One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 44 - Foul

Chapter 44: Foul

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As soon as Yun Shishi stepped into this foul place, she choked on the pungent smoke within.

As she walked by, she saw men and women having adventures with their bodies. The air was filled with an overwhelming foul smell. The private rooms have groups of people giving in to sensual pleasures.

Under a waiter’s lead, she walked into the private room the man on the phone had mentioned to her. She had just stepped foot inside the room and her nose was immediately assailed by a fishy odor mixed with alcohol and smoke. The room was filled entirely with fumes. The sound systems were on full blast. A few hooligans with the trendiest hairstyles were stripped to their waists, drowning themselves in alcohol.

Sweeping her eyes across the room, she immediately caught sight of the tipsy Yun Na lying on one side of the sofa. She was out cold.

Some of the hooligans sensed her arrival and consecutively lifted their heads, whistling lewdly, “Whoa, she really came!”

“Hmm? This chick is quite pretty! Has got a nice body to boot! She looks better than those b*tches, anyway!”

She heard someone chime in, “True! You don’t see that many gals this innocent-looking these days! I wonder how she’s like in bed! I bet she’s splendid!”

Those foul words that were unpleasant to the ear.

Yun Shishi listened to their roguish words and felt her heart slightly tremble. She heard a bang and realized that the waiter behind her had courteously shut the door. She stood there a little awkwardly, unable to move a step.

Honestly speaking, after her previous encounter with those thugs at her last job, she developed a fear of them. Thus, right now, she really wanted to leave, and she moved to do just that.

A man with a sleeve tattoo of a green dragon stood up and stared at her from across the table. He strode toward her and gripped her wrist at once. He said with a wry smile, “Leaving when you’ve just arrived? What about your lil’ sis?”

She hesitantly shifted her gaze between the door and Yun Na and mustered the courage to say, “I’ll – I’ll take her back. We’re leaving….”

“Leaving just like this?” The man smirked and creased his brows. “Don’t go yet! You’ll ruin the fun! Come have a drink with us first!”

The man latched onto her shoulders. He pointed to a few men on the sofa and said, “Come on. Let me introduce you! This is the boss of the street where this bar is at, Li Dongqiang! Beside him is Leopard. That one is Tiger….”

Yun Shishi was unable to remain standing still. She broke free from the man’s restraining hold and said, “I’m not here to drink! I’m here to… take Yun Na home!”

Hearing this, the man scoffed, “Not drinking? Okay, then! Do something else with me!”

His greedy eyes glanced at her chest, and then he reached out his hand for her face!

She instinctively ducked his groping hand, shocked by his actions. She knitted her brows and demanded coldly, “What are you trying to do?!”

“What I’m trying to do? I’m trying to do you, of course!” The man tilted his head and replied in a somewhat joking manner.

Behind him, a man, with a knife scar on his face, yelled, “This person… What’s her name… Yun Shishi, right?! Don’t just stand there like an idiot; come sit over here! Let the waiter pop more bottles of whiskey for you!”

She vehemently shook her head and then hesitantly glanced at Yun Na. “I’m not drinking! I’m… leaving!”

After spouting these words, she turned to leave. The man with good reflexes grabbed her wrist and forcefully dragged her back.

She cried out in fear and started to fiercely struggle, but how could she overpower the man gripping her wrist with her meager strength?

He lewdly eyed her from head to toe and said with disappointment, “Hey, hey, don’t be like that, okay? This sister of yours is still young and green, so as her older sister, shouldn’t you teach her the rules of this world?”

She knitted her brows. “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” The man chuckled. Someone behind him sneered. “Your sister, who doesn’t know the rules, came to us for some powder without money and stuck with us every day. She owes us 200,000 yuan – no more, no less!”

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