Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1728 - Transformed Beast Soldier

Chapter 1728: Transformed Beast Soldier

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“Yun Feidian…

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Lu Siya murmured.

“Believe me, I’m more awake than ever, and I’ve seen through the nature of this world.”

The seven puppets smiled and said, “Although the appearance of humans and monsters is vastly different, those monsters that are as big as mountains or as small as mustard seeds resemble demons and monsters in myths and legends no matter how you look at them.

“However, using modern science and technology to study the monsters on the cellular level and even the molecular level, we can find that even the cells of the Apocalyptic Beasts are not beyond the scope of carbon-based creatures. We are closely related to the monsters on the genetic level, and we have similar advantages in the absorption, conversion, and utilization of spirit energy.

“Come to think of it, human beings, who consider themselves the spirits of all living things, are the descendants of countless ancient carbon-based creatures—mammoths, ferocious saber-toothed tigers, majestic dinosaurs, armored fish, nautilus in hard shells, trilobites, primitive cyanobacteria, and even the archaea that can endure high-temperature seawater around the rising undersea volcanoes in the deepest part of the ocean. Those waters are thousands of degrees!

“Beneath our ‘normal’ appearance, the genes of numerous ancient, primitive, and brutal ancestors are sleeping quietly.

“Once we attack the legacy of the ancient era that is hidden deep inside human genes with the help of monster cells, we will enter a state of atavism. The bizarre genetic traits of our countless ancestors will be freed again, and human beings will gain the power of saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, tyrannosaurs, and even archaea. They will become monsters that wear human skin but possess human intelligence.

“Is… Is there a problem?”

Lu Siya was dumbfounded.

Meng Chao was not sure whether she, as a wild banshee or even the monster queen, wanted to cry or laugh out loud after hearing Yun Feidian’s arrogant words.

However, Yun Feidian had misunderstood Lu Siya’s astonishment.

“Why are you so surprised? It’s as if I’ve done something heinous and insane.”

Yun Feidian said, “Back when the zombie tide just broke out in Dragon City, we thought of the ancient virus from the Other World’s depths as an evil force that could destroy the entire civilization.

“However, because the zombie virus bombarded the human cells and activated the mysterious power hidden in human blood, some human beings awakened one after another and obtained incredible speed, strength, and even superpowers. That allowed them to utilize spirit power efficiently and survive in the Other World tenaciously.

“In fact, in the eyes of many biochemical experts and spirit energy scientists, the so-called ‘zombies’ and ‘superhumans’ were not fundamentally different.

“The zombies were just superhumans who had completely lost control, while superhumans were zombies who could stabilize and control the level of mutation in their hearts, minds, and cells.

“Since we could even use the power of zombies, transforming it from pure slaughter and destruction to the driving force of civilization, why couldn’t we use the power of monsters?

“Although the monster civilization used to be the mortal enemy of the Dragon City civilization, on a certain level, the two sides have long integrated through decades of protracted war.

“The extraordinary power of the superhumans needs to be supported by genetic potions made from monster materials; the divine weapons that can cut hair and cut iron like mud are also mixed with a large amount of powder made from the grinding of monster bones; the drones and intelligent rune machines in groups are embedded with the monsters’ brain tissues and neural networks; even the tens of millions of Dragon City citizens can’t eat and clothe themselves well on this narrow and barren land without synthetic food made from monster flesh and clothes made from monster skin.

“In a word, at least half of our civilization is built on the monster civilization’s foundation.

“What we need to do is to go one step further and allow human power and monster power to reach a deeper level of integration and unification.

“Think about it. Dragon city has more than ten million people now. With the exception of a few superhumans, most of the ordinary people can’t contribute much to our civilization. With the development of rune technology and biochemical technology, rune machines that are equipped with monster brain tissue and nervous system can complete the work that humans are currently engaged in a hundred times more efficiently.

“At the same time, being Earthlings, these ordinary humans feel at ease to demand more rights and even want to participate in the decision-making of Dragon City’s future.

“If we are on a planet with abundant resources and not too many external threats, their demands can more or less be satisfied.

“However, the Other World is not a peaceful paradise with everything.

“What awaits us is one battle after another.

“In this long-lasting colonization war, only by exhausting the potential of Dragon City’s entire population at all costs can our civilization stand at the peak of the Other World and completely conquer the planet under our feet.

“Most ordinary people used to just be a burden. They would only waste resources and drag us down.

“With the monster drug, we can turn waste into treasure, turning ordinary people into half-human and half-beast beings, creating beast soldiers with the ability to fight.

“Don’t you think that this is the only solution for us to win the colonization war, which is ten times larger than the Monster War in terms of scale?”

Even Lu Siya was shocked by Yun Feidian’s delusion.

“Be careful not to get burned,” Lu Siya said coldly.

“Will ordinary people who have become ‘beast soldiers’ be at your mercy?”

“That is the least of our worries. Have you forgotten Thundercloud Technology’s old business?”

The seven puppets tapped on their own heads and said, “Thundercloud Technology is famous for the deep integration of biochemical technology, electronic technology, and rune technology. We have implanted various control chips and even self-destruct systems in our drones and smart war machines that are equipped with monster brain tissues and neural networks.

“Even if it’s a ferocious Hell Beast, after the control chips developed by Thundercloud Technology are implanted in its brain tissues, it must obey 100% of the remote operator’s will. Otherwise, it will taste the pain of having its every brain cell burned by flames and electric arcs. Besides, we really have a way to burn its brain tissue into ashes.

“Before turning an ordinary person into a bestial soldier, we would of course implant various control and sealing devices in the vital parts of the person’s body, such as his brain, heart, and spine. This is to ensure that he or she is absolutely safe and obedient.”

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