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Chapter 390 - Chapter 390: Regicide!

Chapter 390: Regicide!

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Tan Tianxing knew that he had been exposed.


However, it did not matter.

It was almost time.

He stood up.


In the next moment, he appeared beside Tan Xingxing.

“Let’s go!”

Then, Tan Xingxing disappeared from everyone’s sight!

“It really is you!”

State Preceptor Zhang pointed at Tan Tianxing angrily with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“State Preceptor Zhang, 1 didn’t poison you.”

“Bullsh*t! Everyone has been poisoned except you. Wasn’t it you who poisoned us?”

State Perceptor Zhang said angrily.

“State Preceptor Zhang, take a closer look. Am 1 the only one who’s alright?” Tan Tianxing asked with a smile.


Tan Tianxing’s words puzzled many people.

They swept their eyes across the room.

They did not know that there was also the emperor of the Kamikaze Empire.

“Your Majesty… Could it be… Your Majesty poisoned us?”

“How is that possible?!”

Chu Bai walked out.

“Actually, what I want to say is that it’s not impossible.”

After saying that, Chu Bai took off his dragon robe and put on the Darkness Illusion Mask!

“Bai Ye!”

Although they did not know what Chu Bai looked like, this Darkness Illusion Mask belonged to Bai Ye. It was a gift from His Majesty.

No matter how foolish they were, they should know that the emperor had been Bai Ye all along.

Damn it!

It turned out that Bai Ye had been pretending to be the emperor of the Kamikaze Empire!



State Preceptor Zhang spat out a mouthful of blood due to his anger.


His mental state collapsed.

“Bai Ye! You’re shameless!”

State Preceptor Zhang pointed at Chu Bai and rebuked angrily.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“What happened? Is this Bai Ye? Is he the rumored Bai Ye that Sect Leader Li Heng has been chasing after? How did he become His Majesty?”

“What? What do you mean by ‘how did he become His Majesty’? That’s because His Majesty might have been killed or imprisoned by him, and then he pretended to be His Majesty. 1 don’t know when it started, but everyone has been deceived! Bai Ye is in cahoots with General Tan.”

“F*ck! Then why did he poison me? 1 don’t have any grudges against him.”

Some people were on the verge of collapse.

“State Preceptor, I prefer it when you call me Your Majesty.”

Chu Bai looked at State Preceptor Zhang and grinned.

State Preceptor Zhang clenched his fists tightly.

“Bai Ye! You dare to kill His Majesty? You’re dead!”

State Preceptor Zhang pointed at Chu Bai angrily.

“Kill His Majesty? Is this something extraordinary? Since he wanted to kill me, why couldn’t 1 kill him? If you, State Preceptor Zhang, want to kill me, why can’t I kill you?”

Then, Chu Bai pointed at Venerable Yan and said, “Since Venerable Yan wants to kill me, 1 should be able to kill him too, right?”

They had never expected this!

Who would have thought that the emperor of the Kamikaze Empire was just an impersonator?

“Alright then! Tan Tianxing and Bai Ye, you guys are really good!”

Venerable Yan’s eyes narrowed!

“But do you think that you can destroy the royal family just like this?”

“Why not?” Chu Bai sneered. “Who else can survive this poison other than Venerable Yan?”


At this moment, a soldier ran in.

He still did not know what was going on in the hall and did not dare to look up. After rushing in, he directly knelt down.

“There’s bad news. The Heavenly Dragon Army is coming!”

Venerable Yan’s pupils constricted!

“Good! Good! Good job!”

He gritted his teeth and stared at Chu Bai and Tan Tianxing.

All these years of planning had been ruined in the hands of a kid!

“We have plenty of time to settle this score in the future!”

After saying that, Venerable Yan turned into black fog and disappeared.

He knew that there was no room for negotiation!

There was nothing he could do!

The royal family’s experts had been poisoned, and his combat strength was also greatly restricted by the poison. He could not use much strength!

Moreover, if he really dragged this on, this poison might even take his life!

There was no other way.

He could only run!

“Bai Ye, why did you poison us?”

Someone shouted.

Chu Bai looked at them and said, “The reason is simple. After all, I’m worried that you’ll contribute a lot of combat power. This poison won’t affect you much. You can leave the hall now.

“Of course…”

Chu Bai looked at those people from the Spirit Sword Sect and sneered.

“You guys can’t!”

“I’ll take care of them for you!” Tan Tianxing said.

“Sorry to trouble you, General Tan.”

Tan Tianxing, a dignified divine emperor expert, easily destroyed them.

The members of the royal family wanted to run, but…

They were poisoned, and Tan Tianxing’s pressure made it difficult for them to move!

Soon, the sounds of battle could be heard from outside!

In the main hall, the situation had already been settled!

State Preceptor Zhang and Prime Minister Li were eliminated!

As for the other ministers, they were not problematic. Those who did not need to be killed would not be killed.

They just needed to be loyal to Tan Tianxing.


Tan Tianxing’s voice that carried the voice of an expert in the divine emperor realm rang out. Although the entire battlefield was noisy, it was extremely penetrating. Everyone’s heart seemed to tremble with Tan Tianxing’s voice.

Everyone stopped.

“The royal family of the Kamikaze Empire has been destroyed. The emperor of the Kamikaze Empire has died. Soldiers, please stop to avoid unnecessary casualties.”

To be honest, the soldiers of the Kamikaze Empire were also working hard.

It did not matter who their emperor was. They just wanted to make a living and listen to their superiors!

Who wanted to die?

The emperor of the Kamikaze Empire was dead, and the royal family was gone. Who were they fighting for?

Did they still need to fight?

This was how the empire was. Changing emperors was too normal.

They did not want to fight either. They wanted to live.

There were too few armies that could continue to fight bloody battles even after their generals and emperors were dead!

The Heavenly Dragon Army was one of them!

Even the Heavenly Tiger Army could not compare to the Heavenly Dragon Army in this aspect!

The Heavenly Tiger Army was just a group of more powerful, well-equipped troops under the orders of the emperor of the Kamikaze Empire!

They also wanted to live.

“Don’t listen to him! Everyone in the Heavenly Tiger Army, listen up and kill!”

The Heavenly Tiger General roared.

The soldiers of the Heavenly Tiger Army looked at each other.


Although they had to listen to the Heavenly Tiger General…

“General Tan, you have to kill that person from the Heavenly Tiger Army.”

Chu Bai said as he stood beside Tan Tianxing.


Tan Tianxing rushed over.

The commander of the Heavenly Tiger Army was a heavenly expert!

However, the heavenly realm was nothing in front of an expert in the divine emperor realm!

The commander’s pupils constricted violently!


He did not think that he could defeat Tan Tianxing even with a group of soldiers with him!

Perhaps it was possible, but he did not think that the Heavenly Tiger Army would listen to him and fight for him in such a situation.

Although he was the commander of the Heavenly Tiger Army, the Heavenly Tiger Army was theoretically under the command of the emperor of the Kamikaze Empire.

He ran away.

Tan Tianxing did not chase after him.

“We won’t kill those who surrender! Heavenly Dragon Army, take this order!


The roar of the Heavenly Dragon Army shook the night sky.

“Bring them to the square temporarily!”

“Yes, Sir!”

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