Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1245 - Deafening Sound!

Chapter 1245: Deafening Sound!

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As Gu Han spoke, his beard and hair flared with every word he said. His aura surged, and he slowly brought his sword up before his chest. Then, he remained silent. The air was filled with his preparedness to sacrifice.

From faraway, Mei Xueyan had tears in her eyes, thousands of emotions coursing through her. Qiao Ying felt extremely shaken—her tears had already blurred her vision. Her petite frame trembled and shivered, feeling as if something that was extremely important to her was gradually leaving her, a feeling of devastation and grief consumed her…

Gu Han suddenly gave out a deafening cry that seemed to never cease.

Before it ended, the sword in Gu Han’s hand shook and let out a chilling cry! As the boundless sword light shot from it, Gu Han had already charged into the Outsider’s army with his sword!

Striking first instead of waiting for the enemy to strike!

A lifetime of three thousand years, with a sword that led millions! Standing at the peak for centuries, cutting past and present with a single sword!

The last glory of the Holy Lands, Gu Han!

And only, Gu Han!

The sword light flashed about as blood spurted out like fountains. Heads rolled onto the ground and blood turned into rivers. As if it had been flowing until now since 8,633 years ago!

At this moment, Gu Han’s battle strength had incomprehensibly returned back to its peak form. He was so calm and cold to the point of ruthlessness. He berserkly slayed his way amidst the Outsiders. All the crimson rain and devastating screams seemed to be playing the most solemn, stirring, and final dirge of the Three Holy Lands!

He only attacked, dropping all his defenses!

Aside from Chuangshang Beidao, three of the other six Saint Monarchs had already rushed over, and began to launch a joint attack on Gu Han with the remaining forces!

Gu Han was not afraid, nor worried. He who had returned back to his peak form moved with great ease amidst the joint attack of over a thousand people, despite wielding only his sword!

Countless of sharp swords went slicing across his body. Some of them were instantly shattered by his Xuan Qi, along with their wielders. Some with higher cultivation and managed to keep a grip on their swords and managed to stab it into his flesh, but their swords were instantly broken by his dense and thick Xuan Qi. Even the stronger experts who managed to deal deep cuts to his body with their weapons were instantly met with a vicious counterattack…

Although he was gravely outnumbered, Gu Han remained unmoved about it. His eyes remained calm and incisive. After he charged and slayed the enemies for some time, he would turn back and guard that passageway. As if he had still managed to protect the ten thousand years of glory belonging to the Holy Lands!

Then, he went charging forward again, raining massacre.

Then back and out again!

Back and forth, repeating ceaselessly!

Right now, Gu Han was like a killing machine that did not know exhaustion. He could accurately unleash his strongest prowess at any moment, dealing the enemies the harshest attacks! In this hour, he had already repeated this over twenty time!

Every single time, it was a sea of corpses and blood. Countless Outsiders crumbled beneath Gu Han’s feet!

Gu Han laughed to his heart’s content. In his entire life, two lifetimes, he had never behaved this willfully. At this final moment of his life, he had to strive his hardest to be willful just this once!

His pupils were already dilated, reflecting the thrill from massacring! All those faraway memories, belonging to his previous life and current life, belonging to Wu Shan Yun and Gu Han…

In this endless massacre, the world seemed to have lost all its color and sound. Only the flashbacks of Gu Han’s two lifetimes stubbornly and silently replayed in his mind…

Every single flashback was just that clear!

Sweeping across the world in his previous life, joining the Holy Lands as a Spirit Xuan, the glory of resisting the Outsiders for thousands of years in the Elusive World of Immortals… All the names of those seniors and glorious days…. how proud I was back then ah, proud, because I’m part of the Holy Lands…

Who had ever disputed their achievements of ten thousand years?

Is the honor and glory over? This sentence appeared in Gu Han’s mind, he suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his heart. He couldn’t help but holler loudly: “Is the honor and glory over? Are they over? Are they all over already?!

“Is it that the efforts, and contributions in the past are dismissed the moment there’s a mistake? Is it? IS IT?! Contributions cannot cover the mistakes, but mistakes can erase all the achievements?! Is it? IS IT?!”

He roared angrily into the skies, as if he were questioning the Heavens!

“The Holy Land is a humiliation! Is it?! Ten thousand years of effort and sacrifice! Ten thousand years ah! TEN THOUSAND YEARS AH!” Gu Han howled, his beard and hair flying as his tears of blood flew in the air!

Countless of dismembered Outsiders parts were sent flying away by him, but he still continued to yell crazily: “Mistake! A mistake! Use all our lives to make up for it! Will that do? WILL THAT DO?!”

He turned around abruptly with a whoosh, his violent qi shot across the surrounding, causing countless of Outsiders to be sent flying in the air pathetically!

