with complicated feelings.

The memories of the past flashed before his eyes, as if it were but a long dream, causing one to sigh repeatedly…

Ling Meng went forward and paid her respects.

Not far away, a young couple walked slowly towards this place. The man was handsome and tall, and he had a proud look on his face.

Beside him, the girl was beautiful and sweet as a flower. Her eyes were filled with deep love as she looked at the man beside her. The young man’s eyes were also filled with love as he looked at her.

There were only each other in their eyes.

A shock ran through Jun Moxie’s body as he looked at these two, and a trace of emotion appeared in his eyes. In so many years, it was rare to see this kind of expression on his face…

The couple also saw Jun Moxie and the others at this point, and they exchanged a glance. At that moment, they could not help but to feel slightly stunned. The young man before them had a unique aura which couldn’t be explained, which would draw people’s gaze with just a look.

The girls standing around him were all peerless beauties. It was truly a wonder where he’d found so many beauties to follow him.

Following that, the two knitted their brows. This person does look pretty good, but isn’t this a little too frivolous? To actually have so many wives… even if he wore only one ring on each finger, he would run out of fingers if there were just two more wives…

“You can’t be like this in this future!” The young lady gripped his hand and said anxiously. “If you become like that, I… I will cry!”

The youth laughed aloud and smiled. “Xin’er, what’s with those words? With you here, how can my heart still contain anyone else?”

The girl smiled happily and her face turned red as she pinched him: “You and your honeyed words… annoying!”

Her face was filled with contentment.

The youth smiled happily and hugged her to himself. Apart from her, there was no one else in his eyes. In this life, I will use my all to give you happiness… Xin’er!

The girl stole a glance at Jun Moxie, and a strange feeling appeared in her heart. This person seemed very familiar, very approachable and very reliable… But the strange thing was that she’d never met him before. Why was there this kind of feeling?

Even stranger was that upon seeing him with so many wives, not only did she not feel repulsed, but she even felt some sort of strange happiness and satisfaction… what was going on?

Just as she was lost in her thoughts, Jun Moxie walked up with a smile. “To think that we would meet such a pair of lovers made in heaven.”

The youth hugged the girl closer to his side and asked, “May I ask who Sir is?”

“A person of fate.” Jun Moxie replied with a light smile. “I’m always pleased to see the world in harmony like this. You are a handsome and lovely couple and seeing your deep love for each other is truly admirable.”

Laughing, he continued. “For our first meeting, I haven’t prepared any good gifts, except for these two small jade pendants. Please accept it.” His voice was solemn and serious.

The couple were prepared to refuse the gift, but for some reason, they felt as a strange connection to this person before them. It was as if it was only right and natural to take the gift. In fact, it would be inappropriate if they didn’t accept…

The youth stretched his hand out dumbly and took the jade pieces. The moment he touched it, a warm sensation travelled up his arm. These were clearly exceptionally rare treasured jades. Of the two jade pendants, one was shaped as a coiled dragon, and the other as a soaring phoenix. Their make was exceedingly intricate.

The girl took the phoenix jade pendant and rubbed its edges, seemingly extremely fond of it.

For some reason, they did not reject the gifts, and when they held it in their hands, they did not feel anything wrong with it. It was as if these things originally belonged to them… There was actually a really comfortable feeling when they took it from this person’s hands…

“My name is Dongfang Wuhui, from the Dongfang Family in the capital; and this… cough cough, is my fiancé, Jun Wenxin.” Dongfang Wenxin clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks, good sir, for the gifts. If you have any time, shall we enjoy a cup of wine together?”

“Great! I had the same thoughts as well.” Jun Moxie accepted decisively. The group found a restaurant nearby and booked a large room. As he sat down, he felt exceedingly happy.

When Mei Xueyan heard their names, she finally understood. This pair of lovers was the reincarnation of Jun Wuhui and Dongfang Wenxin! No wonder Jun Moxie was so emotional!

This pair of lovers was finally reunited, and their love was still as deep as the ocean.

