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Chapter 257 - Solving the City Guard Problem

Chapter 257: Solving the City Guard Problem

“I’m sorry, City Lord Tyrant. As the city guards of Iron Skull City, we cannot join any city, much less become the city guards of any city.”

Without hesitation, he rejected it.

As a loyal subordinate of City Lord Ansare, he would definitely not betray Iron Skull City. It was also because of his excellent quality that Ansare let him be the commander-in-chief of the army.

“I think you’re mistaken, Commander Rhett.”

Lorne said, “I don’t want you to join the Cold Desolate Dragon City, but I want you to temporarily maintain the security of the city as a garrison.”

“I believe that you know very well that the current Cold Desolate Dragon City is still in its initial stages. Although it has already completed the basic repair work, it has also made me, an adventurer, use all my wealth. If I want to continue building a city, I have to attract other adventurers. Otherwise, the Cold Desolate Dragon City will forever stagnate.”

“However, after completely opening up the Cold Desolate Dragon City, I will encounter another problem. That is, the order of the city needs to be maintained. Without enough powerful city guards, the city will completely fall into chaos. At that time, not to mention obtaining benefits, even the city will be destroyed.”

“Therefore, I have to let Cold Desolate Dragon City have an army that can maintain order. It just so happens that Commander Rhett is going to lead the army to suppress the monsters in the ruins of the war. There will be a large number of troops stationed here in the future. Even if you carry out a crusade mission, I think you will also leave a portion of the army behind to coordinate and go on rescue missions. This group is basically going to idle in the city. Therefore, I hope that the ones that stay behind can help me share the pressure of a portion of the city guards.”

“I believe that Iron Skull City wants Cold Desolate Dragon City to expand. After all, our location is close to the three border fortresses. If we can be the center of the army’s coordination, we might be able to use the fewest armies to provide the greatest support on the battlefield!”

Lorne analyzed.

The city guards were the targets he had to fight for. Otherwise, the strength of the city guards alone in such a huge city would be very troublesome. Furthermore, he wanted more than five million people to flow into the city. With so many people gathered together, the probability of friction would be very high, so he had to have powerful city guards.

The city guards led by Rhett happened to be of this class, and their subsequent mission required them to reserve a portion of their people in the Cold Desolate Dragon City for a long time, giving Lorne a chance.

As long as they could accept the job of city guard first, after this period of time, Lorne would definitely develop his own army in the future. When the time came, he could completely take over this job.

Hearing these explanations, Rhett fell into deep thought.

It could not be denied that Lorne’s suggestion was very valuable.

Cold Desolate Dragon City was located at the edge of the Lake of Death and the Doomsday Forest. In the northernmost Dragon Ridge, there was a fortress in Iron Skull City. In the northwest of the Lake of Death and northeast of the Doomsday Forest, there was also a border fortress.

Every fortress had a teleportation array that could teleport the armies.

However, the problem was that when the Dark Abyss attacked, it often interfered with the teleportation circle and restrained the help between the fortresses.

In addition, the ruins of the war had always been at the back of the fortress. To Iron Skull City, it was like a fish bone stuck in its throat. It cut off the connection between the three fortresses and Iron Skull City, causing each fortress to have to fight their own battles after each battle.

As for building a city there?

Every time Iron Skull City wanted to carry out this plan, the Dark Abyss would definitely put pressure on the border and the border to prevent the plan from progressing.

But now, a city that covered an area of 40,000 hectares suddenly appeared in the ruins of the war. Moreover, the location was very ideal. It relied on the Lake of Death to cut off the possibility of the Dark Abyss attacking at full force. At the same time, it was in the middle of the three fortresses. If it was used as the center, it could really let an army support the three fortresses back and forth, with the fewest people, it could be of the greatest use!

Thinking of this, Rhett wavered.

In fact, he could not refuse, because everything that Lorne said was the plan of Iron Skull City.

Now that it had finally been realized, there was indeed no reason to refuse.

“Alright, I accept your invitation on behalf of Iron Skull City.”

“In the following period of time, because our city guards need to be stationed in the Cold Desolate Dragon City, it will cause a lot of trouble for the city. Therefore, we will contribute to the city guards’ work and actively cooperate to respond to the beneficial actions of the entire Cold Desolate Dragon City.”

This was a meeting between the two cities, so the conversation in Iron Skull City that he represented was quite official.

But in any case, this matter had indeed obtained the most perfect result.

It was good news that Commander Rhett was willing to accept the job of the city guards of the Cold Desolate Dragon City. It had basically resolved the security problem in the outer city.

Then, it was time to deal with the inner city.

The inner city’s defense was even more serious!

Lorne was not worried that the monsters would destroy the inner city, but to prevent some players from secretly entering and investigating the layout of the inner city.

“An ant’s nest can collapse the ground a thousand miles away!”

He could not allow this Dragon City of 40,000 hectares to be broken through from the inside.

In order to ensure the safety of the city to the greatest extent, apart from the people who received permission, no one was allowed to enter the inner city!

Therefore, Lorne needed a group of guards that he could completely trust.

With that in mind, Lorne let Super Rich visit on his own. At this moment, he took out the return scroll from Iron Skull City and crushed it!


With a flash of light, Lorne returned to Iron Skull City.

After the players obtained the guild base, they would activate the NPC rental system. They could use their identity as the City Lord to rent suitable NPCs from various large forces.

The use of these NPCs was relatively obvious. Most of them were responsible for guarding the city and security. Some NPCs had the ability to patrol outside the city, but these NPCs were relatively expensive.

Of course, if one’s reputation was high enough, they could also recruit individual NPCs.

This kind of NPC belonged to the private army of the players. They would obey all the orders of the players. Not only could they protect the city, but they could also carry out an expedition.

Moreover, high-level NPCs would appear in such armies. These NPCs had their own wisdom and could help the City Lord complete many things.

For example, Tully was a high-level NPC. His intelligence was very high. Among the NPCs, he was definitely considered a wise one.

However, his relationship with Lorne was still developing. It was not to the extent that he could truly command as he pleased.

Under normal circumstances, the affinity between the two sides had to reach the level of [Close Friend] to completely trust this NPC. At that time, even if one asked him to die, he would not hesitate.

The relationship between Lorne and Tully was still one step away. The relationship between the two sides was more about the City Lord and the citizen. They were not completely trusting of each other. It was also because of this that Lorne had not handed the core blueprint of Cold Desolate Dragon City to the other party to study.

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