One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2368 - A Horrible Scene in the Video Clip

Chapter 2368: A Horrible Scene in the Video Clip

Yun Yecheng’s larynx had been badly damaged; thus, it was difficult for him to vocalize. Perhaps the nightmares were too much for the old man that he would attempt to say his daughter’s name in his guttural voice, which eventually woke his grandson up.

Other than the possibility of his missing daughter returning to seek vengeance, the boy could not come up with any other person who could do such a sadistic thing to the old man.

Hence, Youyou had been investigating this matter secretly these past few days.

His father also told the police to check on Yun Na’s whereabouts.

The thing was, the girl had been registered as a missing person all this time; it meant that the police were at a loss, unable to find a trace of that woman, about all this.

There was absolutely no news on her.

Soon, the matter about Lu Jingtian getting burned leaked.

More and more media personalities gathered outside the hospital to get additional information on this. TV stations, the Internet, and various media portals were all keeping an eye on the progress of this matter.

When Yun Shishi browsed on Weibo, what was topping the trending chart was ‘Lu Jingtian was set on fire’.

Unfortunately for the paparazzi and celebrity reporters alike, the hospital was heavily guarded, and on top of that, the young actress’s father was not someone to be trifled with. With his daughter in a critical condition, he would definitely not allow the hateful media personnel to disturb his family. He had his men keep watch of the entrance. The security was so tight that not even a mosquito could make its way through.

The media, though, would not easily give up; they tried various ways and means to sneak into the hospital, including disguising as hospital patients or visitors. That only prompted the man to set up another line of defense just outside the operating room, where no one was allowed to get close.

[Huanyu’s artist, Lu Jingtian, set herself on fire by accident on February 16, leading to eighty-five percent of her skin getting burned. She’s still in a critical condition inside the ER. According to the doctor, her larynx was severely damaged, so there’s a possibility of her being unable to speak in the future…

[The surveillance camera inside the bar, which captured the scene, has gone viral and taken everyone’s attention.

[It’s been three hours since the incident, but Lu Jingtian is still inside the emergency room. There are many constant discussions and speculations surrounding the incident. Some netizens suspect that this dubious matter may not have been an accident, after all.

[Reporters visited the bar, where the accident occurred, to interview its owner. The owner said that, from the surveillance camera, the actress was observed to have entered the bar by herself at about eleven o’clock that night of the incident. She went straight to a private booth on the second floor. As it’s located in a blindspot of the club’s surveillance camera, it was unclear what actually happened twenty minutes before the fire erupted.

[There was just a sudden burst of bright light seen on the security footage fifteen minutes later, then Lu Jingtian was shown rolling on the floor, struggling for her life, yet nobody inside the bar noticed or heard her cries for help until ten minutes later when the flames grew in intensity. The fire was eventually put out by the bar workers, who rushed over to help her.]

Yun Shishi checked through reports after reports until a video clip popped up on her screen. She hesitated for a while before finally clicking it open. What she saw was a fiery flash appearing on the second floor before a person on fire rolled about on the floor while calling for help. At the same time, a person in black could be seen exiting the bar in all nonchalance at the left corner of the screen.

The actress was taken aback.

It was not so much about the scene being terrifying but rather, the behavior of the person in black was sinisterly disconcerting.

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