Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 992 - Begging for Death

Chapter 992: Begging for Death

“So you also need qualifications to be a slave and cannon fodder?”

Meng Chao nodded thoughtfully and continued to ask, “When you sell those children to the major forces in Black-corner City and become a slave and a trashy worm, there must be a middleman and a buyer, right? Give me a few names.”

Big Buck did not hesitate at all.

He reported more than ten names in one breath.

They were all the people in Black-corner City who were in charge of buying, selling, and distributing slaves.

There were also many important figures.

Of course, only one of them came from the Blood Hoof Clan.

The rest came from the Ironhide Clan and other competitors.

His brain was in pain and hallucinating. He even imagined proudly that when the big figure of the Ironhide Clan, who was known for being tyrannical, fell into the hands of this black-haired, black-eyed monster… what a wonderful scene would that be?

Meng Chao had a general understanding of what had happened in Bright Shell Village.

Through reading and analyzing the micro-expressions, he determined that Big Buck was not lying.

Next, it was the problem of the totem armor.

“I noticed that when I was strangling your neck, your totem armor first tried to resist. The liquid metal wanted to flow under the chain and solidify into a collar.

“It even tried to rush into the seven bloody holes that I had made, trying to seal and repair them.

“In other words, the totem armor wanted to help you at that time.

“However, when my strength became stronger and stronger, almost breaking your cervical vertebra, the totem armor took the initiative to crack and burst open.

“What’s going on?”

This question made Big Buck hesitate for a moment.

Meng Chao snorted coldly. He used his long-handled tweezers to grab Big Buck’s wound, which had been scabbed by the burn, and tore it forcefully.


Big Buck let out an inhuman scream.

Because his throat was trembling too violently, the hematoma suddenly ruptured and spurted out a large pool of blood.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk, I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

Through the copper mirror, the bloody wound could be clearly seen.

The incomparably intense sensory stimulation was something that even the iron-forged and copper-poured Turan warriors could not withstand.

Big Buck said with a sobbing tone, “Because I have developed fear! Because I have developed fear towards you and death! I’m a coward, a coward who is afraid of death!”


Meng Chao said with interest, “As long as you develop fear, the totem armor will… take the initiative to leave you?”

“No, it’s not just fear.”

Big Buck said in a trembling voice, “At that time, my hands and feet were bitten by the beast trap. You even stabbed seven bloody holes in my body. My Neck was about to be snapped, and I was on the verge of death. Then, I felt extreme fear and almost lost my fighting spirit.

“That’s why the totem armor decided that I, I was no longer worthy to be its master. That’s why it took the initiative to disintegrate from my body.”

“I see.”

Meng Chao nodded, “What if a totem warrior was fearless?”? “What if under the same or even more severe condition, a totem warrior who was covered in wounds and on the verge of death was still filled with pride and fighting spirit. Facing a strong enemy that he could never defeat, his fighting spirit had soared to an extreme degree. In that case, would the totem armor leave him too?”

“Then he won’t.”

Big Buck shook his head and said, “In that case, he will activate the strongest form of the totem armor and the most terrifying battle strength, and carry out the last, most magnificent final battle.

“Until after he dies in a fierce battle, the totem armor will be dissected from his body, and it will gather his killing intent and fighting spirit. It will be like having his soul wrapped around it, and it will become even stronger.”

“I understand. If you put it that way, I think that the totem armor is very intelligent. It can sense its master’s thoughts and make a choice that best suits its master’s condition — the master is afraid of death, so the totem armor leaves him. If the master wants to fight to the end, the totem armor will never leave him. It will help its master burn up all his life force in an instant. It is simply like a living creature that can think.”

Meng Chao picked up the totem armor fragment that originally belonged to Big Buck and lightly lifted it in his hand, “Moreover, I discovered that the totem armor is much lighter than I thought.

“I originally thought that it was some kind of metal, but even the lowest quality metal seems to be a little heavier.

“How did this non-metal and non-wood material possess such powerful offensive and defensive abilities, and even activate an incredible ‘characteristic’, do you know the answer?”

“Totem armor is a gift from the ancestral spirit. Of course, it is filled with incredible power.”

Big Buck was in so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat. He said in a trembling voice, “I, I am only a small ‘battle team level’ warrior. How would I dare to pry into the secrets of the ancestral spirit?”

“Ancestral spirit, ancestral spirit, it seems that you really owe everything to the ancestral spirit. You are prepared to lie on the heritage of the ancestral spirit and sleep for another 10,000 years.”

Meng Chao said, “The magnificent Black-corner City is also said to be the creation of the ancestral spirit. The complicated and efficient underground sewage drainage system is also said to be the design of the ancestor spirit. All kinds of mysterious medicines and powerful weapons are the formulas and designs of the ancestor spirit.

“Did you know that when I was wandering around the Blood Skull Arena, I actually found a design similar to an elevator shaft between the floors? An elevator shaft!

