Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 401 - Spoiler

Chapter 401: Spoiler

The “wall” the monsters formed squirmed nonstop and turned into a “cliff”.

This cliff symbolized death, and in the next second, it would collapse in the face of the hundreds of survivors.

Lu Siya was very anxious, and she whispered to Meng Chao, “Hey, aren’t you really good at creating miracles? Do you have a way to flee to safety?”

“Well, I do have a very immature method.” Meng Chao thought about it for a while before he shook his head and said, “Forget it, it’s impossible.”

“We’re already at this point of time, so why are you still acting like some old biddy?” Lu Siya said anxiously. “No matter what method it is, we have to use it as a last ditch attempt! Hurry up and tell me what it is!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you,” Meng Chao thought about it and said, “Big Sis Ya, you’re a Heaven Realm superhuman. There are also a few Heaven Realm superhumans here too. Even though most of them use their spirit energy to strengthen their brains and are in the field of academics, which means they’re weak, they will still have mastered maglev. They can break free of gravity and slowly levitate in the air.

“Then we can do this. First, you activate your abilities and float.”

When he was halfway through his plan, he came to a stop.

“Then?” Lu Siya was going to die of anxiety.

“Then, I’ll jump up and grab your legs. Another survivor will then jump up to grab my leg. Then, another, and another. The Heaven Realm superhumans will then drag all the survivors up like a meat skewer and fly away,” Meng Chao said. “Do you think my plan is workable?”

“…No,” Lu Siya said coldly.

“That’s why I said that I think this method is too immature. I originally didn’t want to say it, but you forced me to.” Meng Chao sighed. “There’s no other way, we have to fight. Get me my Type 45 double-barreled heavy anti-aircraft machine gun and eight gun mounted RG-6!”

Lu Siya did not say a thing and handed him a pistol.

Meng Chao looked at Lu Siya.

“I have only three bullets. Use them wisely.”

“Damn it! I’m giving it my all!”

Meng Chao gritted his teeth and grabbed the pistol. With a shout, he jumped on the cliff formed by the monsters.

Bang, bang, bang!

He did not even look when he fired the three bullets. Then, he tossed the pistol to the side and brought out his tattered sabers. Spirit flames gushed out of the tips of his saber along with his spirit tattoos to form a saber glare that was more than two meters long and had a crystalline quality.

It did not matter how many chips there were on the blade. Even if it was broken in half, as long as it was a cold weapon, it would allow the user to taste the pleasure of fighting!

Spirit energy surged, and the chain sabers danced. Meng Chao drew a huge X in the middle of the monster horde, causing the “cliff” to instantly crumble.

Quite a number of monsters were dazzled by the fall. Before they could react, they were gobbled up by the rock dragon Lu Siya formed with reinforced concrete. Then, they were ripped to shreds.


“Give it your all!”


With the two motivating them, all the survivors felt their bloodlust stirred up.

If they had finished the bullets in their machine guns, they switched to semi-automatic rifles.

If they finished the bullets in their semi-automatic rifles, they used their pistols.

And if they used up the bullets in their pistols, they switched to cold weapons.

When their sabers were broken or their swords shattered, they grabbed materials from the monsters’ carcasses or used their fists and feet to fight. They used their spirit energy to go up against the monster horde and swept the insects who jumped on the roof down once again.


Meng Chao intersected his chain sabers and cut down the head of a Giant Centipede who was as thick as a python. Before the venom in its abdominal cavity could gush out, he brought his leg up and kicked the twitching carcass down the roof.

Using the chance, he sprawled down at the edge of the balcony and looked down.

Immediately, he felt his skin crawl and cussed under his breath.

The area under the roof was jam-packed with insect-type monsters.

Monstrous and ugly Giant Praying Mantises, Giant Spiders, Giant Centipedes, and their amalgamations covered the windows of the building.

As if they had come to realize that the humans wanted to flee, they gave up on searching for people in the hotel and killing them. Instead, they focused all their attention on climbing up and treated the outer walls that were perpendicular to the ground like flat land.

In an instant, twice the number of insects compared to earlier climbed up to the roof.

The survivors behind Meng Chao had already fought in multiple battles. They were now covered in wounds, tired, and out of ammunition.

When they looked at the black insect swarm, everyone gulped.

Even Meng Chao had despair in his eyes.

But this despair was soon replaced by a fighting will so great that he would not stop until he died.

If all the experts of Project 101 died, there was a high chance that Dragon City would walk down its previous path and head toward the apocalypse.

Then, he might as well fight to his heart’s content here!

He used the chains to tie the blood-soaked hilts of the sabers to his wrists and sucked in a deep breath. He was just about to swing his sabers when Lu Siya pushed down at his shoulder from behind him.

“That’s about enough. There’s a limit as to how much you should play hero. We’ve done our best. We can be free of this without a guilty conscience,” she whispered.

Meng Chao did not understand what she meant.

“The suggestion you gave just now isn’t possible, because there’s a limit to my maglev abilities. It’s impossible for me to bring so many people with me,” Lu Siya explained. “But if it’s just you, perhaps I can run with you through the air.”

Meng Chao was stunned. Then, he rejected the offer firmly. “No. I can’t just cast aside so many survivors who fought with me and run away in front of the monsters!”