Wasn’t this the most beautiful thing in the world? With Jun Moxie influencing their circumstances in secret, the two of them would definitely be able to live their lives in peace, keeping their love for countless ages, and making up for the lost love that fate had dealt upon them in their last life!

The tragedy was going to be a thing of the faraway past!

As they walked out of the restaurant, Jun Moxie continuously waved at them reluctantly as they parted ways.

Dongfang Wuhui and Jun Wenxin also stood there for a long time, loathing to part, as they watched Jun Moxie’s group slowly disappear into the distance. Their hearts were filled with deep reluctance and pain.

They were merely passersby in life, and chance acquaintances… Why would they feel this way?

Both of them felt exceedingly strange in their hearts.

“Wu Hui, have you noticed? Those 10 people are all peerless experts!” Jun Wenxin looked stilly at the empty street and said. “However, why were they so respectful to us?”

Dongfang Wuhui shook his head in a confused manner as well. “I don’t know either.” When they thought about it, those 10 people truly treated them extremely well! Especially towards Jun Wenxin, the nine girls were even more attentive, only saying very nice words to her. They even seemed somewhat cautious in their speech…

Neither of them was any important characters, so why did they receive such fine treatment from the other party?

While they ate, the nine girls continuously stuffed her with countless presents. Any one of those presents were priceless treasures that were difficult to find in the world! There were even some items that if revealed would definitely cause a fierce storm of blood in the world! However, those girls acted as if they were scared that she wouldn’t take the gifts…

“They definitely have no ill intentions towards us at least!” Jun Wenxin said with certainty.

Dongfang Wuhui also nodded. “I find it strange precisely because of this.” Shaking his head with a suave smile, he continued. “There’s no need to think that much. If we’re fated, we’ll meet them again. Let’s hurry back home. These things cannot be seen by outsiders! Otherwise, it will bring us a lot of trouble.”

Jun Wenxin nodded her head: “That is natural.”

The two left the restaurant and went back. Along the way, Jun Wenxin turned her head continuously, hoping to catch a glimpse of that youth again… when the youth looked at her with those eyes, she had felt a sudden impulse to hug him close and comfort him…

As they walked, the two could feel that the jade pendants on their body were constantly emitting a warm aura, nourishing their body…

Jun Moxie and the girls revealed themselves a distance away and followed behind Dongfang Wuhui and Jun Wenxin. Only when they saw them safely enter a large gate with the words ‘Dongfang Family’ did they relax and turn around.

Everyone’s hearts were filled with heaviness, and a sour feeling…

After some time, the group came across another couple. Their looks were not inferior to Dongfang Wuhui and Jun Wenxin from just now, and they were just as loving…

Jun Moxie looked at them and smiled. These two were the main characters of the Lovers’ Mound, Ye Guhan and Murong Xiuxiu…

Princess Ling Meng seemed to have realized something and gasped aloud…

Ye Guhan and Murong Xiuxiu were finally together as well. In this life, Ye Guhan was called Han Ye, and Murong Xiuxiu was called Rong Xiu’er…

After a long time, after bidding farewell to Han Ye and Rong Xiu’er, Jun Moxie took Ling Meng, who was nearly in tears, away.

As they rounded a corner, a coarse voice rang out. “Motherf*cker, do you believe that this daddy will directly smash you to death with gold? You don’t have the money? If you don’t have the money, what are you strutting around in front of me for? What kind of bigshot are you pretending to be?”

As they turned around, they saw a young fatty wobbling around with a waist full of flesh as he pointed at a youth with flowery robes. “… Why? You’re not convinced? Let me tell you! This Old Master Tang doesn’t have anything else except gold and silver! F*ck, this daddy can flatten your entire Meng Family with gold alone! What kind of thing are you to be this arrogant in front of this daddy?”

As he listened to those vulgar words, a smile appeared on Jun Moxie’s face. A sense of kinship welled up suddenly in his heart. Memories of the past once again flashed before his eyes, as the images of a fatty appeared, drinking happily with him, strutting around the streets as they cursed at people together…

While he was lost in his thoughts, the fatty had already walked up beside them, cursing and spitting all the while. “F*ck, to actually dare to come and gamble with just a few hundred silvers… Gamble what! This daddy cannot afford to lose this face!”

