Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1114 - Important Information

Chapter 1114: Important Information

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With the battle situation developing to this point, Meng Chao and Ice Storm were not in a hurry to kill all their pursuers.

In fact, the centaur warriors, who had their hearts torn apart and their spiritual defenses completely collapsed, were able to find more companions in a daze and spread their fear like a virus.

It was more beneficial for the rat people to break out of the encirclement than directly destroy their flesh and blood.

Besides, Meng Chao also hoped to reveal an important piece of information to the powerhouses who controlled the Blood Hoof Clan through the mouths of these pursuers.

Therefore, they slowed down and calmly searched for a suitable “mouth” in the trembling grass.

Soon, they found their target.

Spark never imagined that a regular hunting trip would turn into a nightmarish massacre.

This young, handsome, tall centaur warrior had just completed his coming of age ceremony not long ago.

It was the first time he had ever followed his elder brother and the warrior, whom the tribe worshipped the most, to carry out a mission.

When he first stepped onto the empty grassland, the eager young man was still muttering that the mission was not satisfactory—even if he killed all the rat people, what was there to brag about?

For a warrior like him who could step on four dazzling Sparks with his four iron hoofs, he should be facing the tiger warriors from the Gold Clan, as well as the mages and night watchers from the land of Holy Light directly.

As expected, the few battles yesterday had simply been a game of cat and mouse. There had been no challenging duels, and even a novice like him could not muster up the slightest fighting spirit.

Even if he had skinned and pulled out the tendons of the rat subjects, who had surrendered at night, and forced them to dance on the red-hot sabers and swords while they were still alive, they would still be alive.

Such an ingenious performance could not have extinguished Spark’s dejection.

If only time could be reversed…

Now, Spark really wanted to stay in that boring and peaceful yesterday forever instead of the ridiculous present!

His elder brother was dead, and his leader was dead.

All of them had died in the most painful way at the hands of that demon covered in lava!

There had been twenty to thirty heavily armored cavalrymen in totem armors. Even if they had encountered a battle team formed by hundreds of clan warriors, they could have still relied on force of impact alone to crush their enemy with brute force.

However, they had been instantly torn into pieces by the raging flames spurted out by the demon.

When the demon shot a lightning-like gaze at him from afar, Spark, who should have been a newborn calf that was not afraid of tigers, only felt all the blood and courage in his body being sucked dry. He actually did not have the courage to look at the other party, not even for a second!

The phantom image of the Big-horned Rat God that kept appearing before Spark’s eyes was even more terrifying.

Sparkle had long heard about the Rat God’s existence.

Like all the noble, glorious, and proud clan warriors, he had no interest in the self-comforting jokes of the dirty rats.

While Black-corner City had been turned upside down by the rat subjects, he had not seen the city’s miserable state with his own eyes.

It was because Spark and his clansmen had gathered in the Blood Hoof temple, which was dozens of miles away from Black-corner City, for a practical battle. They had not witnessed Black-corner City’s desolation with their own eyes.

They were later ordered to make a long journey across the savannah to intercept the fugitives.

Therefore, Spark did not know how miserably Black-corner City had been ravaged by “the Rat God’s ultimate power.”

It had been impossible to feel any fear…

Until this moment.

When this ancestral spirit, whose head was covered in monstrous horns and whose face was covered with a skull mask, clearly appeared before Spark without a doubt and gave him a grim smile…

There was no response no matter how much he asked his ancestors for help. He could not banish the Rat God from his vision either.

Ridiculous, fantastic distracting thoughts finally emerged deep in Spark’s mind.

Perhaps even the lowly rat people had their own ancestors?

Of course…

No matter how lowly, dirty, or cowardly they were…

The rat people were still members of the Turan warriors.

In the Battle of Glory, they could more or less display a certain amount of combat strength.

When more than ten million years of hatred, anger, and pain converged into mountains and rivers, the rat people’s ancestral spirits awakened from the mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

What was so strange about that?

“We are fighting against a group of true warriors who have the blessings of the ancestral spirits!”

This understanding made Spark’s soul scatter.

His mind was blank. He could not activate his totem power in the slightest, let alone find the courage to fight the magma demon who was waving his burning chain blades.

On the other hand, endless fear seemed to inject his four lower limbs with surging power, which dragged his extremely stiff upper body as he ran. He ran like crazy, like he was running for his life.

Spark ran across several kilometers in one breath.

When blood spurted out of his nose, his upper and lower chest felt it had been torn apart by explosive barrels filled with dwarfs. Every stream of blood and flesh around his body was twitching like a bolt of lightning.

Only then did he slow down slightly, because his brain was burning and his eyeballs were filled with blood.

