One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 37 - Audition for the Female Lead

Chapter 37: Audition for the Female Lead

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“Don’t tell me you don’t know of that company?! Huanyu Entertainment is backed by Disheng Financial Group, the business empire within the top 100 worldwide!”

As she spoke of Disheng Financial Group, Xiao Xue’s eyes lit up with eagerness. “Disheng Financial Group can be said to be a hegemon in the finance industry! You just think about it; in the face of the global economic crisis, large corporations folded, but Disheng Financial Group still stood tall, seemingly unaffected by it all! The CEO of that conglomerate is a powerful figure! He has a strong family background, has wealth that can rival a country, and is highly sought-after by many female socialites! With a strong and stable backer like Disheng, Huanyu Entertainment has a leading position in the entertainment industry!”

When she started to talk about the Disheng’s CEO that occasionally appeared on TV, Xiao Xue instantly transformed into a chatterbox. In front of Yun Shishi, she was itching to gossip about the man’s entire family tree.

However, Yun Shishi held no interest in this topic at all. She interrupted her good friend, “Why are you lauding it into the skies? Aren’t you exaggerating?”

“You have seen too little of this world, haven’t you? Everyone in the capital knows of Disheng Financial Group’s prominent position. It is acceptable for you not to know who the mayor here is, but how can you not know of Disheng?”

Xiao Xue continued mysteriously, “I heard it through the grapevine that even if one is an important government official in the country, that person still has to give face to that corporate group!”

Xiao Xue briefly paused and, with a face full of admiration, she added, “Honestly speaking, the value of Disheng’s CEO is immeasurable even today. Not one is able to exactly measure how many hundreds of billions, or trillions, are to his name. This powerful figure is extremely secretive in the media! How he does things is way too mysterious….”

“You’re taking it too far, aren’t you?” Yun Shishi calmly took a sip of her coffee.

Xiao Xue looked exasperated. “Shishi, you didn’t really give up your dream back then, did you?!”

“Acting has indeed been my dream.” Yun Shishi looked somewhat doleful. “But….”

In the past, a production crew visited her school to conduct an audition for a drama’s female lead. Her tutor recommended her for the character. It was such a golden opportunity, but she did not seize it.

At that time, the show gained immense popularity across the country, and all the actors that were cast became famous.

Xiao Xue said, “Huanyu Entertainment always holds the talented in high regard. As long as you have the talent, you will be valued by them. Sigh… as for me, I wanted to audition because of that renowned CEO, but my physical appearance is regrettably not good enough. I can be a small model, but once I am thrown inside a company full of talents, I can barely reach a passable level. Therefore, Yun Shishi, why don’t you give acting a shot instead of applying to some small-scale companies? You have a strong gift for acting, and you’re very talented; don’t squander it. I believe if it is you, you can make it!”

After Xiao Xue gave her an encouragement filled with confidence, Yun Shishi was in a daze for a long time.

Huanyu Entertainment… Disheng Financial Group?

For some unknown reason, once these words were spoken, her eyelids kept twitching badly.

The nationwide audition for the female lead of the movie, ‘The Green Apple’, under the youth angst genre, which was invested by Huanyu Global Productions, was underway.

It was said that this movie’s lineup was quite remarkable! Not only did the original novel rank first under the teen fiction category for three consecutive years, it was even crowned as ‘The Founder of Tragic Love’ among the teen novels.

The person directing this movie was Lin Fengtian, a director who had clinched the ‘Best Director’ title at the Golden Pin Awards. Meanwhile, the movie’s male lead was already confirmed to be played by the superstar Gu Xingze.

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