The moment his eyes landed on Jun Moxie, his face lit up: “Wahaha, this brother, you look like a fat sheep with just a single glance… erm, I mean, a rich man. Why don’t we go and play a few rounds?”

Some time later, a fatty stumbled out of the gambling den with just a pair of underwear on. The fats on his body jiggled dangerously, and he looked exceptionally wretched. Even the clothes on his back and the shoes on his feet had been lost to Jun Moxie. If it wasn’t that Jun Moxie was afraid of the indecency, this fatty would have even taken off his underwear and placed it on the table, all the while screaming with red eyes: “This underwear is made of Heavenly Silk! It’s worth at least 1,000 silver…”

As they walked, he cried out angrily after them: “You—don’t go! We’ll continue playing after I go back and get more money!”

Ignoring the girls who were doubling over with laughter, Jun Moxie followed the fatty back to the Tang Manor with a fond smile on his face. This fatty’s name was truly not bad: Tang Guǒ.1

But this fellow grew disdainful of his name and changed it to ‘Tang Guó’1

This was Tang Yuan’s reincarnated identity.

The fatty strutted arrogantly through the street in a semi-naked state, snorting proudly at whoever dared to look his way. But when he reached the gate of his house, he suddenly paused. Just when he was about to enter sneakily, a beautiful girl jumped out fiercely. “Fatty Tang! Did you go and gamble again? Ah?! You’ve even lost your clothes… are you only going to be happy after you lose me to the gambling den as well?!”

With that, a flurry of fists and kicks rained down on his fat…

The fatty hugged his head and cried out loudly, begging miserably for mercy…

Jun Moxie held on to his laughter and stepped out, returning all the silver and gold notes, as well as the deed to the house to the fatty. The fatty looked up, stunned.

“If you dare to gamble anymore, I’ll take your house away!” Jun Moxie threatened fiercely.

“I won’t dare, I won’t dare…” The fatty wiped his sweat pitifully as tears brimmed in his eyes.

Jun Moxie laughed aloud and patted the fatty on the back, laughing as he said, “We’re leaving, take care!” This pat, also carried the weight of endless wealth and fortune that would be delivered to the fatty in the future!

Damned fatty, you must live well!

No matter which lifetime it is, you will always be my brother!

After bidding farewell to the fatty, Jun Moxie continued shopping around with the girls. When the sky turned dark, and few people were left on the streets, Ling Meng’s face turned sad. Looking at her, Jun Moxie sighed and suddenly began to sing in a low voice.

“I don’t know how it began,

I don’t know how it ends,

They say that loving is more bitter than having no love,

Why are you still so enamored with love?

Were you too careless,

Or were you too confused?

There’s no going back to the beginning when one reaches the end of love,

Why then are you so insistent?

If the next life is still a repeat of this lifetime,

Even if loving is more bitter than having no love,

If the next life is still a repeat of this lifetime,

Will you still be as uncaring as now?”


“If the next life is still a repeat of this lifetime…” The girls mumbled in a daze. All of them looking up together towards Jun Moxie. “If the next life is still a repeat of this lifetime, will you still be as uncaring as now?”

“Mmh…” Jun Moxie nodded silently.

“What a good ‘if the next life is still a repeat of this lifetime’!” A loud voice rang out with praise. “Not bad, not bad!”

Jun Moxie raised his head and looked as a person suddenly appeared about a dozen zhang away.

A young man, tall and muscular, dressed in black robes, stood in the middle of the street as his sleeves danced around him in the wind.

This person was handsome and refined looking, but for some reason, an image of madness could be felt just by looking at him! It was as if no one in this world was worthy of being placed in his eyes!

A divine being looking down on the world!


Endlessly wild!

