One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 1031 - Is Miss Yun not giving me face?

Chapter 1031: Is Miss Yun not giving me face?

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Even the purest woman like Lin Zhi had been tamed to submission a year after her debut!

Yun Shishi’s temperament was very similar to Qingcheng’s, though.

They had the same aloof haughtiness, and both evoked his desire to conquer them thoroughly!

Seeing how his gaze had never once left the newbie, Lin Zhi suddenly felt a sense of urgency.

She took great pains to fight for the female lead role in ‘Lethal Beauty’; how could she let it be snatched by others now?

Thus, she tried even harder to please the man.

Alas, no matter how she pleasured him, the fiery glint in his eyes was hard to extinguish!

Only the man himself knew clearly what his ambition was!

Hence, once the table was cleared according to schedule, what followed was the contract signing between Global Pictures and Huanyu Entertainment’s representative, which marked the end of this banquet.

Li Dongliang and Kong Xiaoqian were on good relations, so he naturally knew that the latter had settled things before the start of this dinner affair.

After the banquet ended, Li Quan and Yun Shishi sent off Global Pictures’ people as a courtesy. The man then told her, “Shishi, stay here and keep Director Li company for a bit; I’ll go settle the bill!”

She opened her mouth to refuse him, but the man left the private room without looking back, closing the door behind him.

She sat back in her seat defeatedly, and when she regarded Li Dongliang, she was on guard instantly.

From the start, she was suspicious of this man.

He had been staring at her throughout, sizing her up as if he had sighted his prey, and this made her a little fidgety!

When the man saw her darting eyes and restless posture, he found it to be strange.

Did Kong Xiaoqian not tell this woman what she must do? Perhaps, this woman was playing hard to get by pretending to be pure and demure?

It was quite some time since Li Quan stepped out, yet the man had yet to return even now.

Li Dongliang held a decent conversation with her at first, but gradually, he started cracking dirty jokes.

Unable to bear it any longer, she hastily said, “Director Li, I’ll go check on Li Quan…”

“He he! What’s there to check on him? He has left!” answered the man with a salacious smile.

Despite his queer answer, she did not think much about it and explained, instead, “How can it be? He still has to send me home!”

The man declared, “I’ll send you back, then! I wonder if Miss Yun will let me have the honor of sending her back?”

She hurriedly waved her hand and smiled awkwardly. “How can I trouble you?”

“What’s there to be troubled about? You don’t have to be polite to me, or are you unwilling to give me face even to this?”

His smile got increasingly ambiguous. The woman bowed her head at his words; she was really unwilling to let him send her back.

Never mind that she did not want to be near him, just thinking of sitting in his car inexplicably made her shudder in discomfort.

However, looking at his eyes, she felt that it would be hard to refuse him!

She already did not give him face during dinner; if she were to refuse his kind intention now, too, it would seem that she was not giving him an out at all.

It would really be too much of her not to give him some face.

Hence, albeit unwilling, she was unable to refuse his offer.

Caught in an awkward situation, she could only nod and give her consent.

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