One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 18 - A Little Wretch?

Chapter 18: A Little Wretch?

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Her father laughed and scratched Youyou’s straight and charming nose, teasing him, “Next time, grandpa will help you assemble and play!”

Upon hearing that, Youyou’s eyes instantly lit up. He smiled and nodded.

“Here I was wondering who came by. It turned out to be these two little wretches!”

These insulting words instantly destroyed the warm atmosphere of the moment.

Yun Yecheng’s gaze changed. His face took on a ghastly expression when he saw Li Qin, who was standing at the living room’s doorway in her pajamas and with her arms folded to her chest, coldly inspect Youyou, who was in his embrace.

He fumed, “What are you talking about?! Youyou is your grandson!”

Youyou looked at her, and his shoulders inadvertently shrank. He then remembered his mother telling him not to talk back to Li Qin and Yun Na. He could not help but purse his lips at that. He turned to raise his small face and looked at her with a slight grin. “Grandma!”

Li Qin leered at him, spouting extremely unpleasant words, “Oh, don’t you call me that! You are no grandson of mine!”

Yun Yecheng could not refrain from raging, his heart burning in flames. “What do you mean?!”

“What do I mean? Literally that! You acknowledge him; it’s your business. I don’t! Who would want to acknowledge this bastard born to a mom, but no dad?”

Li Qin shot him a cold glance. Suddenly raising her voice, she looked in the direction of the kitchen and, intentionally or otherwise, criticized harshly, “Giving birth to a son at such a young age without marrying first, becoming a mother even before graduation, not knowing the identity of the father of her child… Where did this bastard come from, then?! Born to a father but acknowledged by none?”

Yun Shishi’s face turned pale. She pursed her lips as she heard Li Qin continue with her mean words, “Also, the company folded because of her. Life in the Yun family has been tough for the past few years, but someone still doesn’t appreciate our good intentions and doesn’t know her place. She persisted on bringing back a burden and living off of us. Does she know shame at all?! She may be able to bear this disgrace but not me! I don’t even know where to hide my face whenever others learn of this!”

In the kitchen, Yun Shishi overheard the unpleasant words from the living room. Halting her hands’ movements as her face turned much paler, she furiously spun around. “You… should know when to stop!”

“Li Qin, are you done?! How can one’s mouth be this vicious? Back then, if it weren’t for Shishi, the Yun family—” Her father abruptly stopped his words and did not go on!

From then until now, he had kept the origin of that huge money from Yun Shishi a secret for her sake. After all, if news of her surrogacy were to get out, it would completely ruin her reputation. Thus, what Li Qin knew was that the debt was paid off with the Yun family’s financial assets.

“What? Go on! What would happen without her?”

Li Qin felt thoroughly humiliated and became extremely upset. Her eyes turned red as tears threatened to spill from them. In fact, she was so angry that she laughed, “Alright! You’re here to push aside your own family, aren’t you?! You even yelled at me! Yun Yecheng, what did I do all this for? I did this for the Yun family! Back then, when the company closed down, I even asked my parents for some money. I’m ashamed to go back now! Hah! Now, you’re yelling at me because of two outsiders?! Are you going to chase me and Nana out tomorrow for them, then?!”

Yun Yecheng was seething with rage that his face turned livid and his voice rose in volume. “You! Don’t make trouble out of nothing, say what and what!”

Li Qin screamed, “When did I make trouble out of nothing?!”

In response, Youyou hurriedly stood up from the sofa and walked over to Li Qin’s side, his small hands cautiously grabbing on to the hem of her clothes. “Grandma, don’t be angry! Youyou is not a bastard! Youyou has a daddy—”

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