Following that, the sharp eyes of this youth landed on Mei Xueyan’s and the others’ faces as he roared with praise. “Beautiful! What a great many beauties! Evil Monarch, with so many beauties by your side, I’m suddenly a little unwilling to turn them into widows!”

Jun Moxie smiled lightly and rolled his eyes. “Likewise! I truly can’t bear to turn those few hundred wives of yours into widows as well! Nine Nether First Young Master, we finally meet.”

This black robed youth in front of them… was actually the Nine Nether First Young Master?!

Mei Xueyan and the others gasped aloud as they heard this name.

This wild and arrogant man who looked down on the world… this was the publicly acknowledged number one lunatic under the heavens! And now, he was actually standing in front of them!

The Nine Nether First Young Master roared with laughter, his arrogant voice carrying loud and far. In the distance, various voices rang out, cursing with annoyance at having their sleep disturbed.

However, the Nine Nether First Young Master disregarded those voices, as if he hadn’t heard them at all. After laughing loudly again, he said with a light smile, “Evil Monarch, how about that fight?”

“There was a great wish that I’d held closely for all this while.” Jun Moxie looked plainly at him, and a sudden evil smile spread across his face. “That year at the Silver City, I once swore that if I ever meet you one day, I will be letting myself down too much if I didn’t beat you until your head looks like a pig!”

The Nine Nether First Young Master laughed wildly again as his figure floated eerily into the air.

In that instant, a wild gale swept across the streets and lightning crackled fiercely. His black robes turned into a sky full of black clouds, and he laughed. “I’ll like to see who’s the one that’ll be beaten into a pig’s head!”


Jun Moxie also laughed wildly as he rose into the air. The arrogance in his voice was no less than the Nine Nether First Young Master’s. In the same moment that his white robes fluttered into the air, he swept his sleeves flamboyantly and Mei Xueyan and the others disappeared into the small world.

Jun Moxie was already standing right before the Nine Nether First Young Master.

The two’s eyes met and a thunderous sound rang out, shocking through the nine firmaments!

A black shadow and a white shadow shot upwards, quickly breaking through the clouds!

“HAHAHA… come! Today, let me have a fight to my heart’s content!”


The two laughed aloud and punched out at the same time!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master waved his right hand, and 14 huge words appeared, emblazoned domineeringly across the sky. ‘Matchless and Unhindered Since Ancient Times, Heaven and Earth, Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’! These 14 words transformed into 14 pulses of energy, smashing towards Jun Moxie like 14 gigantic mountains!

Jun Moxie laughed with excitement. “Good move!” With a wave of his hands, two gigantic words appeared behind him ‘Evil Monarch’! The words turned into Yin-Yang energy which surged forward towards his opponent.

At the same time, he raised his hand again, and three more words appeared!

These three words were even heavier than the ones before, and it felt as though even if a universe was blocking before it, they would be able to smash through!

The Nine Nether First Young Master raised his head and looked!

They were the words: “Otherworldly”, “Evil,” and “Monarch”!

The Nine Nether First Young Master furrowed his brows and suddenly laughed aloud. Staring forward, Jun Moxie also laughed uproariously!

The two were laughing so happily that they forgot to continue fighting.

“Otherworldly Evil Monarch! Haha, what a good Otherworldly Evil Monarch!” The Nine Nether First Young Master nodded. “Not bad, you’re the Evil Monarch, but you’d come from another world. Using the energies of two worlds to fight against this Young Master, HAHAHA… isn’t that too much bullying?”

Jun Moxie raised his eyebrows and snorted. “You’re not bad yourself, you old undying fart. Who knows how many worlds’ energies you have on you? Besides… could it be that the legendary Nine Nether First Young Master is afraid of being bullied?”

The Nine Nether First Young Master laughed aloud again, and the two once again charged at each other!

“Come! Fight!”


Author’s Note: I originally wanted to narrate the fight between the two, but the more I thought about it, the more I found it meaningless. Anyhow, those two are monsters that won’t die no matter how they fight. Writing too much about it is undoubtedly boring, so I might as well leave the ending up to your imaginations.

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