“Even if we were wrong, we did not let the common lives down!” Gu Han howled. “Even if we were wrong, we did not let this continent down! We did not let anyone down! No one! Not at all!”


The bitter battle went on for a long time, and the corpses of the Outsiders had already formed a small mountain that was continuing to grow in size! Gu Han was drenched in blood, standing right at the top of this small mountain, stepping on this literal mountain of corpses and bones. He looked at the remaining seven hundred Outsider experts ahead of them as if he were looking at corpses!

He had already buried over a thousand Saint Emperor experts from the Outsiders with his hands!

Although it was a brilliant achievement, Gu Han wasn’t in an optimistic state. He wasn’t completely out of gas, but he was approaching it. His left hand was already cut off, and a shiny sword protruded from his belly. That was the work of a Outsider Saint Monarch. Naturally, Gu Han would not treat the Saint Monarch who had done this unfairly. At the moment he was struck, he used the sharpest attack to slay him, erasing him for eternity!

The reinforcements from Tian Fa had already arrived in the area, so how could they bear to watch Gu Han fight on his own? They had wanted to lend support numerous times, but were stopped by Gu Han!

If he allowed the Tian Fa warriors to join the battle, Gu Han would definitely be able to get out safely. It didn’t matter how severe the injury is. As long as he lasted till the time frame limit of the effects of the Heaven Reversal Pill was over, the most severe of injuries wouldn’t matter! With Gu Han’s capabilities, it wasn’t impossible for him to attain even higher levels!

Even if Tian Fa did not participate, with Gu Han’s prowess, if he wished to leave, there would be no one present who could stop him!

But all these were already not in Gu Han’s considerations…

“This battle belongs to the Holy Lands! Before the last person from Holy Land dies, no one is allowed to interfere! I’m still here; I’m still fighting! The Holy Lands are not wiped out yet! The Holy Lands have yet to fall! We’re still fighting!” Gu Han wore a crazed expression. “If anyone comes, I’ll commit suicide!”

Gu Han was no longer fighting for himself, nor slaying the enemy. It was only for the honor and glory of the Holy Lands!

He knew that if he fell, then the Holy Lands would really become a part of history and turn into a thing of the past. So Gu Han used all his might and wrung every single bit of energy in him to prolong the existence of the Holy Lands.

Even if it was only for a single breath.

It’s still Holy Lands that are fighting! They’re still fighting!

Thus, he rejected help from anyone! In any way!

The final battle of the Holy Lands! This battle belongs to the Holy Lands!

Gu Han’s body was beginning to sway, his vision already becoming blurry.

One will eventually use up all their energy. He had taken on thousands of peak experts alone. It was already a miracle that he could last till now. It was enough to be written into an immortal legend!

Gu Han knew that he had reached his limit! And may not even last till the next bout of attacks…

There were less than four hundred people ahead!

However, those that could last till now were undoubtedly experts with considerable power. These Outsider experts stared at him sinisterly, hoping that he would collapse on his own.

Even if they knew the person in front of them was completely exhausted of his strength, not a single person dared to test him.

The final moment arrived.

“I can still kill!” Gu Han roared, charging ahead like before.

Those remaining Outsiders experts instantly detected that Gu Han was really spent for good. He was still human, and not an immortal! Over 1,500 Outsiders Saint Emperor experts had already died at his hands!

With a cry, the remaining Outsiders experts came charging forward! Flashing their weapons!

Who didn’t want to get the endless glory of slaying the number one expert of the Holy Lands?

Those two Saint Monarchs from the Outsiders were right at the front. In a flash, both parties clashed!

Time and space seemed to freeze at this moment!

The two Saint Monarch pierced their weapons through Gu Han’s body effortlessly. Countless weapons pierced through him at the same time. Gu Han did not dodge or avoid them, a calm look on his face. He only grabbed the two Saint Monarchs in a flash and yelled with all his strength: “Jun Moxie! Don’t forget what I entrusted you to do!”

This voice was extremely incisive, as if it had gushed right into the deepest parts of everyone’s souls, reverberating on the battlefield for a long time!

Boom! A loud explosion rang out!

The number one expert of Holy Lands and the Xuan Xuan Continent, Gu Han, suddenly self-detonated!

This tremendous explosion was unprecedented—it was like an atomic bomb that went off. The immense waves instantly crumbled the peaks of the two mountains Jun Moxie had erected!

Over two hundred of the remaining three hundred Outsiders experts left were killed in this explosion. Even those that managed to survive were sent flying far away by the impact.

As for the two Saint Monarchs who were caught by Gu Han and couldn’t escape, they died along with him!

The entire battlefield turned silent. Everyone’s gazed looked over. Each of them wore a solemn expression, filled with endless admiration and respect!

Jun Moxie felt his heart wrench and finally couldn’t hold back his tears as they fell.

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