One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2498 - He does not care about his flesh and blood.

Chapter 2498: He does not care about his flesh and blood.

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The Songs and the Mus were prestigious families in the capital. Back in the olden days, they would have been given imperial-like statuses, so how could the wedding be a shabby affair? Naturally, it had to be grand!

Hasn’t Brother Mu ordered a dozen wedding dresses for Yun Shishi to choose from?

All she asked were five sets. How could that be considered as excessive?!

Is that too much to ask for?!

Bluntly put, the man simply did not take her to heart!

Song Enya was so aggrieved that she was about to break down. Despite doing her best to hold them back, tears still flooded her eyes and overflowed uncontrollably!

Even though she did not hold much fantasy regarding the wedding, since she had resolved to marry him, theirs should not be like a shotgun wedding. She would be bound to this man for the rest of her life.

Rather than being at odds with each other, it would be better to close the distance between them. Like her parents who were merely married in name, they were at least respectful to each other in the public eye even if they lacked mutual affection!

She had considered this carefully; it would be impossible to force herself to like Mu Yancheng, but to treat him as like a real husband would be feasible.

After all, marriage was a long-term engagement; it would not do to treat it perfunctorily.

Alas, the two would often engage in warfare the moment they were alone with each other.

She tried communicating with him calmly at first, but it simply did not work.

The man did not even display patience in the most basic of acts such as listening to her request. She had asked him out this time to discuss the wedding preparation, on how they could make the affair grand and proper; after all, there were customs to follow: formal marriage proposal, dowry, engagement gifts, wedding photoshoot, the ceremony itself, et cetera…

All these would need careful planning, but the man had not once shown any interest and, instead, taken her requests lightly.

The missy, full of annoyance and morose, picked up the teaspoon briskly to stir the coffee with the cup in her hand. She was about to take a sip when she realized with a start that she should not be drinking coffee while pregnant. She pushed the cup aside with utmost fury!

Pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to drink coffee!

Also, of all things, the coffee had to be ordered by that man!

This random order went to show just how uncaring he was!

Regardless of how the baby came about, the child in her tummy was his flesh and blood, which he did not seem to bother at all!


Doesn’t he know that pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink coffee?!

She clenched the edge of the tablecloth in quiet desperation as two lines of tears rolled down her cheeks in quick succession.

Lately, she kept feeling exhausted. She maintained her signature haughty look before her friends, and when they found out that she would be marrying into the Mu family, they all were terribly envious and jealous. Still, she did not find any comfort in their envy and jealousy. Her face might have been sustained, but her mood was low since the beginning.

This was because she knew in her heart that, even if it was a stunning marriage union, it was not a happy one!

She was confused and anxious about her future.

When she returned home, her mother saw her approaching, looking distracted, and hurriedly greeted her, chiding at the same time, “Where did you run off alone? Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

The middle-aged woman had seen her daughter leaving in the afternoon and then called her several times in a row but to no avail; this was when she became worried.

“Nothing’s wrong!” she answered with some frustration. However, upon seeing her mother’s panicking face, she asked curiously, “Mom, what’s wrong? You look terrible!”

“Do you know anything about the incident involving your good friend, Jingtian? Something happened to her; you know that, right?”

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