Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1179 - Fury!

Chapter 1179: Fury!

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Before this, Jun Mo Xie had already overestimated the strange races to be the worst imaginable! But he still did not imagine that this battle would be this dreadful!

The moment the war began, Tian Fa lost eight Saint Venerables, an Eagle King, three thousand Eagle warriors and two thousand Bear warriors!

In just over four hours, it was such a hefty price!

In terms of strength, all of the soldiers had a Heaven Reversal Pill that would allow them to recover from any sort of injury! In other words, that was an extra life! But ultimately, not even a sixth of the men remained!

Then, how much time could they stall, even if the entire Tian Fa Forest deployed their elites?

Since the strange races were this powerful, then how did the three Holy and one Ferocious Lands managed to win all the previous War for Seizing the Heavens?

Jun Mo Xie had stimulated his plans using the previous War for Seizing the Heavens as reference. Saints would be able to partake in the War for Seizing the Heavens; Saint Emperors were the main power for winning; the Saint Venerables were the high level forces.

Jun Mo Xie had understood it this way for the whole time!

But from the looks of it, it seemed as if there wasn a flaw in his comprehension!

But from what Gu Han and the rest said, it seemed to be this case, ah. At most, there will be another battle between those of the higher levels, but there will definitely not be more than a few people.

“Xue Yan, where is the old battleground of the War for Seizing the Heavens?” Jun Mo Xie asked.

“It is southwest of here, about a thousand li .” Mei Xue Yan had already finished restitching Eagle King’s body. Eagle King’s feathers were neatly attached to his body again. He looked mighty and bold, as he were alive!

Mei Xue Yan stood in a daze and answered subconsciously.

“There is someone from the Holy Lands standing guard?” Jun Mo Xie raised his brow.

“How can there be no one guarding it? For all of history, all the strongest forwards from the Heaven Saint Palace of the three Holy Lands have been guarding there! For ten thousand years, they had never lost defence of the place!”

“En? There are people guarding there?!” An incisive glint flashed in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. “Since there are experts guarding that place, why are they not here yet when this entire place has been overturned! The incident here is no ordinary incident. It is the collapse of Pillar of Heavens Mountain that separates the two continents!”

“And… where are they now?”Jun Mo Xie slowly raised his head and looked afar. Using an unusually cold tone, he said, “The collapse of the Pillar of Heavens Mountains had a tremendous impact; even Spirit Xuans and Saints will be injured in the face of the might of nature such as this! But it definitely will not be able to harm a Saint Emperor or Saint Venerable! Since this is such an important location, the experts who are standing guard must be of Saint cultivation at least! Since they’re not dead, there’s no way they will not know of this incident. The strange races are surging in in waves, so how could they not see it?! But why… why have they not arrived yet?”

Jun Mo Xie sounded extremely apathetic when he said this, but Mei Xue Yan and even Bear King who were more slow-witted could clearly sense that bone-chilling intention in Jun Mo Xie’s tone!

In both of Jun Mo Xie’s lives, he had never suffered such a disastrous loss. After this battle, this first troop of soldiers had lost above eighty percent of their men, of which included Tian Fa’s Beast King Eagle King, the eight Saint Venerable Seniors of Tian Fa, and all the elite experts of the Eagle Clan.

Even those who managed to survive from the Bear Clan were heavily injured and not in a condition to fight. Such a disastrous loss, so many brothers passing, how could Jun Mo Xie not grief.

If Mei Xue Yan was heartbroken, Jun Mo Xie may be even more severe! At least, Mei Xue Yan could weep secretly when she was alone with him and have Young Master Jun consoling her!

But Jun Mo Xie could only bury all of the pain and grief at the bottom of his heart, and not even speak to anyone about it! Because he was a man! And a leader!

Honestly speaking, though Tian Fa had many sacrifices in this battle, the battle results were extremely glorious. With a loss of five thousand over men, they annihilated the enemy’s troops that was more than twenty times their size. This included thirteen Supremacy Enduring Heavens, which was considered supreme amongst the strange races. The Xuan Xuan Continent had never obtained such battle results in all of history. A glorious result like this was not only unprecedented, it would definitely be unrivalled!

Yet no matter how glorious the battle results were, it was not what Young Master Jun desired. Even if the results were better, it would not be able to return the lives of his men!

Jun Mo Xie was some who was extremely protective of his men. In his heart, even if it was all the members of strange races combined, they couldn’t compare to how important one Tian Fa brother of his was!

Jun Mo Xie always understood that war was filled with sacrifices. As long as there was a war, there would be sacrifices! But he didn’t wish for these sacrifices to befall his own men, which was why he strengthened Tian Fa Xuan Beasts at all costs, and even ensured everyone had a heaven-defying pill like the ‘Heaven Reversal Pill’. But it still couldn’t avoid sacrifices!