“In the middle of a group of Minotaurs carrying stone axes, wild boar men carrying meteor hammers, and centaurs carrying bows and arrows, I suddenly saw an elevator shaft. Can you imagine my dumbfounded expression at that time?

“Needless to say, these elevators are also the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestral spirits?

“It seems that your ancestral spirits did create a splendid civilization, but for some unknown reason, their unworthy descendants have become a group of animals who only know how to fight and enslave the weak!”

Big Buck did not know what the “elevator shaft” was.

He was only frightened by Meng Chao’s sudden sharp killing intent.

“We’ve gone too far.”

Meng Chao had limited time and was not interested in discussing the problem of civilization stagnation or even regression with this Minotaur. He returned to the main topic.., “Since the totem armor is so light, why don’t You Wear It all the way? Wouldn’t it take a certain amount of time to activate it during the battle? In a battle between experts, in the moment of life and death, if you were heavily injured or even killed by the enemy before the totem armor was activated, wouldn’t it be very unfair like just now?”

“No one can always wear the totem armor.”

Big Buck didn’t dare to think about why this black-haired, black-eyed monster didn’t even know such a common-sense question. He answered honestly.., “When the totem armor is activated, a large amount of psionic power is consumed. Even the strongest totem warrior would not be able to wear it day and night.”

“That makes sense. Such powerful individual equipment naturally requires a large amount of psionic power.”

Meng Chao said, “Then, how do you recharge the totem armor?”

“Golden Fruits, totem beast flesh, Totem Beast Core, secret medicine concocted by the Witch Doctor.”

Big Buck said, “Before and after the war, you have to take a large amount of these things.”

“What if you don’t take enough? Will you be unable to activate the totem armor, or even unable to summon it, or even summon it, but will its power be reduced by half?” Meng Chao continued to ask.

“It’s possible.”

Big Buck said, “But what’s more likely is that the totem armor won’t be able to obtain enough psionic power, and will start to devour its master’s flesh and blood, gnawing at its master until it’s riddled with holes. Finally, it will completely control its master, turning him into an Origin Warrior.”

“In other words, the totem armor is equivalent to a monster that lives in its master’s body.”

Meng Chao said thoughtfully, “In order to maintain a strong vitality and combat ability, this monster will always eat people. It will either eat the enemy or its master?

“Interesting. Come, come, come. Tell me everything you know about the totem armor. From the first time you put on the totem armor, to the time you didn’t have enough time to eat a large amount of high-energy food, to the experience of being devoured by the totem armor. Also, how did the Bloody Hoof Clan train totem warriors? What’s the secret of controlling the totem armor… don’t miss even half of the details.”

Big Buck didn’t want to go into too much detail.

It wasn’t that he was trying to hide it.

It was just that he was in so much pain that he wanted to end this absurd nightmare as soon as possible.

But this black-haired, black-eyed monster seemed to be able to see through his heart.

The moment he hid or even hesitated, the monster would use all sorts of strange and terrifying tools that he had never heard of before to make his broken limbs and organs even more unrecognizable.

Under the stimulation of the secret medicine, Big Buck had lost the concept of time.

It was not as simple as his perception being stretched ten times longer.

Time seemed to be cut into countless pieces.

The order was messed up and rearranged.

Even the end was connected to the end, forming a maze of endless cycles.

He seemed to have answered the same question dozens of times.

The same kneecap was also shattered dozens of times.

The excruciating pain caused his rationality to completely collapse. The memory bank was like a treasure that was opened by a door, allowing the Raiders to come and go as they pleased.

He did not even know when the other party’s question had jumped from the totem armor to the Blood Hoof Clan.

“Yes, there is a temple in the Blood Skull Arena, dedicated to sacrificing the gladiators who dyed the arena with blood over the past thousands of years.

“Many pieces of totem armor are sealed inside the temple. They are all wreathed with brutal souls. Nobody dares to control them. Whoever dares to wear them will most likely be drained of their flesh and blood, and their souls will be manipulated to turn into Origin Warriors.

“When the Battle of Honor officially begins, the pieces of armor that are wreathed in brutal souls will often be given to the rat soldiers who are especially brave and loyal to their masters, allowing them to turn into Origin Warriors and launch the fiercest attacks on their enemies!

“Yes. There is also a secret chamber in the Blood Skull Arena. It is dedicated to the flesh and blood of the ‘legion-level’ totem beasts with the most abundant spirit energy, as well as the core of a large number of totem beasts. It was the capital that Casanova had accumulated after more than ten years of hard work to build the Bloody Skull Legion!

“The internal structure of the temple and the secret chamber? The guards who are in charge of the temple and the secret chamber? I, I don’t know…

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

“I know, I say, I say everything. Let me die, let me die, Ah ah ah ah ah ah ahhh!!”

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