One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4472 - 4472 The Other Side 441

Chapter 4472 - 4472 The Other Side 441

4472 The Other Side 441

Vermilion Bird added, “Even if they blow up the port, we can’t leave. If there’s really no other way, we can make an exception and get the headquarters to send a support vessel!”

Under normal circumstances, the Hurricane Group would never interfere with the internal politics of other countries. Especially in such an environment.

Vermilion Bird said, “Get me a few men. We’ll go and search for Gong Jie and Hua Jin.”

“No way.” Alice was the first to object. “You’re so seriously injured now and your hearing is severely damaged. It’s impossible for you to recover in a short period of time. If you so rashly go out there now with the men, you’ll only be courting death.”


“So what do we do?” Vermilion Bird opened her arms and her face turned red with anxiety. “Do you want us to just sit around and wait here?! So what if I’m injured? In order to protect Young Master Jie, I’m willing to sacrifice my life!”

“Let’s not add to the losses unnecessarily,” Alice said firmly. “Haven’t they already sent help? If we’re lucky, Young Master Jie might be back soon. 40 kilometers. It’s not far.”

“It’s not far!” Vermilion Bird suddenly became agitated, “But, do you know that all the main roads and transportation fortresses in East Africa have been blown up! The only places that they can pass through are the forests and deserts! What does this mean? That’s no difference from looking for a needle in a haystack, trying to locate two people across the battlefield!”

“Since you know that it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack…” Alice took a deep breath. “Then calm down. Don’t act rashly.”

“Rashly!?” Vermilion Bird was getting worked up. “Aren’t you worried about Young Master Jie?”

Alice’s eyes flickered slightly.

Vermilion Bird continued, “Now that Young Master Jie is in danger, how could you remain so calm and even say things like don’t act rashly!”

“Will you solve the problem for sure, by going?” Alice let out a shaky breath. “On the contrary, I’m more worried about Gong Jie than you are! But will it solve the problem if you just go out there? Why don’t you wait a little longer? If we don’t hear any news, it won’t be too late for you to go!”

Vermilion Bird bit her lips. Her eyes flashed coldly.

“Officer Vermilion Bird, listen to Alice. Don’t be so agitated. Young Master Jie also has a certain ability to protect himself. He also has outstanding experience. In such an environment, he will know how to protect himself.”

Vermilion Bird was extremely angry. She walked to the railing and punched it hard, causing it to ring with the impact.

“Vermilion Bird, I understand how you feel.” Alice walked to her side with a complicated expression and patted her shoulder gently. “I’m just as worried as you are about Gong Jie, but look at how dangerous it had been for us to come all the way here. You’ve lost so much stamina now, and you’re injured. It’s a meaningless sacrifice for you to go out there. Why don’t we let others go? Besides, we’ve already sent people to locate Gong Jie and Hua Jin. Don’t be anxious.”

Vermilion Bird lowered her head and closed his eyes, but kept silent. The bloodstains on her blond hair had already dried up. Mixed with perspiration, they stuck to her cheeks, making her look extremely pathetic.

After a while, she said gloomily, “Got it…”

“I’m so thirsty…” Hua Jin had been walking behind Gong Jie and they had not stopped moving. Hot. In addition to the heat, there was also the physical exhaustion of the long journey. The water in his body had evaporated quickly and he needed a drink. However, the water stored in the bulletproof vest had run dry.

Gong Jie turned around and saw that his lips had cracked. He stopped in his tracks.

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