One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2689 - I want that woman’s child.

Chapter 2689: I want that woman’s child.

His wife, who had just returned to her seat, echoed the sentiment. “Exactly! Help us think of a solution, bro-in-law. How should we settle this?”

“In my opinion, we should bring that woman back first before making any other decisions!” Song Jianjun expressed his stance but was met with strong opposition from his niece.

“That won’t do, uncle.” The rich missy huffed. “The problem doesn’t lie in that woman’s return but the child she’s expecting; we can’t keep that scourge! Why don’t we get rid of the child first before dealing with that b*tch?”

“Enya, how could you be so vicious?” he cried in shock, not expecting the young lady to be so wicked.

Though it’s still an unborn child, it’s ultimately a new life; murdering it is a sin!

Having been in a high position of power for decades, he naturally had a lot of blood on his hands. Most of the people who had died in his hands, however, were no innocent folks and truly deserved their deaths.

The lives he had claimed were far too many, and now that he got older, he had gotten his comeuppance—he could no longer enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. He realized that karma had really come back to bite him, which led to him believing in divine retributions as well as reciting Buddhist scriptures for peace of mind.

As such, in the capacity of someone who had gone through the same experience, he tried to dissuade her. “You mustn’t do such a cruel and wicked thing. It’s a sin to kill a child; karma will eventually find you, and you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

“Are you a Buddhist devotee now, uncle? How come I didn’t know about it?” She laughed in response, only to be rebuked by her father.

“Watch your manners! We value discipline the most within the family.”


The man in question chuckled. “Enya hasn’t reached the age where she’s become sensible! In any case, we can’t be rash; we should find that woman and bring her back before confronting the Mus about this matter. The child in her stomach is innocent, after all; we mustn’t touch it! Don’t worry, brother. I’ll dispatch a troop for your deployment. Just don’t go about publicizing this matter; you hear me?”

“I understand. I’ll remember your kindness forever, older brother.”

“We’re family; there’s no need for such courtesies between us.” He then flashed his younger brother a reassuring smile.

This matter was, therefore, decided as planned.

The thing was, Song Enya was not agreeable to the decision made by the elders. Just before setting off for Yan City, she planted two of her subordinates in the troop and instructed fiercely, “I want Meng Qingxue’s child! Wise up and do a good job, or else don’t come back and find me.”


The two subordinates, thus, blended themselves in and set off for their destination in a grand fashion.

The young missy had given them a detailed address, which was given to her by the person who helped her investigate Meng Qingxue, and ordered them to get rid of the lady’s child before the troop’s arrival.

Upon reaching the city and before the troop could head to the precise location, the two men sneaked into Black Dragon Pool Village, following the address they were given.

Chu He was working that night, so she would only knock off at 10 PM at the earliest and might reach home even later if any emergency situation cropped up, but then again, that was nothing new.

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