One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2692 - He is not the child you are looking for!

Chapter 2692: He is not the child you are looking for!

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Her fingers fumbled with the lock, but before she could do anything about it, the people outside turned the knob and kicked the door wide open with much force that it sent the helpless woman flying backward. In a bid to protect her unborn child, she deliberately wrapped her arms around her belly and, thus, ended up suffering a bad fall.

“Ugh…” She groaned in pain, her brows furrowing.

With a snap, the lights came alive and illuminated the entire room.

She looked up to see two masked men in black walking in and staring right down at her. They realized at once that their movements had awakened her.

“This b*tch sure is alert!” One of the men laughed as he took out a photo from his clothes’ pocket and began comparing the faces. “Are you Meng Qingxue?”

“No!” She spat at once through gritted teeth while looking ashen. She thought that these two men had been sent by her former lover.

“No?” He tossed the photo at her. “You dared to deny it when you look exactly the same as the person in this photo?”

The woman frowned wryly at that, and her heart started thumping erratically when she heard his uncouth way of speaking.

While she might not know the current time or when her landlady would be back, she knew one thing for sure: She was no match for these burly men, especially in her current weak, pregnant state.

Thus, she thought it was best if she tried to find ways to stall them.

“W-Who are you?” She mustered her courage to ask.

The men exchanged looks, then turned their sinister gazes on her. “Don’t bother with the questions and just hand over the child!”

“H-Hand over the child?”

A perplexed look appeared on her face; she had no clue what they were talking about.

It turned out that there was a miscommunication earlier; the two men had left too haphazardly, and Song Enya, in her hurry, only said that she wanted a child; she failed to make herself clear and to specify that she wanted the child in Meng Qingxue’s stomach, not a grown-up child.

It resulted in her subordinates mistakenly thinking that she wanted a child around the age of four to six years; thus, they did not think much of it.

Besides, Meng Qingxue was just at the start of her second trimester, so her belly had not started showing much. With her slender figure, she did not appear like a pregnant lady at all.

The guys naturally had no idea as well.

“Stop acting dumb! Where’s the child? Hand the child over to us right now, and you’ll be spared from torture!”

She bit her lower lip furiously and her heart started racing when a sudden thought struck her.

Oh, no…

Baby Chu!

The two men made such a racket that it startled the sleeping child in bed. The boy rubbed his partially opened, bleary eyes, only to close them again seconds later when he noticed, much to his surprise, the bright, stinging lights in the room. In his sleepy state, he called, “Aunt Qingxue…”

The tender voice attracted the men’s attention right away.

The man standing in front turned around and walked toward the bed, in the direction of the voice; there, he found a delicate-looking child nestled in. The drowsy boy was currently rubbing his eyes.

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