Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 747 - Falling Into the Abyss

Chapter 747: Falling Into the Abyss

“This is impossible!”

Looking at the dozen or so swaying UHV transmission towers, Meng Chao was flabbergasted.

He clearly remembered that all the UHV transmission towers that had been covered by the Green Tide, pulled up by the vines, and shot up from the ground had all been destroyed by the long-range bombing.

The steel and iron bones had all melted and were once again kneaded into a ball, turning into unbreakable scrap metal.

How was it possible that they were still intact?

Moreover, the UHV transmission tower, which was more than two hundred meters tall, was moving forward like a multi-legged bug under the manipulation of the vines and branches. The momentum was astonishing. How could it not have touched the mines and anti-monster grenades set by the exploration team along the way, and not been discovered by them?

After all, they had released a Peregrine Falcon in the air above the jungle every certain distance to act as an aerial scout and signal relay station!

Countless questions were rolling on Meng Chao’s cerebral cortex.

However, the situation was pressing, and he did not have time to think. Seven or eight vines with polymorph kernels growing at the tip, which looked like demon claws, darted out from the grass again and shot toward him at lightning speed.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Meng Chao reacted instinctively. The Ghost Blade dragged the chains and spun around his body, forming an impenetrable, translucent net of blades that cut the vines and the ghost claws into pieces.

However, when the broken vines fell to the ground, the Green Tide covering them immediately became active and squirmed closer to each other. Then, like blood patterns, thousands of green threads shot out and twisted together, reconnecting the vines.

“Such strong cell activity!”

Meng Chao snorted coldly. Under the agitation of his spirit energy, the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber released a hundred-meter-long flame of light that swept across the crazily squirming vines like an army.

Wherever the pale-golden flame of light touched, the Green Tide would be charred, withered, and turned into pale ashes.

However, most of the exploration team members did not have Meng Chao’s combat ability or unparalleled weapons, especially the supporting combat personnel such as the geologists. They were all ambushed by the poisonous vines and killed in an instant.

Moreover, more than ten green giants transformed from ultra-high voltage power transmission towers had already rushed out of the jungle and arrived in front of them.

The proximity of both sides makes the towering UHV transmission towers even more obvious, as well as the strange transformation of this towering tower after being eroded by countless creeping Green Tides.

More and more vines are springing out from inside the UHV transmission tower.

Even if Meng Chao and the exploration team cut off more vines, with the Green Tide, these evil forces of broken limbs, could “come back to life.”

The entire exploration team was about to be surrounded by the ultra-high voltage transmission towers.

Gritting his teeth, Meng Chao and Long Feijun looked at each other. The two of them soared into the sky at the same time and flew toward the two ultra-high voltage transmission towers in the lead.

While Meng Chao was still in the air, his spine was already bulging. Part of his spirit energy surged from the depths of his spinal cord all the way to his shoulder blades, which turned into a pair of invisible wings of light and spread out on his back.

More spirit energy flowed into the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber through his expanding arms, turning it from a heavy saber that was as heavy as a mountain-splitting ax to an exaggerated form that could cut an armored airship in the middle.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

On the blade and the back of the saber, the claws and teeth of the Apocalyptic Beast bounced off one by one, adding a bit of savagery and tyranny.

There were also dark golden and bright red spirit tattoos that flowed along the blood jade marrow on the blade’s spine and into the dense archaic symbols carved on the blade. They activated the offensive spirit magnetic field contained in the archaic symbols, making the mysterious and complicated blade light… It expanded to dozens of meters away and even condensed a dazzling little sun on the tip of the blade.

“Celestial Tyrant Star Shattering Slash!”

Meng Chao roared crazily and relied on the amplification of Divine Nine Dragon Seals to unleash the Underground Emperor, Jin Wanhao’s ultimate skill in the sky.

A few golden streams of light that looked like flood dragons surrounded a dazzling golden ball. At a lightning-fast speed, they ruthlessly smashed into the center of the UHV transmission tower.

In an instant, all the vines and branches surrounding the UHV transmission tower let out ear-piercing shrieks. They trembled crazily as if they were being cooked and fried by an invisible oil pan.

Rays of golden light drilled out of the gaps between them and turned into golden dragons again, greedily devouring every piece of green. Soon, the Green Tide that covered the UHV transmission tower was burnt to ashes, leaving only an empty body, it was a crooked iron frame.

Without the control of creatures and without a solid foundation to support it, the steel skeleton could only collapse.

On the other side, Long Feijun, the Railway Gun, also used his powerful iron fists to blow a green giant until it was riddled with holes and collapsed on its back.

However, there were simply too many green giants left.

Each green giant could shoot hundreds of vines with thorns and mucus to attack Meng Chao, Long Feijun, and the exploration team separately.

They had even evolved the wisdom of demon gods and knew how to use human tactics.

They used countless vines to stop Meng Chao and Long Feijun’s attacks at the same time.

They tied up the other members of the exploration team and dragged them into the super high-voltage power transmission tower to act as human shields so that Meng Chao and Long Feijun would not attack the enemy.

The spiritual magnetic environment in the Hidden Mist Domain was very complicated. The duration of the superhuman battle here was much shorter than in the outside world.

