Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 436 - The Full Upgrade of Residential Area Defenses!

Chapter 436: The Full Upgrade of Residential Area Defenses!

This did not mean that Meng Chao wanted to flee from the Other World.

No matter what, Earthlings had already stayed in the Other World for more than half a century. They had absorbed the spirit energy and monster genes in the place and evolved into a brand new civilization different from the civilizations on Earth. Their civilization gave birth to superhumans, spirit energy technology, runic symbol machines, biochemical modification technology, and weapons that could expand their technology.

The Other World had long since become the new home of Dragon Citizens.

Unless it was necessary, Meng Chao was unwilling to leave the place. Instead, he was determined to risk everything he had to turn the Other World into a second Earth.

Besides, even if they could really transmigrate to a third habitable planet, the living environment there might be even worse than in the Other World.

After all, based on Meng Chao’s previous life, the locals of the Other World belonged to civilizations that were only partially enlightened.

Even if they ate raw flesh and hunted humans, humanity could still communicate with them. They also had their own strange but justifiable logic.

But what should they do if there was a powerful existence lurking in that other habitable planet that could not be understood with logic and reason and was even more ignorant than the extraordinary beings of the Other World?

‘Unless it’s absolutely necessary, the Other World is still the best second home for Earthlings. The intelligent life forms and their civilizations are a little inferior to those on Earth, but the individual fighting strength of some of their fighters is above ours, so it’s perfect for us to train our soldiers against them.

‘Even if Project 101 really manages to develop controllable transmigration, there’s no need for us to be afraid before even fighting and flee right away.

‘We can use the locals of the Other World to polish Earth civilization until it shines. We should continue breaking the limits of life and technology so that our civilization becomes incredibly strong. Then, we’ll gather the strengths of Earth and the Other World to move to the stars. This is the best way for us to spread the flames of our civilization under the most ideal circumstances.

‘Of course, we should still set a way for us to run… No, to go on an expedition again. If no one can stop the apocalypse from arriving, at the very least, we should have the ability to change our strategy.

‘If we had a backup, we could become the troublemakers—no, the “offshore balancers” of the races in the Other World. We’d also have more tricks while we cause trouble, so we could do it at a more relaxed pace.’

With that thought in mind, Meng Chao found that saving Project 101 might bring about even more changes to human civilization than he initially thought.

If the Broken Star Club members had money, Meng Chao thought that he should really encourage them to invest in Project 101.

In some sense, they were spending money to buy second lives.

He should also form a good relationship with Professor Lu Tianxing so that he could practice Celestial Soul Visualization with him and get an in-depth understanding of the controllable transmigration, the super dimensional engine, and the research related to returning to the past.

There was one thing that bothered Meng Chao quite a lot.

Professor Lu Tianxing had said something like, “Even if we can never return to Earth, as long as we remember Earth in our hearts, we can turn countless planets into a new Earth.”

That was strange. If the super dimensional engine and controllable transmigration technology were real, why did he mention that they could never return to Earth?

After all, they transmigrated from Earth. They should be very familiar with this galactic course. The difficulty in transmigrating to Earth should be lower than transmigrating to a third, unknown planet.

He then remembered what Zhou Tianshui had said to him in their fight. With a savage expression, he had claimed that the Home Party’s ideals were just the dreams of idiots and that Earth would definitely not provide even the slightest support to them.

Even though Zhou Tianshui had been bewitched by the Demonic Abyss Eye, Meng Chao had a vague feeling that what he said was true.

There was something strange about this.

By the looks of it, Professor Lu Tianxing knew something he didn’t say.

The reason behind why they could not transmigrate back to Earth was not as simple as them being worried about the viruses, spores, monsters, and extraordinary beings from the Other World traveling to Earth.

However, if Professor Lu Tianxing were unwilling to tell him about it, no matter how much Meng Chao beat around the bush about it, he would not be able to obtain any answers.

He could only wait until they became familiar with each other and he invested in Project 101 through the Broken Star Club whether he would get the chance to go deep under the Supernatural Tower and personally witness the amazing properties of the ancient ruins research center.

With this thought in mind, Meng Chao agreed to Zhao Feixuan’s request.

But he could not let Zhao Feixuan take advantage of him.

Introducing Project 101 and the Home Party’s ideals to the Broken Star Club was not a problem, but the members of Blue Home also had to understand the amazing nature of the Ultimate Style or invest as well as sponsor the spread of the Ultimate Style and its commercial operations.

After all, compared to the idea of returning to Earth—which was not going to happen in the foreseeable future—the Ultimate Style could produce immediate results and instantly increase the overall fighting strength of a large number of middle-grade and low-grade superhumans.

Zhao Feixuan had long since witnessed the benefits of the Ultimate Style on his wife.

The doctors told him that if it were not for the fact that Xiao Fanghua’s branch meridians were all cleared and spirit energy could gently infiltrate the depths of her organs, she would have had a hard time protecting the twins while facing the strong stimulus from the thick smoke, poisonous smog, acid, and monster invasion.

Since the Ultimate Style was something that could produce real results, Zhao Feixuan did not feel any sort of pressure promoting it.

The two of them quickly agreed on a plan. They believed that if they worked together, Blue Home and the Broken Star Club would improve even further to become two of the most important forces of power that would support Dragon City.

