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Chapter 1584 - Profit First  

Chapter 1584: Profit First

Those words stirred up the successors’ emotions.

Although the other successors did not manage the pharmaceutical system, the various businesses under Universe Corporation, including its main business, the crystal mining and smelting industries, faced the same problem.

While costs soared, the strategic materials that the Supernatural Tower purchased and distributed still implemented the same outdated standards from decades ago. It was not an operational setup.

If they were to strictly follow the official price for the purchase and sale of all the resources, even if they were to fill in the entire Universe Corporation, they might not be able to plug the hole that had been caused by the loss.

With the support of many of his successors, Shen Yuhe’s sallow complexion shimmered, as though he had gained new strength.

He said, “Does the genetic medicine factory under Universe Corporation have a problem with using its hands to harm public and private interests? That has definitely happened.

“Within the Shen family, has anyone ever plucked feathers and taken advantage of any opportunity to profit? That has definitely happened.

“However, did these giant rats cause the black market’s price to soar so that the majority of consumers could not afford the genetic medicine? Or would killing these giant rats completely solve the problem of Dragon City’s lack of cultivation resources? Of course not, it was also absolutely impossible!

“In the end, the problem lies with the Supernatural Tower and the Survival Committee.

“The Supernatural Tower and the Survival Committee do not produce gene potions themselves. They do not need to bear the cost of producing gene potions, so they would not be at a loss.

“And in order to rope in the majority of mid- to low-level superhumans, in order to establish the glorious image of ‘speaking righteously, fearless of authority, and upholding justice’ among the ordinary citizens, be it the Supernatural Tower’s managers or the survival committee’s members, they all have a very strong motivation to manipulate our nine companies, in an attempt to force us to spend a lot of money to suppress the price of cultivation resources.

“To put it bluntly, it is to turn our profits into the capital for them to fish for fame.

“Originally, just these managers and members wouldn’t have been enough. After all, be it the Supernatural Tower or the Survival Committee, there are a large number of people from the nine great cultivation families.

“But now, an ‘Azure Alliance’ has appeared out of nowhere. With Superstar Company as the spearhead, Broken Star Club and Blue Home as the backbone, the Red Dragon Army and Battle God Palace as the backers, they are the troublemakers who are destroying the rules of the game. They are stirring up trouble, hoping that the world will not fall into chaos.

“Humph. is the Azure Alliance really as dignified, righteous, and selfless as they say they are on the surface? Are they wholeheartedly seeking benefits for the ordinary citizens and the superhumans who come from humble backgrounds?

“Of course, that is impossible.

“All the people in the world come for benefits, and all the people in the world are fighting for benefits. Many seemingly complicated things are nothing more than ‘benefits’.

“What profits? It’s very simple.

“In the past three years, Superstar Company, which has risen miraculously, has successfully occupied more than 50% of the market for medium-and low-end monster materials in Dragon City with the support of organizations such as Broken Star Club, the Red Dragon Army, and Battle God Palace.

“Since all the raw materials are in the hands of Superstar Company, the next step is naturally to move toward the middle and upper reaches of the industrial chain, which is more valuable and high-tech.

“That is the genetic medicine industry.

“The problem is that, compared to the established pharmaceutical companies under Sky Pillar Corporation and Universe Corporation, Superstar Company’s foundation is shallow after all. Neither the R & D Team nor the sales chain is mature enough.

“Not to mention that among the nine companies, there are already giants who specialize in the field of pharmaceuticals. They are deeply involved in the universities, hospitals, and training centers. They have mastered many key technologies and a lot of patents.

“In addition, the nine companies are united. No matter how fierce the competition between them is, when they encounter new challengers, they will still work together and face the outside world together.

“We have already defended the entire genetic pharmaceutical market like an impregnable fortress.

“If the Superstar Company attacks from the front, it will be impossible for them to break the industry barrier that we spent decades to build.

“Therefore, the Barbarians decided to take the risk and flip the table. They took advantage of the Xinhui business building incident and smashed the rules of the game that the nine corporations had been maintaining for decades.

“This is called ‘cake that I can not eat, and you can forget about eating it, too’.

“It has to be said that, for a new challenger in a mature industry, this is the simplest and most direct and effective move. Superstar Company, Lu Siya, impressive!”

Shen Yuanbao turned his head and glanced at Meng Chao.

However, he found that Meng Chao seemed to be immersed in his role as a private doctor. On the surface, at least, there was not the slightest change in his emotions.

Shen Yuanbao closed his eyes and rubbed his nose in exhaustion.

He sighed and said, “Regardless of their standpoint, whether it was Meng Chao in the past or Lu Siya today, these formidable young people are all talents that I admire very much.

“I’ve also asked you to extend an olive branch to the Superstar Company more than once—how to make the cake, how to divide the cake, and the relevant details. We can sit down and talk about it slowly. Dragon City is very big, and the foreign world is extremely vast. It can accommodate ten super enterprises. As long as you are willing to abide by the rules of the game and let the meat rot in the pot, no matter how you play, everyone will be the winner. Isn’t that good?

“It is just like how Universe Corporation and the Lu family’s Sky Pillar Corporation have been at loggerheads for decades. In the field of crystal mining and refining, there has always been a standoff. There has never been a third strong competitor. This is a win-win situation!

“I don’t understand why the young people nowadays are even more aggressive than I was in the past. They don’t understand the logic of making money with kindness, but they choose the most radical and dangerous way to play

“Because the other party’s ambition has never been limited to commercial interests.”

Shen Yuhe’s eyes flickered with a dangerous light. “If it’s only for the interests of the field of genetic medicine, even if it’s an astronomical figure, everyone can ask for a sky-high price, pay back the money, and talk about it slowly.

“Just as Father said, Dragon City is very big and can accommodate ten super enterprises. As long as you follow the rules, what’s the harm in sharing your share?

“However, forgive me for being blunt, Father, but you have underestimated Lu Siya.

“If she only wants commercial interests, she doesn’t have to betray the Lu family at all.

“With her means, level, experience, reputation, and age, if she stays in the Lu family, the entire Sky Pillar Corporation will fall into her hands in a few years.

“If you think that her goal is to create a new super enterprise after abandoning an old super enterprise, you are underestimating her!”


Shen Yuanbao leaned over and asked with great interest, “As you said, even Superstar Company is not Lu Siya’s target. What does she want exactly?”

“She wants the entire Dragon City,” Shen Yuhe said casually.

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