One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 1125 - Mixing up the Right and the Wrong

Chapter 1125: Mixing up the Right and the Wrong

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However, the boy smiled coldly, his lips forming a stubborn arc as he raised his brows in impatience. “Why should I tell you my name?”

The elderly man smiled before replying, “Because I am your great grandpa and you are my great grandson. We are family!”

“Great grandpa?” He raised his brow, scoffing at the form of address.

Mu Sheng clearly did not detect the disdain in his voice as he explained patiently, “I am your father’s grandpa, so you should call me great grandpa, little guy!”

“He he! If you want me to tell you my name, it is not impossible.”

Youyou looked at him, his eyes squinted slightly. His face displayed a sense of arrogance and disrespect, as if he were having a negotiation!

His words insinuated that he wanted to discuss certain conditions!

The old man smiled. This little guy was really interesting. He was so young yet he was so calm!

He was only seven years old, yet he gave him the illusion that the one sitting in front was not a child but an adult, instead.

He asked with interest, “It seems that you wanna offer me conditions. Sure! Let’s hear them!”

He knew how to negotiate with him and offer his conditions at such a young age. This little imp was indeed wise!

The boy snorted coldly before stating his condition, “Release my mommy.”

Just as he finished his statement, the old man’s complexion changed as he refused firmly, “No!”

“Why not?!” He was a little angry. “What right do you have to keep my mommy captive?!”

“It’s because your mommy committed an unforgivable crime!” Mu Sheng responded as his brows furrowed.

An unforgivable crime?

Does this old guy think that he’s a supreme dictator?

Posing as someone all high and mighty while finding people guilty recklessly, in his eyes, he was akin to a muddle-headed and incapable tyrant who had become foolish because of old age!

Seeing his icy expression, the old man realized that his attitude had been over the top. Therefore, he calmed his emotions and continued speaking in a low voice. “She’s not your mommy, child. You are still young. Don’t be fooled by that woman! You have the Mu’s blood running in your veins. She took you away and kept you hidden and separated from us for so many years! How could I forgive her? She signed a contract with us back then. Now that she has broken the contract, she has to face the consequences!”

“Hah! She’s my mommy—the one who gave birth to me and raised me! It isn’t important how you want to look at it. I only know that she’s my closest kin, so you have to let her go!” He let out a cold snort as he glanced at him, his lips arching into a playful smile. He continued speaking faintly. “Grandpa, you can’t be such a foolish person! Don’t mix up what’s right and what’s wrong!”

Mu Sheng was dumbstruck.

Youyou lowered his voice suddenly. “I called you ‘grandpa’ because I am giving you face for my daddy’s sake, but I have a baseline! If you dare to violate my baseline, I swear…”

The boy halted his words as he looked at the old man with a gaze even colder than before. It was horrifyingly icy.

Still, he did not speak the rest of his words.

He promised in his heart that, if anything were to happen to his mommy, he would never spare this old man!

The elderly man was curious so he could not help probing. “What did you swear?”

“I swear that you’ll regret it!”

“You… Are you threatening me?!” His eyes gradually became chilly.

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