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Chapter 1634 - “A Good Future”  

Chapter 1634: “A Good Future”

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Naturally, Su Yidong joined Blue Home very early on and became the first group of core members when the Azure Alliance was established.

There were also many core members of the Azure Alliance who had similar experiences. They had been active in all walks of life for a long time and were very popular among the general public. Today, they had also joined the expert investigation team.

One could say that all the elites of the ordinary people in Dragon City were gathered together, ready to rush to Red Creek Valley outside Monster Mountain Range.

After hearing this news, all the citizens had high hopes for the expert investigation team. They believed that they would be able to discover the truth about the big explosion in the Red Creek Project’s crystal warehouse. Was it due to poor management, or was it because the hole in Universe Corporation was too big, so that was the only thing they could do to conceal the truth? Perhaps, it was really the orcs who had caused the destruction?

Shen Yuanbiao held a press conference on Universe Corporation’s behalf to welcome the expert investigation team and express his support for them.

He declared that Universe Corporation would obey the Supernatural Tower’s authority and provide the expert investigation team with all the facilities. No matter what they found, Universe Corporation’s highest management, including the Shen family, would obey the law and justice.

That statement made everyone slightly sigh in relief.

It looked like the assassination attempt on Shen Yuanbao had a huge impact on Universe Corporation. It made them lose the courage to be stubborn to the end.

Now that at least a third of the expert investigation team’s members were ordinary people, they had the authority to investigate and even judge Universe Corporation.

The nine mega corporations used to be in control of everything, but this indicated that the status quo was slowly changing and disintegrating in a relatively stable as well as peaceful way.

It was probably the greatest blessing for the Dragon City civilization at the moment.

Meng Chao’s nerves, which had been tense since he returned to Dragon City, could finally relax for a moment.

It seemed that whether they were superhumans or ordinary people, whether they were from humble families or wealthy families, everyone had reached a consensus—the direction of the Dragon City civilization had to change, but in the process of changing, everyone needed to work together. They could not fail.

If this consensus was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the Dragon City civilization would have a chance to avoid the end of the world.

From the time Meng Chao sneaked into Red Creek Valley until now, it had been a full ten days to half a month. He had not slept much. In total, he had closed his eyes for less than twenty-four hours.

Even the nerves of a Deity Realm warrior, which were cast with copper and iron, could not withstand such a long period of suffering.

As a result of his nerves being slightly relaxed, drowsiness surged into his mind like a black tide.

Meng Chao looked at the time. It was ten in the morning. Shen Yuanbiao’s press conference would be held until about eleven. After that, he would attend a public business banquet to entertain some highly respected people. They had performed meritorious deeds, however, due to various reasons, they had become stagnated and had not been able to establish their own families. These old seniors were now very close to the Azure Alliance, and it was a sign of goodwill to the Azure Alliance.

More than a dozen reporters from the media had been invited to participate in the business banquet.

Shen Yuanbiao would not leave the spotlight for a second to do anything else.

“The long-term lack of sleep has seriously affected my information gathering abilities, logical deduction, and memory.

“When a fly flies a hundred meters away, I can’t even see the patterns on its wings clearly.

“It’s also hard for me to remember the winning number that I saw when I passed by the Welfare Lottery Shop at No. 327 Wenjiao Road seven days ago.

“If this goes on, even if the mastermind appears, I might not be ready to compete with him in terms of intelligence and courage.

“I need to sleep for at least three hours, forty-seven minutes, and fifty-five seconds before my brain cells can recover to more than eighty percent of their peak state!”

Meng Chao fell into a deep sleep near the hotel where Shen Yuanbiao’s business banquet and the secret surveillance base were.

In the first hour, he was wrapped in warm darkness, and he slept very soundly.

As his brain cells gradually recovered and became active, he had a strange dream.

This dream was still about the future of Dragon City.

But it was not about burning ruins, broken steel torrents, and the ordinary citizens screaming in raging flames.

It was not about ten thousand suns falling from the sky and unleashing a raging firestorm that would wipe out all traces of human civilization from the surface of the planet either.

In the dream, the future Dragon City would be ten times more prosperous and greater than it was today.

There were skyscrapers everywhere, like towering trees made of crystals and silver that pierced deep into the sky.

In between the skyscrapers, there were countless crystal-clear aircraft that were flying at lightning speed, drawing complicated and maze-like trajectories.

Meng Chao even saw a starship as majestic as a palace in the raging clouds. It emanated a domineering aura, symbolizing that human beings had dominated the Other World, suppressing heaven and earth.

“Is this another possible future?”

As a Deity Realm warrior, Meng Chao still retained part of his ability to think in his dream. It was as if he was in a lucid dream. “As long as everyone can put Dragon City’s overall interests first and work together as one, such a good future will definitely be realized!”

While he thought about it, an incredibly soft figure suddenly pounced on him and pressed him into a canal.


The person blew into his ear.

Meng Chao turned around and was shocked.

It was Lu Siya.

Of course, Lu Siya was in his dream.

The Lu Siya in his dream was not a wild banshee who was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws. Her appearance had returned to normal, but her face was full of frost and fatigue.

“Do you want to die?”

In the dream, Lu Siya did not even look at Meng Chao. Instead, she stared at the sky and gnashed her teeth. “They’re here!”

Meng Chao composed himself and told himself that the Lu Siya in front of him was a figment of his imagination, just like the world around him.

Then, he discovered that he and Lu Siya were not the only ones hiding in the canal. There were also many other people with hideous faces and nervous expressions. They were fully armed, but they were in a sorry state.

Following Lu Siya’s line of sight, Meng Chao saw that there were seven or eight mechanical arms waving in the middle of the crystal building. The front end of each mechanical arm was loaded with various tools, weapons, or surgical instruments, which slowly descended toward them.

At first glance, these flying instruments looked like mechanical spiders floating above their heads.

There were also super powerful searchlights on their abdomens. They released cold, dazzling red lights and swept over their surroundings.

Soon, the people hiding in the canals were discovered.

The “surgical instruments” at the ends of the mechanical spiders’ limbs began to operate with the accompaniment of creepy scraping sounds of metal.

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