Once they finished talking about the cooperation between their organizations, Meng Chao said, “By the way, there’s something else I forgot to mention. It’s about the upgrading of the defense system in Blessed Heavenly Garden. You should be able to upgrade it fully soon, right?”

If he did something, he had to see it to the end. Since he was prepared to move out of Blessed Heavenly Garden, he had to be responsible to the people who had been his neighbors for decades. He first had to solve the problem of their safety so that his parents and his little sister would feel at ease once they moved to their new apartment.

“I was about to talk about this with you. The main construction is finished. There’s only some touching up left. We need to paint the artillery batteries, electrical towers, anti-aircraft machine gun bases, and other things. The army color scheme we’ll be using won’t be too vivid,” Zhao Feixuan said.

“If you want to come and check, you can do it at any time. But I’ve been thinking of one thing. Aren’t you from Agricultural University? You also helped the abnormal beast research department before, right? So you must be familiar with the monster research department. Could you get a bunch of monsters so that we could test the defense system in a real fight?”

“Real fight?” Meng Chao was a little stunned. “Is there a need for that?”

“We need to know whether everything works as intended through tests,” Zhao Feixuan said. “You know that I’ve just brought a group of my friends out to work. Our company has no reputation in the field, and if we test our work the usual way, we might not be able to attract the attention of the other residential areas. It’ll then be difficult for us to get a full budget from the Survival Committee.

“We have more than one hundred thousand members in Blue Home and the Broken Star Club. Among them are politicians, news reporters, internet celebrities who do we-media, and grassroots workers who live in residential areas. If you could get some monsters to do a practical test, we could gather a group of influential members to observe it. As long as the defense works beautifully, we’ll definitely be able to become famous. At that time, we won’t need to worry about not having new deals.”

Meng Chao thought about it and said, “Well… I can help you contact the monster research center to get a group of modified monsters. It shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

“But if we really want to promote the full upgrade of the defense systems in all residential areas, we must deliver a beautiful fight. If the monsters break down the defense lines you carefully constructed in front of the politicians, media, and representatives of the other residential areas, it’s going to be awkward.”

“That’s impossible.” Zhao Feixuan puffed his chest out and clenched his jaw. “I stand with my defense lines. If the monsters really want to rush into Blessed Heavenly Garden, they’re going to have to do it over my dead body!”

With the politicians of the Home Party helping to push this matter forward, the practical test was soon approved.

In truth, based on the problems revealed by the new zombie virus and the invasion of the undead, the upgrading and modification of the old residential areas could not be delayed any further.

It had to be known that the fight in the southern part of the city during that one night alone had damaged and polluted more than ten old residential areas. Nearly one hundred thousand citizens became homeless, and they had to temporarily stay in settlements made of shacks and tents.

These places were cramped, and the living environment in them was horrible. The defense systems there were so simple and crude that they were practically non-existent. They also were hot beds for fungus, viruses, and spores. It was incredibly easy for a new super zombie and undead disaster to erupt among them.

Initial estimations showed that there were hundreds of thousands of citizens affected by the last two monster invasions. They had lost their homes, and that was the number if they did not include the residential areas which had been destroyed and had not been damaged over the past few years, along with the permanent residents living in shacks in places like Golden Tooth Lair.

There were plenty of people staying in the temporary settlements, and it brought about great pressure to Dragon City’s societal order and economic development.

If the abnormal beasts threw in the zombie virus and Blood Flower spores again and a large number of old residential areas were unable to hold their forts once more, Dragon City’s finances and societal order might really collapse.

To take precautions against such situations, today, a lot of powerful people, politicians, businessmen, and staff members of related departments came to Blessed Heavenly Garden.

It was located in Tiger Forest Region, and the region itself also sent a task force led by the vice leader of the region to observe and give directions on the spot.

Tiger Forest Region was an old city area located at the center of Dragon City. More than 30% of the city’s old residential areas were there.

Problems such as the defense systems not meeting the standards, the emergency exits being too old, the average citizen age being on the higher end of the spectrum, and relatively weak fighting strength were especially clear there.

The intense fight that happened half a month ago in the southern part of the city had caused everyone in Tiger Forest Region to break out in cold sweat.

If a super zombie and undead horde of a similar scale broke out in Tiger Forest Region, the consequences would be even worse than in the southern part of the city.

Hence, the region regarded the idea of upgrading the defense systems of old residential areas highly and supported it.

As long as the practical test proved that Blessed Heavenly Garden’s defense systems had really been improved by leaps and bounds, the region was willing to ask the enterprises and institutions in the region to sponsor the subsequent modification funds and ask for more funding from the Survival Committee.

The Red Dragon Army also sent representatives.

To cut down on costs, when Zhao Feixuan bought the equipment, he bought the secondhand goods that had been discarded by the Red Dragon Army.

Even though these old weapons were not enough to fight against the monster hordes in an open battlefield, they could still make use of their abilities against small monster waves that occasionally crawled out of dimensional rifts, zombies, and the undead in urban warfare.

To switch from tactical defense to tactical offense, the Red Dragon Army had been switching out their equipment and had been discarding a lot of their weapons.

If these discarded weapons could be used in the upgrading of residential areas’ defenses, they could save up on a lot of costs and resources, so it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

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