Meng Chao and Long Feijun cut off hundreds of vines and blew up a few green giants, but they slowed down their movements.

They were scratched by the vines for the time being. Mucus flowed into their blood vessels through their wounds, as if countless algae and spores were proliferating inside their bodies. They had no choice but to mobilize a lot of spiritual energy to destroy the intruders. Naturally, they were slower than before.

Right then, an ominous sound of metal being twisted echoed behind them.

Looking back, Meng Chao felt that his scalp was numb.

The UHV transmission tower that he had just broken, exploded and rolled into scrap metal had been covered by a layer of Green Tide that looked like a green carpet at some point in time, forming a huge “cocoon”.

Accompanied by the creaking sound of metal twisting, the “cocoon” broke apart, and a new green giant stood up!

“What… What is going on?”

Meng Chao was almost in despair.

How could the Green Tide’s activity be raised to such a terrifying level in such a short time? The vines, branches, and Moss were all crazier than ever. Even the hard steel could be molded and integrated at will.

Where did the Green Tide get such tremendous energy to perform such unbelievable actions?

If the green giant covered by the Green Tide was the reason why the exploration teams including the man-eating pomfret, Lysiya, and the others had gone missing, why were there no traces left at the scene, and why Lysiya and the others did not send out any distress signals, or did they capture the ferocious face of the green giant?

Even a blind man would be able to capture the huge UHV transmission tower waving hundreds of vine tentacles!

The scene in front of him was like a nightmare that confused Meng Chao completely.

He only saw the exploration team members being entangled by the vines and swallowed by the Green Tide into the UHV transmission tower.

More than a hundred heavy machine guns and flame throwers fired at the same time, but the bullets and flames fired on the rolling Green Tide were no different from shooting on the real tide. The Green Tide, which was riddled with holes, would recover at a speed visible to the naked eye in a few seconds.

“Railway Gun!” Long Feijun roared furiously, but he was still unable to withstand the siege of hundreds of vines and gradually disappeared into the excessively bright green.

The communication channel that was supposed to be unobstructed was suddenly disrupted by intense interference. There was a rustling noise in their ears and pale snowflakes in front of their eyes.

Their connection with the other nine exploration teams and the rear had been completely cut off.

Finally, someone could not take it anymore and activated a few Peregrine Falcons amidst the collapsing roars.

The loyal suicide drones circled in the air a few times and smashed at the few green giants one after another, creating a huge mushroom cloud that slowly rose like an arrow that was frozen in midair.

The long-range firepower arrived in an instant. The destructive light balls, heat waves, and shock waves once again appeared in the middle of the green giants, burning the UHV transmission tower and the vines, moss, branches, and Green Tide that covered it.

Of course, humans were also burned at the same time.

This time, the distance between the exploration team and the UHV transmission tower was even closer than when they were on the Kun Peng.

Meng Chao watched as the shock wave turned into raging waves hundreds of feet high, swallowing the UHV transmission tower, Long Feijun, and the others, and then pouncing on him aggressively.

Even though he had reached five-star Heaven Realm, he still felt that an invisible, weird hand was gripping his crotch violently in the face of the devastating carpet bombing.

“Run!” Meng Chao Shrieked and ran away.

All his spirit energy exploded under his feet like crystal bombs, but he still could not outrun the approaching blast wave.

With a deafening boom, Meng Chao felt that he had been kicked into the crater by magma as if his back had been kicked by magma.

In midair, Meng Chao tried to control his body and fly to the center of the crater.

However, the wind inside the crater was chaotic and fierce, mixed with spirit energy ripples that seeped into his bone marrow. It was like the legendary “wind.”

The shock waves behind him were getting higher and higher as if magma was kicking him one after another.

A weird suction force appeared in the depths of the crater, sucking Meng Chao inside like an invisible swirl.


Meng Chao’s vitality magnetic field finally became chaotic.

It was as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss, his entire person being swallowed by the feeling of weightlessness.

This bottomless abyss was truly bottomless, and it also seemed to extend endlessly. It seemed to have malfunctioned and fallen, leading straight to the elevator of hell.


After falling for an unknown amount of time, Meng Chao finally landed heavily on the ground.

His spine and lower body were safe and sound.

On the contrary, the top of his head hurt terribly.

His body was still swaying and trembling, as if he had fallen onto something very soft.


Meng Chao could not help but cover his head, only to discover that there was a big, scalding bump on his head.

Even so, he still regained his composure in the blink of an eye and gathered his vitality magnetic field again. Spirit energy surged around his body, causing the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber and the Ghost Blade to hum.

Meng Chao looked around vigilantly.

However, he was instantly dumbstruck.

He was mentally prepared to see any unbelievable scene.

Whether it was the crazily wriggling Green Tide, the colorful primeval jungle, the demon caves filled with skeletons, the ferocious-looking mastermind behind the monster civilization, or even the crashed space station of the ancient civilization, he would not be so surprised.

But what appeared in front of Meng Chao was a room.

An ordinary room filled with the scent of Earth.

To be more precise, he was lying in the middle of the room, on a big fluffy and soft bed.

The ceiling was naturally sturdy and there was not even a crack.

The Big Bump on his head had just jumped up from the bed and hit the ceiling with too much force!

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