“But it’s meaningless even if we stay here. The only thing we can do is die with them!” Lu Siya growled. “Saving people is one thing, but dying with them is another thing. There’s only hope if you’re alive, don’t you understand that?”

“I… Of course I do.” Meng Chao admitted that what Lu Siya said made sense.

But for some reason, he remembered the pale face of his peer just now, along with his wide eyes.

It was only at this moment that he realized that there was a faint smile on his peer’s face when he died.

Why was he smiling?

Was he satisfied that he did not lose to the fear in his heart and could die standing while he faced monsters, just like a true Dragon Citizen?

“Big Sis Ya, you’re right.” Meng Chao sighed. “You’re already a great friend for fighting with me up to this point. There’s no need for you to die with everyone else. Go. I’ll serve as your rearguard!”

“You…” Lu Siya hissed angrily. “You’re an idiot!”

“Maybe,” Meng Chao mumbled. “And maybe I’m naive, but I want to fight to the last second and see… whether the tides will turn.”

Lu Siya cussed under her breath and ignored Meng Chao. She took three steps backward and was about to activate her vitality magnetic field to stir up her maglev ability and flee from the sky when another blood-drenched Heaven Realm superhuman rose into the air while swaying.

To her shock, when he went five meters into the air, dozens of acid and venom streams shot at him from all directions from the monster horde around them.

The Heaven Realm superhuman was also a Project 101 member. 90% of the spirit energy he usually accumulated during his training was given to his brain. He was the typical case of brain over brawn. When it came to fighting power, at most, he was an Earth Realm fighter.

During the continuous fights just now, not only had he drained his spirit energy, he had also lost more than one thousand milliliters of blood. His face was incredibly pale, and when he flew, he was not any faster than a snail, so he was not skilled at aerial mobility and aerial dodging.

He acted in a flurry of motion, but in an instant, he was hit by a few streams of acid and venom.

With a scream, he fell back on the roof.

Not only did he not manage to run, he ended up with new wounds on his body, which ended up with him bleeding even more.


Lu Siya’s eyelids twitched. Without another word, she retreated to Meng Chao’s side.

“Hey, I’m sorry, Big Sis Ya, for dragging you into this mess,” Meng Chao said as he scratched his head.

“Enough with the nonsense!” Lu Siya gritted her teeth and shoved Meng Chao. “Since we have no way out, there’s only one choice left. We have to create a new miracle just like we did under Raging Waves!”

Meng Chao roared and brought his sabers high above his head. The two saber glares intersected with each other like lightning. Not only did they cut a Scythe Head in half, they also cut the armor of a Three-eyed Spider Wolf behind it, and all sorts of juices flew out.

The same moment, the screeches of metal friction rose from beneath the roof, and along with them came a giant scorpion that was entirely golden in color.

Its entire body was more than three meters long and covered in spikes. It gave off a metallic shine, which showed that its armor was incredibly tough. Its front limbs were also unlike scorpion pincers, but like the huge and sharp pincers of crabs. They appeared to be able to cut armored vehicles in half.

The other insect-type monsters had to retreat when it appeared

The monsters who dared to get close to it were all rudely swept off the roof by its tail.

‘Abyss Scorpion?’

Meng Chao sucked in a sharp breath after the terrifying name popped up in his mind.

The Abyss Scorpion was one of the few insect-type monsters that could reach the status of Hell Beast the moment it reached adulthood.

Their armor would have absorbed a lot of components from metals and high-grade crystals by that point, and it would be as strong as the toughest alloy armor humans created.

And the two pincers did not just possess powerful clamping strength. The twitches from its tendons could also reach a high frequency that would further increase its ability to tear apart its prey.

Meng Chao had once seen an armored vehicle torn apart by an Abyss Scorpion. It had taken him a total of half a minute before he could tell that it was once an armored vehicle.

If he were at the peak of his condition after he had recuperated and built up strength, he might be able to avoid the Abyss Scorpion tough pincers and stab his sabers into the gap between its shell.

But now…

Meng Chao cast a glance at his trembling hands.

The night had been long, and he had been fighting nonstop. He was way past his limit. Forget his fingers and arm muscles. He even had trouble controlling his sphincter.

The Abyss Scorpion could sense his and Lu Siya’s exhaustion.

The sawtooth-like pincers started vibrating at high frequency, and the sound was like savage laughter.

The creature also lifted its scorpion tail up high. The poison needle shone with a savage red light.

Meng Chao and Lu Siya exchanged a glance and stepped forward at the same time.

Meng Chao brought up his cracked sabers. One more swing, and they would shatter.

Lu Siya controlled the cracked rock dragon to lift its head pridefully.

Just when the sabers and rock dragon were about to crash into the Abyss Scorpion’s metal pincers, a flowing light descended from the sky at lightning speed and pierced the Abyss Scorpion’s body to pin it against the roof.

Then, both of them saw clearly that the weapon that pinned the Abyss Scorpion was a red longspear, and it was only after they saw it that a supersonic howl came ramming into their eardrums like roaring thunder.

Meng Chao and Lu Siya looked up and saw the dark clouds fading away. Smoke retreated, and a burning griffin stepped out of the dark sky to descend toward them at high speed!

The Griffin’s Dance

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