The sorrow and grief in Jun Mo Xie;s heart could be imagined! But he didn’t have anyone to vent it on! All the strange races have escaped, and this matter could not be implicate the Heaven Saint Palace, the three Holy Lands…

But now, Jun Mo Xie unexpectedly found out that it turned out there was someone else who was in charge of guarding the place. And there was a considerable number of powerful experts! Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt furious!

Extremely furious!

After the battle with Zhan Lun Hui earlier and getting an understanding of the strength of the three Holy Lands, he was still contemplating strength. But right now, there was no need for consideration! The enemy’s strength did not need to be taken into account. They just had to kill! They’d be able to find out sooner or later. No matter whether the enemy was strong or weak, they’d definitely have to wipe them all out!

Since it was destined for only one side to remain, then it didn’t matter whether they’re strong or weak!

Yet, upon finding out that Pillar of Heavens Mountains had experts guarding it, who were powerful enough to participate in the battle, but ultimately not appear, this result completely enraged Jun Mo Xie! He was filled with fury!

The Tian Fa troops had been pretty much been wiped out, and under such a dreadful situation, those people did not show their assistance!

If they had assisted, would the eight Tian Fa Saint Venerable Seniors die like this? Would Eagle King and all the members of the Eagle Clan be sacrificed?

When Jun Mo Xie said this, Mei Xue Yan stopped breathing and an unconcealable look of hatred and vengeance shot from her eyes! Due to her extreme grief earlier, she didn’t think so much. But upon Jun Mo Xie’s reminder, Mei Xue Yan only felt as if a Heavenly Tribulation had suddenly arrived and struck her on her head! Her heart suddenly felt like its about to burst!

Why? Tian Fa has given their all to help you fight the strange races. Since the moment the incident at Pillar of Heavens Mountains happened, we deployed our troops and rushed to the battlefield…

All these was for the continent! For you!

But… why… our men had rushed here and began to fight off the strange races, but were almost wiped out!

And all of you that were not far away ultimately did not intervene to assist them! Even until now, not a single one of you appeared! Why?!

Could it be that even at a time like this, you still chose to watch from the sidelines? Watch in safety and wait to reap the benefits?!

Did you really think we are idiots?!

“Darn!” Mei Xue Yan hissed through gritted teeth. All the killing intent she had accumulated could no longer be suppressed!

You may not have killed us directly, but my brothers have died directly in your hands as a result!

B*stards like these are even more detestable than those invasive strange races!

This enmity is irreconcilable!

Jun Mo Xie also scoffed murderously, but no longer spoke. He took out the best medicine for those bear warriors who managed to survive and began to treat their injuries.

A loud whistle came from the skies. From afar, it was like a huge cloud arriving!

The second wave of troops. Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun, along with the Heaven Destroyer and Spirit Devourer and three hundred Xuan Cranes had finally arrived! An hour earlier than expected!

Jun Mo Xie’s face stiffened!

At night, Tian Fa and the Evil Monarch Manor’s troops set up their camps about thirty li from the battlefield, but no one went to sleep.

But no one cried. The entire camp was frighteningly silent. The heavy atmosphere made it hard to breath.

In the wee hours, Crane King and Tiger King arrived and brought the third wave of men!

In the silent night of the campsite, Crane King’s sorrowful cry rang out suddenly…

Mei Xue Yan did not sleep for the entire night. She didn’t even change her posture. She just sat before the body of Eagle King in the tent, for an entire night, silently.

It was Tian Fa’s usual practice to have a close elder keep watch for the first night beside the coffin. Mei Xue Yan was the elder sister that Eagle King held in admiration. She was definitely the first choice, but she was also the Lord of Tian Fa. Tian Fa’s rules forbid Lords from keeping watch for their people. Even if it was their own brother, a Beast King of Tian Fa.

The strongest was the King of the Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa. But in all of history, the most powerful Lord could not keep watch for any of his people!

But Mei Xue Yan completely ignored this rule! Silently accompanying her brother through this last night, sending him off.

The memorial tablets of the eight Saint Venerables and three thousand Eagle warriors were neatly arranged, like the Xuan Eagles in their formations…

Jun Mo Xie, Mei Xue Yan, Crane King Long Crane, Bear King Big Bear, and Tiger King Earth Cracker sat silently. Like five statues, completely still.

The corners of Crane King, Bear King and Tiger King’s lips trembled, but they forced themselves to bear with it. They did not say a single word. Because they were afraid, the moment they opened their mouths, they’d be unable to hold back their cries.

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