One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4724 - 4724 Never Too Late to Love (131)

Chapter 4724 - 4724 Never Too Late to Love (131)

4724 Never Too Late to Love (131)

Bai Sheng said, “So when are we traveling and when will the wedding ceremony take place? Just so I can prepare.”

“What do you need to prepare?”

“Being mentally prepared is also preparation!” Bai Sheng said, “I want to do some travel homework, refer to some guides and notes. I’d also like to keep a diary as we travel.”

“Oooh…” A thought suddenly struck Gu Chengze and he fell silent.


Looking at Bai Sheng, he said as though he was negotiating, “Sheng’er, we can travel anytime, but we might have to wait a bit for the wedding ceremony.”

“Eh? Why’s that so?”

Gu Chengze replied, “I’m hoping that a friend will wake up so that we can invite her to our wedding.”

Bai Sheng was rather surprised to hear this. “What do you mean? I don’t really understand.”

“I have a friend who… has not regained consciousness from a coma. I’d like her to be awake to witness my wedding. Otherwise, she’d definitely lament about it when she finally comes to.”

When Bai Sheng heard this, she suddenly recalled. “I remember now. I seem to have heard you guys mention it before. Her name is… Nana, right? I overheard you guys talking about it. What exactly is the situation?”

Gu Chengze shook his head.

“Was there some sort of accident…” Mustering her courage, Bai Sheng commented, “At first I thought she was in some sort of accident and ended up in a vegetative state and a coma. But after hearing what you’re saying, that doesn’t seem to be the case. But no matter what, medical science is so advanced now, there will be a way.”

“That’s what they say…” Gu Chengze frowned. “Given Sheng Yu’s status, we’ve brought in experts in this area, from all over the world, but they’ve not come up with any solution. Physiologically, she’s functioning normally but remains unconscious. Hence…”

“They didn’t give an idea of when she might come to?”

“No one can tell for sure.” Gu Chengze sighed. “Even then, I’d like to wait a bit. We grew up together and made a pact that no matter what, no one will be absent from another’s wedding. I don’t wish to leave her out. So I’d like to wait for a while more, maybe she’ll wake up soon? Whatever it is, there’s still hope.”

Bai Sheng leaned against his arm gently and smiled. “Then I’ll wait with you. No matter what, we’ll wait for her to wake up before we hold the wedding ceremony! After all, you guys have made a pact. We have time to wait till then. Wouldn’t this be more meaningful?”

“You don’t mind?”

“Why should I mind? On the contrary, I feel that you value friendship very much. I…” Bai Sheng blushed and said, “I like that.”

When Gu Chengze heard this, he reached out to gently pinch her cheek. “Sheng’er, thank you!”

“What are you thanking me for? I’m your wife. In all matters, I’d surely be the first to support you. Besides, I think our wedding will be even more meaningful if your friend wakes up and joins us.”

Gu Chengze was extremely touched by Bai Sheng’s understanding. He knew that Bai Sheng was eagerly anticipating the wedding, but he wanted to wait for Natalia to wake up.

They had agreed that no one would be missing!

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