Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 5 Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique

Chapter 5 Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique

"Please receive your rewards in your phone, Jin" Yun said to him in a little impatient tone. She seemed excited to let Jin get his rewards. Jin took out his phone again and realised that the phone was still sparkling clean.

"Oh if you are wondering, yes the phone disinfect itself every five minutes. It's a weird function but nonetheless, effective." Yun interjected her thoughts to Jin.

Jin just continued on to unlock his phone and saw the panda holding two gift boxes waiting for him to open. He tapped on it and the screen turned black with prison bars emerging from the darkness of the screen. The bars started to crack and from the darkness, a card burst out from the cage.


Grade 1 Boss Monster

Name: Eight Legged Mountain Boar

Description: The Eight Legged Mountain Boar is a variant species of the Six Legged Mountain Boars that lived in the ancient Greater Sunda Islands in South East Asia. Fully grown boars are usually solitary in nature making them extremely aggressive in their territory. When near death, it has the capability to shed its body to walk on two legs and its final form looked like a humanoid with a pig head. It will use its tusks like a sabre weapon upon its shedding of skin. The tusks it grows have a high medicinal value capable of prolonging life.

Grade 1 Difficulty: * * * *


He looked at the artwork of the card and read its abilities when he flipped the card on his phone. "How does this boss monster work in the dungeon setting?" Jin knew that most dungeon suppliers have a boss monster in a single instance due to the complexity of the dimension space.

They can never truly send a series of monsters out into the dimension space especially when the dungeon suppliers these days relied on technology to create such spaces. Hence, instead of a continuous dungeon experience, the cultivators will come out of the dimension space upon victory and jump in again for the next fights.

"I will explain more to you as you proceed to the next high priority mission. For now, view your next gift for completing your optional objective!" Yun said with thrill. Jin felt curious as to why Yun felt this way and he did what he was told again. As he tapped on the last gift box, the phone seemed to be downloading a large data file. When it finished downloading, a new app appeared on the top of the phone menu.

"Cultivation" was the name of the app's name and he tapped on it to open. A panda doing the tai chi pose was its starting screen and when it loaded, a single document titled "Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique" was in the list.

"The initial Panda technique was researched by your grandfather. Although it was incomplete, the System had compiled and analysed sufficient cultivation manuals through your grandfather's database from the military. Hence the creation of the Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique. It has a 99.5% compatibility with your current cultivation potential."

Jin casually looked through the contents of the cultivation manual of the Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique. There were instructions and pictures accompanying the instructions. Within the manual, he also found the teachings of the Playful Platypus, Robust Bull and Leopard Pounce styles. It was indeed compatible with what he had learnt.

"For completing the optional objectives of this current mission, this is way more rewarding than the main objectives! What if I had skipped the optional objective, does that mean I would have lost such a valuable item?" Jin could hear Yun laughing for some time before she started to talk.

"That was exactly the same thing I told Ming when he passed this to me. The cultivation technique was one of your inheritances passed down by Ming via the System. However, he does not want you to get it just by completing a mission. He wants you to work the extra mile for these missions and made you understand the optional objectives are just as important as the main missions."

"But I do not cut corners! ...well not that much." Jin realised his grandfather knew about his occasional skiving.

"It is true, but now that you are going to become your own boss, having your own shop. It is important to respect your customers by giving them the best quality. That is how you become number one."

At this point, Jin's stomach growled and he decided to walk to the Tiangong Shopping District to grab a bite for his dinner. He definitely remembered to change his bloodstained clothes before moving to the Tiangong Shopping District.

He was a little excited with all the new developments he had in one day that he just ordered a Wacdonalds meal for a quick bite in order to get back into this dungeon supplier business as soon as possible. While he was eating, he slowly scrolled through the goblin cards he captured.


Grade 1 Monster

Name: Goblin (Spear)

Description: It is a goblin, what kind of explanation do you want? You should have seen enough novels or games to know about them! Fine, the goblin is an adapt spear user in its world, let it fight enough and perhaps it will learn some tricks from the other cultivators.

Grade 1 Difficulty: * *


"What is this description?" Jin nearly choked on his fries as he read the card.

"You can skive does not mean I can't do that either!" Yun sent a pouting emoji through his phone as if she pouted at the food Jin was eating. "Oh, grandfather did say that you adored fast food a lot and yet you can still maintain your slim figure," Jin recalled.

"In any case, all of your monsters are able to upgrade themselves and subsequently lower their grades when necessary against lower level cultivators," Yun replied.

"So they are like those traditional role-playing games where instead of me training them, it's the cultivators that are training them while they are fighting to train themselves up? That is so wicked!" Jin sipped on his soda grinning.

"Of course! What other dungeon suppliers have are scripted monsters or monsters created from limited experience. The monsters you have are real living ones which will be resurrected by the System each time they die. Regardless, they will remain loyal like how the bellators are strictly loyal only to you. This is the rule of the System that they can never break once they were captured." Yun continued her talking.

"I am indeed looking forward to them." Jin quickly browsed through the sword goblin and the dagger goblin and reopened the Missions app,


Mission 2: "Get your store up and running!"

Take a look at your plot of land. With the aid of the System, get your permit, call the construction workers in and redesign via the limits of the System.

Optional Objective: Get a Panda standee suitable for your shop without the aid of the System.

Rewards: Custom-made Dimension Space Portal Machine


"What is with this obsession of Pandas…" Jin placed his handphone on his forehead and tapped his forehead with it a few times.

"Ming said you always loved carrying that Panda soft toy around the house when you were young. You were extremely mad with him when the babysitter he hired for a day accidentally throw away it with the garbage when you left it in the kitchen."

"Ah... Xiao Hei…" Jin really did had fond memories with his panda soft toy but he did not realise his grandfather took it to heart. It was the first toy Jin ever remembered having. He also vaguely remembered that Ming told him it was his parents that bought it for him before they were killed.

Jin still liked pandas, but he thought it was a little childish at his age to get another soft toy. He guessed his grandfather wanted him to reminisce about the old days.

After his burger set meal, he placed the tray at the return tray area and started to walk towards the plot of land that Ming bought for him. "Yun, how can I get the permit of a dungeon supplier? I thought you need to go through rigorous exams or be super rich to get a permit."

"It's done, you got a permit," Yun replied with the fullest confidence.

"HUH?" Jin immediately received an email notification from the Business Association Affairs office of Shenzhen indicating that they had approved of his application to be a dungeon supplier. They will be sending the Dungeon Supplier Certification in two to three working days.

"What just happened?!"

"Magic. :)" Yun gave him a notification on his phone instead of telling him directly. The working wonders of the System can never be estimated.



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