Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 749 - Paradise

Chapter 749: Paradise

Under the blue sky and white clouds, countless monsters could be seen flying freely in the crystal-like pure blue sky.

There were griffins, Sky-Diving Eagles, Dreadclaw Eagles, Three-winged Falcons, and even the vanguard of the aerial beast tide, the Demonic Air Ripping Eye, which caused great fear among humans!

However, the ferocious-looking monsters in the sky could not be spotted above Dragon City at all.

Even the Demonic Air Ripping Eye, which looked like a combination of a giant eyeball and a jellyfish, had become delicate and charming.

Moreover, there were people on the back of the flying monsters!

On the back of small and medium-sized monsters such as griffins, there was a saddle-like equipment. Human knights sat on them and rode them proudly.

Atop the Sky-diving Eagle, which had a wingspan of dozens of meters, the saddle was replaced with a wooden platform. There were fences around it and a protective net covering it. It could accommodate three to five passengers and fly with the other monsters.

The most ridiculous thing was the Demonic Air Ripping Eye.

The tentacles hanging down from these monsters in the air were actually wrapped around hanging baskets. The hanging baskets were filled with humans, like hot air balloons!

On each hanging basket of the space-splitting demon eye, there were different numbers, from number one to dozens, which reminded Meng Chao of the… buses in Dragon City.

Meng Chao squeezed his eyes hard.

What the hell!

He took a deep breath and looked down. He saw a town full of tall buildings.

In the era of Earth, Dragon City’s main city district had developed for more than a thousand years. It was full of historical sites, scenic spots, and old residential areas.

Historical sites could not be destroyed, scenic spots could not be blocked, and the demolition cost of old residential areas was very high. Therefore, the main city district was full of “height restrictions”, and skyscrapers could not be allowed to grow freely.

However, in the satellite cities that surrounded the main city district, because they started from scratch, the overall plan was like a piece of blank paper that could draw out the most brilliant picture.

As a result, the density of skyscrapers in several satellite cities exceeded that of the main city district. It was a very prosperous and modern place, and definitely not a barren town in the stereotypical impression.

This was the case with the town in front of him.

Through the window alone, Meng Chao could see more than a dozen tall buildings more than 100 meters tall, outlining the undulating skyline.

However, all the tall buildings were covered by the Green Tide.

The creeping moss, lichen, fungus blankets, vines, branches, and colorful exotic flowers and plants were like sticky waves that squirmed and swallowed all the tall buildings, turning them into green giants like the UHV transmission towers.

However, like the Demonic Air Ripping Eye, which was willing to become a human “bus”, Meng Chao also did not sense too much malice and hunger from the green waves.

Instead, countless humans clung to the branches and vines on the building’s exterior, treading on the tall buildings that were perpendicular to the ground as if they were flat ground.

It was as if they were strolling in a three-dimensional garden.

When they wanted to go from one tall building to another that was dozens of meters away, they did not have to return to the ground or jump hard.

As long as they waved their hands, vines would drill out from the depths of the Green Tide and gently wrap around their waists. They would roll over the humans and gently put them down.

Meng Chao even saw several buds of man-eating flowers in the Green Tide.

This etherealized plant with sharp teeth on the edge and acid in its body was one of the most terrifying silent hunters in the jungle.

No matter if it was a human or a monster, once they invaded its territory, they would often be devoured by it.

However, in this strange town, humans sat next to the man-eating flower and tickled it as if they were playing with pets.

The flower buds and leaves of the man-eating flower swayed in the wind like mimosa. It seemed that they were captivated by humans.

“It’s really enjoyable!”

Meng Chao thought absentmindedly, “No wonder we can’t see this town from the sinkhole. It turns out that all the buildings here are covered in a layer of the Green Tide…”

“However, the Green Tide and monsters here seem to be special… gentle. Humans have found a way to live in harmony with them.”

Looking down, on the crisscrossed streets, Meng Chao saw a large number of earth-style cars and buses.

Due to the lack of energy, there were not many cars in Dragon City.

Even the back of the bus had to carry a huge crystal engine and a storage bag of spirit energy, like a big turtle shell.

The purity of the inferior crystal fuel was too low, and all kinds of impurities were not fully burned, causing it to emit black smoke when it started up.

When the two buses met, it was enough to make the entire street burn with smoke and the smell of garlic. It did not look good or smell good.

There were clearly cars all over the street, but Meng Chao did not smell any exhaust, nor did he see any wisps of smoke.

There were birds chirping and flowers everywhere, making people feel relaxed and happy.

It was because all the cars here were powered by..

“I knew it.”

Meng Chao saw that in front of all the cars, trucks, and buses, there were one or several monsters dragging.

The Demonic Halberd Pig, Iron-armored Rhinoceros, and Bloody Hippopotamus, which were unruly in Dragon City, had become the tamest animals there.

