One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 48 - The Potency of the Love Hunting Powder

Chapter 48: The Potency of the Love Hunting Powder

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Yun Shishi slightly regained consciousness. She felt her guts overturn as her body curled up with great discomfort. Her small hands fumbled to strip off her clothes.

She wanted to remove all the things covering her body because of that strange heat within her.

Her inhibition and rationality were not functioning properly. She did not know or care where she was and only felt herself drowning in deep furnace. Her lower abdomen was on fire, but her body was inexplicably cool.

One side was icy cold, and another side was menacingly hot. It was like being overlapped in two different worlds of fire and ice!

The agony could make anyone go berserk!

“It’s so hot… so hot… Save me… Save me, please….”

Li Dongqiang watched all this with contemptuous pleasure.

Love Hunting Powder was the most terrifying date rape drug available on the black market. One could not get this good thing without special connections.

With just a sip, not even a chaste woman with a strong will could resist its potency.

The plight of not having a man was hell!

This was even more so for this unworldly lady!

She wriggled on the bed in great torment.

Unknowingly, the action made her appear more alluring.

Li Dongqiang rushed to remove his clothes. With his pants still hanging on his legs, he crawled into the bed with excitement. He could not wait to jump her. “Little beauty, don’t move. I’ll help you! I’ll make you comfortable in a little while. Hey!”

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

He momentarily halted his actions as his expression contorted with unwillingness to do so.

He was suitably aroused now. Nothing could be more frustrating for someone in this state than being disturbed mid-action. Hell-bent on completing the deed, he ignored the folks outside the door.

However, just as he unbuttoned the first clasp of her dress, the doorbell rang again and again and again with mounting impatience.

In the capital, he considered himself as number one in the circle!

Who the hell was trying to spoil his fun right now? What a damn wet blanket!

His eyes flashed with rage. He flipped his head to the side and gave himself a hard spat. After speedily putting on his pants without a top, he went to open the door.

He was swearing when he opened the door. He lifted his head and saw two beefy men in black suits towering over the door, almost occluding the light from the hallway.

His livid face sank as his eyes flashed with a hint of terror!

He might be a seasoned gangster and had seen a lot of this world, yet the two’s oppressive aura still managed to intimidate him!

The two emanated a terrifying aura with their murderous eyes and looked like ruthless bloodthirsty killers!

He gulped and carefully sized them up. “You… You… You… What do you guys want? You’ve got the wrong guy!”

Without a word, the two men reached out their hands and lifted him out of the door. Each one had a hand around him neck and hefted him up like a prisoner.

He was startled and started to curse.

“What are you lot doing?! What do you want with me?! You’re ruining my good time!

“I’m from the East Side! Do you know what that means? You’d better let me go!

“I bought that woman for 200,000 yuan! Let me go! Let go!”

The bellow slowly faded away.

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