One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4629 - 4629 Never Too Late to Love (36)

Chapter 4629 - 4629 Never Too Late to Love (36)

4629 Never Too Late to Love (36)

Bai Sheng did not listen to a single word they said. She was thinking that admittedly, she did not know much about Gu Chengze’s family background. However, she didn’t think he was out to cheat her. She had nothing at all. Why would such an outstanding man cheat her? Even if he did, she had nothing to lose.

“Bai Sheng, You ought to be more alert!” A female colleague poked her head in exasperation.

“Ouch!” Bai Sheng finally responded as she snapped out of a daze, “Omelette? What omelette?


After a long silence, laughter suddenly erupted in the office.

“Hahahaha! Bai Sheng, you glutton. We’re asking you to be more alert, is there only food on your mind?”

“Bai Sheng, you’re too cute. I really do fear for you that you’d be kidnapped.”

“Hasn’t she already been kidnapped?”

Another round of jeers. Bai Sheng’s expression darkened. Suddenly a text message came in on her phone. It was from Gu Chengze.

She opened the message and saw a few lines from Gu Chengze.

“On your next off day, we’ll go and look at some properties.”

Bai Sheng was a little stunned. Properties?

She didn’t understand and asked, “What properties?”

Gu Chengze replied almost instantly, “Our home, idiot.”

Home… Did he mean matrimonial home?

Usually, when two people got married, the first step was to buy a house as a matrimonial home. Since getting married meant that the two of them had to leave home and become independent, they would have to build their own home as a start.

However, properties in the capital were too expensive now. Her internship period was at most two to three thousand yuan a month. She would only receive a car, bonus, and performance reward after she became a full-fledged employee. Her dream was to be a famous designer, but in such a company, there was no room for her to showcase her talent. Her dream had become wishful thinking. It was very difficult for ordinary designers to survive. The property prices in Beijing were millions or even tens of millions.

She replied, “I don’t have any money on me. I can’t afford much…”

As soon as the message was sent, she felt somewhat disappointed. She felt rather useless.

This time, Gu Chengze’s reply was relatively simple. “I have money.”

“Um…” Bai Sheng’s heart skipped a beat.

“What’s the budget?”

“There’s no budget. It mainly depends on the quality of the house. Look at the new developments online first and do your homework in advance.”

After completing the design drafts, Bai Sheng had free time on hand, so she searched for information on developments online.

Recently, there were many new developments. Three among them that had the best reputation were Shengyu’s Chunjiang Tianxi, one was Hengyuan’s Linxing Premier, and the other was the Baona’s Seine Garden.

It was Bai Sheng’s first experience in house-hunting, so she was dazzled by all the introductions.

A few colleagues saw Bai Sheng browsing the web and went up to her curiously. They saw her browsing properties.

“Bai Sheng, are you planning to buy a house?”

“Chunjiang Tianxi? I heard that this development is very expensive!”

Bai Sheng was at a loss. “Didn’t you say that it hasn’t been launched yet? It happens to be launching this Saturday. I plan to go to the sales office to take a look.”

Her colleagues were shocked. “Are you serious about buying it?”

Bai Sheng said truthfully, “My hubby said that he wants to buy a house, so I’m just doing my homework first.”

“My aunt is a senior executive at Chunjiang Tianxi. She said that the launch price of the units is at least 200,000 yuan per square meter.”

200,000… Scary!

The other colleagues found it unbelievable as well.

“That expensive?”

“Because the location is awesome! The school district is good, transportation is convenient, and it’s close to the shopping center. You have everything at your fingertips. The key is that the housing type is good, and the developer has an excellent reputation, so 200,000 yuan is a fair price.”

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