The grassland, which was originally verdant, was now scarlet in Spark’s eyes.

It was as if the corpses of the rat people whom they had slaughtered last night and the rat people whom the clan warriors had slaughtered in the past tens of millions of years had been buried in the depths of the grassland. In the present, they turned into a source of boiling blood after being compressed and fermented, so scorching blood was spurting out of the ground nonstop.

Sparkle could not tell whether it was hell in a nightmare or a nightmare in hell.

There were no more compatriots around him.

Just then, a shrill scream came from far behind him.

Spark recognized it as Bloody Wings’ voice.

This warrior, who was second only to the clan leader, liked to carry two heavy sabers that were longer than four arms on his back.

Whenever he charged at high speed, it was as if he was spreading his wings of death. He could reap hundreds of lives in one breath.

Spark did not expect that even such a warrior would not be a match for the demon who was possessed by the Rat God.

Spark swallowed a mouthful of saliva that was filled with the smell of blood with difficulty.

He twisted his extremely stiff neck inch by inch, wanting to see where the demon had chased him to.

Following that, his pupils suddenly contracted into two needle tips.

The surroundings of the needle tips were all wrapped in raging flames.

A burning spear that was surging with spirit energy suddenly descended from the sky. It emitted an extremely shrill shriek and pierced through his chest, which had yet to be completely covered by his totem armor, nailing him to the ground!

Spark was literally covered by blossoming flowers of fire.

He screamed and struggled in the flames, but because the spear had pierced through his chest and deep into the ground, he was unable to escape the range of the raging flames no matter what.

Even though his totem armor had melted into a liquid metal substance again and flowed continuously to extinguish the flames and repair the tissues of his body…

When the fiery spirit energy invaded his body and burned his lungs and heart, the blood that spurted out of his seven orifices all turned into magma.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Spark heard the demon’s footsteps.

Although his vision was still shrouded in flames and he could not see his surroundings clearly, the demon’s heavy footsteps were like a war hammer embedded with spikes. It continuously hammered into his chest, causing his charred heart and lungs to suffer even more severe compression.

The increasingly intense, heart-wrenching pain was the dense aura of death that lingered around the demon’s body.

Spark was extremely terrified.

His six limbs seemed to be tightly sealed by invisible shackles.

He could not even move his little finger, much less think of “fighting the demon to death and welcoming a glorious sacrifice.”

The only thing Spark could do was lie there quietly, clenching his teeth and not making a single sound.

He disguised himself as a corpse whose heart had been stabbed and burned to a crisp.

The demon’s footsteps stopped more than ten steps away from him.

“Good aim.”

A bone-chilling voice rang out behind the demon that was flowing with lava.

That person was probably boasting about the spear that had fallen from the sky and almost hit Spark’s heart.

Spark was slightly startled before he immediately reacted.

That’s right, there should have been two attackers.

Other than the demon who was waving the chain blade and spewing lava…

There was also a fellow who was good at manipulating frost and creating icicles as well as ice blades. She was like a silver lightning bolt.

The demon laughed softly.

He did not care about the spear that had pierced Spark’s chest at all.

“We should have killed enough, right?”

The demon spoke to his companion with a deep, mysterious, and strange accent. “There are still some foul fish and rotten prawns left. It’s not worth our time. The most important thing is to withdraw from the grasslands as soon as possible and catch up to Sir and the others. Otherwise, if we continue to delay things here and attract more pursuers, we’ll be in a bit of trouble.”


Spark endured the pain from his body being burned by the flames, but the pain made his mind exceptionally clear.

He deduced that from the tone of his voice, the demon seemed to be very respectful of this “Sir.”

After all, the demon possessed the strength to defeat an entire heavily armored battle team.

What sort of terrifying existence was this “Sir” whom he respected?

Also, why did they have to withdraw from the plains to chase after the “Sir”?

Were all the fugitives not gathered on the empty grassland?

“It’s about time.”

At that moment, another enemy spoke in a bone-chilling voice. “This ambush is enough to incite the fury of the centaurs. In addition to the Minotaurs, wild boar people, and barbarian elephant people who are already beyond control… let these idiots come out in full force and slowly play cat and mouse with the rat people on the empty grassland. As for us…”

Her voice weakened.

No matter how much Spark perked up his ears, he could not hear the second half of her sentence.

Then, the two enemies simultaneously let out triumphant laughter with victory in their hands.

The demon’s footsteps sounded again.

The distance between them and Spark was getting increasingly close.

It was as if the demon was about to pull out the spear that was still burning in his chest.

It was also as if he was about to stomp on his head and completely finalize his death!

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