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Chapter 530 - Chapter 530: He’s Definitely Going to Die

Chapter 530: He’s Definitely Going to Die

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Dozens of people scanned their surroundings in this space.

This space was not considered big. It was about 300 square meters.

The surrounding walls were made of stone-like materials, the same materials as the cave they were in. It was probably difficult to break them apart with brute force.

Other than that, there was only one shelf in the entire room. There were some things on this shelf.

“F*ck! A Tier 7 medicinal pill!”

“What? Tier 7 medicinal pill? What kind of effect does it have?–

“For us players, the effect should be quite different. I reckon that a Tier 7 medicinal pill can recover full health, and at the same time, it might last for a period of time.”

“I can see the effects! Instantly recovers 50% of maximum HP, and recovers 50% of maximum HP every second for one hour. F*ck!”

“F*ck! This thing is good.”

“Don’t snatch it, it s mine?

“Give it to me, this is mine!”

There should be more than a dozen things, and they were basically all bottles and jars.


An old man from the Heavenly Wind Sect shouted.

“All these belong to my Heavenly Wind Sect. Whoever takes them will die!” “Why? We saw them together. Why should you keep everything to yourself?” A player said unhappily.

Then, a huge damage value appeared above his head.

“Who has any objections?”

The old man glanced at everyone.

No one dared to say anything.

Damn it!

They were cursing in their hearts.

However, what could they do?

There were more than ten people from the Heavenly Wind Sect here, and they were so powerful. Moreover, they had really attacked.

Who would dare to snatch the things from them?

“Hmph! You won’t cry until you see the coffin.”

The old man snorted coldly.

To be honest, the things here were very powerful!

A 7 Tier medicinal pill was something that the entire Heavenly Wind Sect did not have!

If an NPC was seriously injured, they would die if they did not receive timely treatment!

A Tier 7 medicinal pill could directly pull them back from the edge of death.

They were able to recover in a short period of time.

It was so exaggerated.

Therefore, to them, this should be the best thing they had ever encountered!

This pill was equivalent to a life elixir.

How could they possibly let these people, who were a bunch of trash in their eyes, get it?

Moreover, the things here did not need to be handed over to the sect. What they obtained themselves would be theirs.

“You’re a bunch of trash. You dare to think of snatching these things from us?” Feng Mo snorted coldly.

Then, he walked over.

“These are all pills. Keep these things. The things here are very beneficial to us.”

Feng Mo said.


At this moment, Chu Bai walked over and took one of the bottles.

“What do you want?”

Feng Mo stared at Chu Bai and shouted coldly.

“Is there a problem with me taking my share?”

Chu Bai glanced at them and said indifferently.

The other players were also looking at Chu Bai in fear.

“God Bai Ye is indeed God Bai Ye.”

“But he’s courting death. They have so many expert NPCs. If they’re unwilling,

1 m afraid they’ll kill God Bai Ye.”

“That’s true. Let’s go first. There’s a door over there.”

“Let’s go. Let s not watch the show here.”

Then, they hurried away through another door.

The reason for their departure was simple. Firstly, the atmosphere was a little off. They were worried that these NPCs would vent their anger on them.

Secondly, these NPCs were not human. If they were nor going to share these items with them, why would they continue to follow these NPCs? Even if they encountered some good things later on, they would still belong to these NPCs. They had experienced so many dangers but had not encountered any sh*t. Why not leave together? At least they could get some good items, right?

Even if they had to fight between themselves for the items, at least the gap between them was not too big.

Only Chu Bai and a dozen people from the Heavenly Wind Sect were left in that space.

“Hehehe! How interesting.”

The old man sneered as he looked at Chu Bai.

“1 don’t know where you got the confidence to act so rashly in front of the experts of my Heavenly Wind Sect.”

Feng Mo sneered.

Huo Tianyuan realized that this was an opportunity.

Now, there were only people from the Heavenly Wind Sect and Bai Ye here. Moreover, Bai Ye had already provoked the people from the Heavenly Wind Sect. It was time to make a move.

“Everyone, kill him! He has a lot of treasures on him!”

Feng Mo pointed at Chu Bai and said.

“Of course, I have to kill him!”


The old man forcefully closed the stone door.

“Let’s see where you can run to now!”

They sneered at Chu Bai.

Chu Bai, on the other hand, did not panic at all.

“Are the experts of the Heavenly Wind Sect such a bunch of ignorant and useless things?”

Chu Bai sneered.

“Hehehe, it’s useless for you to be arrogant here. Where are you gonna go now?”

They surrounded Chu Bai.

The corners of Huo Tianyuan’s mouth curled up slightly.

He really wanted to take off his mask and mock Bai Ye. He thought that everything would change in the future. However, he did not want the people of the Heavenly Wind Sect to know his identity, so he had to give up on the idea.

“This is bad! What’s going on here?”

At this moment, someone beside him suddenly noticed something unusual.

“What’s wrong?”

“What is this?”

They looked ahead.

“This is… poisonous fog!”

Their pupils constricted!

“What? Poisonous fog?”

They gulped.

“I knew that this secret door wasn’t that simple. There’s indeed a mechanism here! Hurry up and leave!”

“Let’s go first. This poisonous fog is spreading very quickly. Quick, let’s go!”

“Where’s the door?”

“It was locked by the Fifteenth Elder just now. We should be able to open it.”

They ignored Chu Bai and rushed over to open the stone door.

After all, they were still very afraid of the methods of the owner of this ruin!

This poison would definitely take their lives!

They could kill Bai Ye outside, but they would definitely not put themselves in danger.

“It won’t open! ”


Everyone’s pupils constricted!

“Move aside!”

The strongest elder rushed over and tried to open the stone door with all his strength.

However, the stone door did not budge!

“Damn it, I can’t open it! How did this happen?”

“Who told you to close the door just now?!”

“Are you blaming me? I was worried that Bai Ye would run away! ”

“Damn! Let’s not argue for now. Let’s hurry up and work together to blast open the stone door.”

They gritted their teeth.

The corners of Chu Bai’s mouth curled up.

[Ding. You’re immune to poison effects.]

“Don’t bother about Bai Ye. He’s already in the poisonous fog. He’ll definitely die..”

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