One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 1166 - His Bodyguard

Chapter 1166: His Bodyguard

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His thoughts wandered to that time when he was twelve. Back then, he had just taken over the reins from his father for North America, and it had taken him three years before he received his father’s approval.

This kid, meanwhile, by relying on his capability, raised Lezhi from its initial decline to a leading toy supplier in the world!

This was no easy feat!

The man continued to study the high-tech environment around him with interest.

As for Youyou, he could not help squinting his eyes to size up the young chap sitting across from him.

So alike. They’re just too alike.

This young man’s features were so alike his mommy’s.

In fact, he even started suspecting this man’s actual identity and background.

It seemed that his mother had a biological younger brother who was separated from her.

Could he be…

The boy was taken aback by his thoughts.

That’s impossible.

Gong Jie was Hurricane Group’s crown prince, so how could he possibly be related to his mommy?

Isn’t this just a coincidence, but can such an uncanny coincidence exist in the first place?

If this is really just that, then I really must marvel at the Maker’s impeccable workmanship.

The boy looked down and drank his tea.

The young man turned his attention back to the boy. With his eyes back on him, he smiled, exchanged courtesies, and declared his intention. “We need you to review a few documents before you sign the agreement as a necessary formality.”

Clapping his palms lightly, his accompanying attendant walked up and passed a document folio to him.

The man handed it to Yun Tianyou.

The boy reached for it. Giving its cover a glance, he could not help lamenting their extravagance.

Not only was this document folio made of real, calf leather, it was delicately rimmed with golden threads.

How high-handed.

Gawking slightly, he took out the documents and signed his name without a thorough look.

His handwriting was neat and beautiful, and Gong Jie could only stare in surprise.

He asked quietly, “Why didn’t you go through the content inside the document. Aren’t you afraid that you may be signing your soul away?”

“Isn’t this a sell-out in the first place?” Youyou retorted, cocking his brow. “Since I’ve chosen to join Hurricane Group, I’ve already given due thoughts to this matter. This is only an administrative procedure; is there a need to read through these files carefully?”

The man was stunned at first and then gave a smile. “You are indeed someone my father highly valued.”

The boy’s maturity and intelligence had him in awe.

After settling the signed documents, he drawled, “From now onward, you are officially part of Hurricane Group! In addition to fulfilling our promises to you, my father has specially assigned someone to you. ”


The man snapped his fingers and the door was pushed open.

The boy looked up and saw a lolita walking in leisurely.

His heart jumped. In his brief loss of concentration, the lolita reached him. She stopped short, stood, and stared at him with an ice-cold face.

He could not help lifting his chin to look at her.

Immediately, he could see the girl’s razor-sharp chin.

From her tender features, he deduced that the girl was about eight or nine years old. Unlike oriental girls, this one had deep-set eyes and seemed to hold aloof sense of European nobility. Still, there was an exotic charm reminiscent of an oriental descent, she ultimately exuded a particular sense of beauty that a mixed-blood would have.

The girl had a brown bob and thick, neat eyebrows framing her crystal-clear eyes. Her high nose bridge had a rosy tip, which sat nicely with her cherry-like, soft lips.

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