As for the cars that represented the crystallization of human civilization and industry, their engines and transmission systems had long been decayed, leaving only bright empty shells that barely served as carriages.

Meng Chao did not find a power source similar to an engine on any of the vehicles.

Whether it was a gasoline engine, a diesel engine, or a crystal engine, there was none.

He also did not find any traces of industrial civilization anywhere else.

In the distance, there was an industrial area. Meng Chao saw the condensing tower of the power plant and the large chimney of the factory.

The chimney was like a plant that had withered for many years, unable to spew out even half a wisp of smoke.

The widespread use of animal power and the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature brought about a sense of naivety, simplicity, and medieval society.

Just like the civilization there had regressed for hundreds of years or even more. It was a classical civilization that had developed on the basis of modern towns.

On the other hand, all the passers-by, whether they were in the Demonic Air Ripping Eye’s hanging basket, strolling in the garden in the sky, or sitting in the bus with its engine removed, being dragged by the Demonic Halberd Pig, even though they were wearing animal skins and gray clothes, they did not have any modern accessories on their bodies. No one was like the people in Dragon City, who buried their heads in their cell phones while walking on the road. They would even nervously handle work on their wrist computers.

However, they all looked relaxed, healthy, and carefree.

This was not the case in the pre-industrial era on Earth.

At that time, eating and drinking was the privilege of very few people, and starvation or even starvation was the norm.

Just by looking at their energy, one could tell that the residents here lived a contented life.

At least, it seemed to be so..

“Where Did I go?”

Meng Chao muttered to himself. Then, he narrowed his eyes to hide the sharp light in his eyes and continued, “Or rather, what a ridiculous dream that someone implanted in me!”

At this moment, footsteps could be heard in the corridor outside.

“Dong, Dong, Dong.”The footsteps were very heavy. The person who came did not have any intention of hiding his tracks. He stopped at the door of the room casually.

Meng Chao instantly calmed down.

He placed the golden tooth blood soul blade on his waist, and the ghost blade was tied to his left leg with a chain. He patted the two battle blades lightly and said in a deep voice, “Please come in.”

The person seemed to be stunned for a moment. After a few seconds, she suddenly pushed the door open and came in. She said in surprise, “You’re awake!”

This was a little girl who was a little over ten years old.

From her wheat-colored skin, her agile figure, the animal skin wrapped around her body, the handmade leather boots, and the hunting bow that was made from the tendons and bones of monsters that were slung across her shoulders, she looked like a hunter from the pre-industrial era.

Her round eyes and round face revealed a hint of craftiness. Meng Chao felt that she looked familiar.

It was as if he had seen her on an important occasion not long ago.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he felt that he shouldn’t have any interaction with a little girl who was just over ten years old.

Moreover, Meng Chao vaguely saw a hint of… pity in the depths of the little girl’s eyes?

“Is she pitying me? Why?”The 10001st question mark appeared in Meng Chao’s heart.

Fortunately, the little girl was not afraid of strangers and was also very talkative.

Before Meng Chao could throw out his question, she began to talk non-stop.

“Thank God, you’re finally awake. You’ve been lying in bed for three days and three nights, do you know that? “When I scooped you up from the Peach Blossom Stream just now, you were seriously injured. Fresh blood dyed the peach blossom stream from pink to crimson! “Everyone said that you were hopeless, but I didn’t believe it. If you were really hopeless, wouldn’t it have been a waste of my effort to carry you all the way here?”

The little girl chirped, “Why aren’t you saying anything? You must have been confused from the fall. What’s Your Name? How did you end up in the Peach Blossom Creek covered in wounds? Could it be that you’re from the outside like those people?”

Meng Chao’s pupils constricted.

He tried his best to control his excitement and repeated the little girl’s words, “Peach Blossom Creek, an outsider?”

“That’s right. In the past few days, there were often people who came to peach blossom town dressed very strangely. Many of them had bloodshot eyes and were talking crazily. Some of them were even screaming in fear when they saw our spirit beasts. They were brandishing sabers and spears. They were very scary!”

The little girl suddenly became worried. She glanced at the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber on Meng Chao’s waist and said in a low voice, “Don’t tell me you’re the same as them?”

“Spirit Beast…”

Meng Chao thought about the name and composed himself. He shook his head slowly and said, “No, don’t worry. Thank you for saving me. I won’t cause any trouble. I just want to know the truth. Is this place called ‘Peach Blossom Town’?”

“That’s right. This is peach blossom town. It’s the happiest, happiest, and most carefree place in the world!”

The little girl jumped up and down and said proudly, “My Name Is Gu Ling, and my grandfather is the mayor of Peach Blossom Town. So don’t worry. As long as you’re not one of those crazy people who wreaks havoc, everyone will definitely welcome you. You’ll become a part of Peach Blossom Town and live happily ever after!”

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