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Chapter 744 - Chapter 744: The Current Situation in the Southwest War

Chapter 744: The Current Situation in the Southwest War

Zone! (3)

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Thinking of this, Lin Bei hurriedly told Man Qing his thoughts through voice transmission. Then, he instructed him to leave and return to the clan to discuss with the elders.

If things went smoothly, it wouldn’t be long before he obtained a powerful ally.

As for the others, Lin Bei’s gaze landed on the two people from the Ice Fire Island. He threw them into his pocket space and let them fulfill their obligations.

Ice Fire Island was the main attacking area in the southwest warzone. It was not as neutral as Giant Valley, so Lin Bei naturally would not give them a good attitude.


Moreover, everyone’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. The original Charging Treasure was no longer enough to maintain everyone’s consumption. Now that there were two Charging Treasures at the Above the Great Dao realm, they could use their energy freely again.

After dealing with the people from the outer realm, Lin Bei looked at Cai Chenggou and Bu Shiren.

After talking to them, he also understood the whole story. These two people had only betrayed the Heavenly Mysterious Realm because they had been bewitched by the Dream Spirit.

However, what was done was done. The mistakes they had done had already happened.

Punishment was therefore essential.

“The two of you… leave the Dream Spirit behind and return to your respective sects. I have something for you to do.”

“Master, please instruct me.”

“Well, do this… and that…”

Lin Bei informed the two of them of his arrangements. Then, he waved his hand and let them leave.

He needed to obtain information about the world fragments in the Dao Mystic Sect and the Ancient Buddha Sect. Apart from that, he also had to investigate if there were any traitors hidden in these two sects who had been bewitched by the Dream Spirit.

These were all important to his future plans.

“There’s also this Dream Spirit.”

Lin Bei lowered his head and looked at the four colorful butterflies in his palm. He frowned and fell into deep thought.

At the side, Qiqi stared at the colorful butterfly for a long time. Suddenly, she exclaimed in surprise, “Eh? Why does this butterfly… look a little familiar?” “Qiqi, have you seen this butterfly?”

Lin Bei came back to his senses and raised his eyebrows at Qiqi, who was deep in thought.

“Hmm… It’s indeed very familiar. In that dream… I seemed to have seen these butterflies, but they were much bigger and more beautiful than the ones in your hands!”

Qiqi held her chin and recalled carefully. “Oh right! I remember now! These butterflies… belong to that person! She… what’s her name again? Hmm… I think her name is Meng Liu! She’s also one of the Nine Unparalleled. Her title is Unparalleled Illusion! She’s ranked ninth among the Nine Unparalleled!”

“Are you sure?”

When Lin Bei heard this, his frown deepened.

If she was one of the Nine Unparalleled, what was the reason for her doing this?

Moreover, why did she keep mentioning the Abyss?

Was there… something else going on?

“I’m sure! It must be Meng Liu! I remember. I liked flowers and she liked butterflies. We were very good sisters back then.”

Qiqi said with certainty, “It’s just that these butterflies look malnourished. They were not fed well.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Lin Bei took a deep breath to calm himself down and put away the Dream Spirit.

He did not plan to think too much about the Nine Unparalleled. After all, that level was still very far from him. Now, even if he racked his brains, what could he do? It was best to walk the path under his feet first.

“Qiqi, recover them.”

Lin Bei waved his hand and put the army from the outer realm into his pocket space. He instructed his clones to make all of them into Charging Treasures. Then, he looked at his trapped subordinates and said to Qiqi.

Qiqi nodded slightly when she heard that. She pointed at the area where everyone was. In an instant, light spread, and space seemed to distort for a moment. Then, those dumbfounded people came back to their senses.

“Everyone, don’t worry about me! Kill those dogs!”

“Fire at me!”

“Unyielding to death!”

In an instant, roars sounded.

However, soon, the surroundings fell silent again. Everyone’s aura surged. After looking around, they were stunned on the spot.

Damn, where was the enemy?

How did they all evaporate in the blink of an eye?

Could it be that… they were under an illusion just now?

The group of people looked at each other. However, when they saw the wounds on their bodies, they were suddenly shocked. This… was clearly not an illusion.

“You guys… what are you waiting for?”

Seeing everyone’s confused expressions, Lin Bei said directly, “Gather in front of me immediately. I have something for you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at Lin Bei in confusion. Then, a trace of excitement flashed across their eyes, and the confusion in their eyes instantly dissipated.

That’s right! That was definitely not an illusion!

It was their master who saved them in time!

As for how he saved them, they did not see it clearly at all. It must have happened in an instant.

Their master’s strength was really getting more and more terrifying!

Everyone had this thought in their hearts.

At the same time, their admiration for Lin Bei became even stronger.

“How are the casualties?”

Soon, everyone gathered. Lin Bei glanced at the injured people and asked.

“Master! The Dark Imperial Guard has lost a total of 109 people!”

“The Fear Squad has lost seven people.”

“The 28 Constellations… are uninjured.”

The team in front of him was divided into three squads. Among them, the Dark Imperial Guard lost the most people, and no one from the 28 Constellations died.

However, overall, there were still many casualties from this attack..

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