One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 229 - Like Sister Like Brother (3)

Chapter 229: Like Sister Like Brother (3)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Knock knock.

It was Lawyer Wang together with several police officers, he pointed at Di Xiasong, “Officers, this is Di Xiasong, he is the one who has drugged Mr. Di.”

The officers nodded.

Seeing the handcuffs on Di Xiasong’s wrist, Qin Li fell apart and she screamed, “What are you doing? This is my son, he hasn’t done anything wrong! Let go of him!”

“Ms. Qin.” the officers picked her up from the floor, “We’ve found the two men whose drug was stolen by your son, that’s some solid evidence. Please cooperate with us.”

“It’s not me! I haven’t done anything! Don’t put this thing on my wrist! Let go of me!” struggled Di Xiasong, he turned around to seek help from his mom, then he saw Lawyer Wand and he completely lost it, “It’s you, isn’t it? You trapped me, you put on a show! Whose order is that? Di Bian? Or someone else?”

Lawyer Wang looked at him indifferently, and he sneered, “Stop badmouthing about Mr. Di, look at him, thanks to you, he is still in a coma. Just a kind reminder, I didn’t separate you and Mr. Di in case that would alert you, but I’ve cameras in the ward everywhere, think about what you have done in this ward!” with that he glared at Qin Li as well like a warning.

The officers dragged Di Xiasong away, Qin Li knew it was of no avail even though she kept chasing after them. She confronted Lawyer Wang with a crooked face, “Wang Ze! I’m telling you, I don’t care whose order you are taking, if anything happens to my son, you and Di Bian will pay back hard!” with that she looked around the ward trying to find the cameras, and she stomped out of the hospital.

On the very night, Di Bian finally woke up thanks to the two men presented the drug to the doctors, thus the doctors operated some targeted treatment on Di Bian.

Meanwhile, Di Xiasong made it to the headlines due to what he had done to his father. He Bai was completely dumbfounded when he read the news, so, in order to secure his share of Di Bian’s assets, Di Xiasong drugged him using some mysterious herbal drug stolen from two villagers?

What was going on? Such a telenovela! Why would Di Xiasong even bother to do such a horrible thing! Those assets would be his sooner or later.

“What are you reading?” asked Di Qiuhe, and he kissed He Bai on the cheek, “Wait, puppy, you’ve been eating chips without me, yeah? Haha, look at the corner of your mouth.”

He Bai wiped his lips and kissed Di Qiuhe, “How was the talk with Director Lin Mo? Reached an agreement?”

“Yeah, it went well. I will record some videos for the publicity, and I’ll be video calling them at press conferences.” replied Di Qiuhe, and he walked towards He Bai to sit next to him, he patted He Bai on his belly, “Still so skinny, no more snacks, and don’t skip meals.”

He Bai smiled, “Yeah, right, have you read the news? Di Xiasong was arrested, and it turns out Di Bian was actually drugged by Di Xiasong, the drug he used may do some brain damage to Di Bian’s brain.”

“Yeah, I’ve read that. It doesn’t matter now, drugged or not drugged, Huangdu is about to fall apart anyways.” replied Di Qiuhe in difference, he then cuddled He Bai and said, “Come on, let’s get some food first, I bought you some pastries.”

Seeing Di Qiuhe trying to change the subject, He Bai put aside his curiosity and walked with him to the dining room, “Ha~ who just said no more snacks for me? And who is always buying me pastries and snacks? Hmm, I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place here.”

“Haha, puppy.” Di Qiuhe poked He Bai on his cheek, he wrapped his arms around He Bai and lifted him up, saying “Well, maybe a few more pounds, keep up the good work.”

He Bai poked Di Qiuhe’s nose and said, “I don’t think so, I think you are getting weak due to the lack of exercise.”

Di Qiuhe looked at He Bai in the eye and didn’t say anything, he decided to exercise a lot with puppy at night.

Three days later, Huangdu’s new investor Zhonglian suddenly applied for bankruptcy, and Huangdu took a toll, the stocks hit limit down. Di Bian was deeply stricken by the news and he fell into a stupor again.

All this was heatedly discussed online, the netizens called Di Chunhua and Di Xiasong “Like sister like brother”, they were both criminals who tried to hurt their own family members. The netizens were betting whether Di Xiasong would also claim to be mentally unstable as well to escape the sentencing.

Lawyer Wang, just like in case Di Xiasong would use that as an excuse, suddenly posted all of Di Xiasong’s medical examination report since his childhood, and he said he had arranged a psychiatric evaluation team for Di Xiasong.

The netizens were dumbfounded, wow, what a telenovela in a rich and powerful family!

Oh wait, just a telenovela, Di Family was no longer rich or powerful.

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