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Chapter 44 Venus Four - Part 4

Chapter 44 Venus Four - Part 4

"Oink! Oink! Oink!" the Venus Four heard the distant shouts of the eight legged boar coming from the south and the girls had little time to regroup for the boss fight.

"Take your positions again. Assuming what Boss Jin said was true, what we had practised for the past few days will bear fruit!" Yue Wen shouted and the girls got together into a line formation.

Jing Ru was still at the elevated slope providing overwatch for the team but this time round, she put her Winterwolf air rifle down and took out a ForestBear .50 calibre air rifle from her storage ring.

Compared to the Winterwolf air rifle, the ForestBear air rifle was heavier, sturdier and packs a larger punch than the former one. However, the drawback of the rifle was its recoil and reload. The chi needed to be infused into a .50 calibre pellet was higher in order for it to be lethal in a fight. At her current grade, to infuse sufficient chi quickly into a .50 calibre pellet allowed her to have at most two shots.

She hoped the practice runs they did for the past few days was enough to defeat Mr Oink with one full team attack. Yue Wen was at the scene for the first dungeon clear so she knew it was possible to kill the boar with one attack. If they dragged on for too long, the little piglet would emerge from the weakened boar form and they had to deal it while exhausted.

In the line formation, Shi Hui was right in front of them instead of Grade 3 Sanguine Stag Style cultivator Jia Ying, followed by Yue Wen. "The Shadowy Swan Style user is not a tank and in the current team composition, it will be more sensible for her to hold the secondary offensive role to support the Sanguine Stag Style user." Mr-Know-It-All customer who always lurked in Jin's store said out loud and this time his comment actually created some discussion.

"Maybe, they want the Shadowy Swan Style user to soften Mr Oink for the main offensive role of the team to have a one hit kill." A customer decided to voice out his opinion.

"Ah yes, the instant kill so the little piglet will not appear, but I heard it's cute! I would like to take a look at it if possible." the female customer replied happily.

"The cute things in Boss Jin's dungeons are just too dangerous. Remember the Zither Mistress? From the distance, her white wavy hair attracts your attention and when you saw her innocent pure smile, your heart will just melt. With the melodious music she plays in every instance, she is no doubt the Young Siren of the Grasslands." A customer who tried the Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance could not forget the Zither Mistress.

"If he had known that young little girl was at least 200 years old. I wonder how he will take it." Jin was grinning at himself but continued to keep quiet.

"Mr Oink is coming! Shi Hui and Jia Ying get ready!" Yue Wen placed her palms onto Jia Ying and began to transfer her chi for Jia Ying's use. Jia Ying readied her stance as if she was going to perform another spear art.

Shi Hui knew the location of the boar from Jing Ru's overwatch so she positioned herself and the line formation was adjusted accordingly. Now the boar came into the small clearing with Venus Four on the other end.

Both of them were roughly 50 meters apart from each other and the boar stomped its feet. "Oink!" The boar did not delay a second more and sprinted towards Shi Hui. On the other hand, she smiled at the thought of the boar's primal instincts when it charged towards Shi Hui. She immediately portrayed her cultivation, the Shadowy Swan Style and initiated her War Fan Art, "Rosy Illusion of the Swan in the Shadows!"

It was a Grade 1 illusion technique which lowers the guard of the enemy. In the boar's view, it had its whole peripheral vision framed with a field of rose right in front of it. The smell of rose and sudden urge of loving it overcame its senses and emotions of rage.

The boar slowed its pace and started to roll around the mud in the clearing as if it was playing in the field of rose. Without any resistance to illusion magic, the boar's mind was controlled by Shi Hui.

"Jing Ru! Jia Ying! Now!" Yue Wen gave a large shout and pushed her last bit of Chi into Jia Ying. A heavy presence of Chi aura suddenly emanated out of Jia Ying as she tried to contain and focus the chi given by Yue Wen into her spear as much as possible.

When Jing Ru heard Yue Wen's command, she gently pressed her trigger and the ForestBear rifle fired her chi infused .50 calibre pellet. The pellet screamed through the air, subsequently creating a large hole in the skull of the boar. The eight-legged boar immediately went into a series of spasm.

"Spear Art! Turbulent Pierce of the Sanguine Stag!" Within the same moment, Jia Ying shouted and extended her arm towards the convulsing boar. She aimed her chi infused waxwood spear towards the large opening that Jing Ru created and the spear automatically extended its length and pierced through the boar.

It was as if the boar was on a stick waiting to be cooked. Jia Ying used whatever strength that she had to swing the 'boar on a stick' into a bunch of trees beside the clearing. Yue Wen could clearly see Jia Ying's muscles bulging and veins popping as the boar was being smashed into the woods.

After a 180 degrees swing, Jia Ying let go of the spear and fell to the ground panting crazily. The spear slowly returned to its original length and was still stuck on the boar. Yue Wen sat beside her, drained of her Chi too. Shi Hui went to check the boar while Jing Ru continued to stay in her hideout till the end of the dungeon.

"Did we do it?" Jia Ying was sweating profusely and felt intense heart palpitations. At this moment, the lady announcer made the announcement and all of them gave a sigh of relief.

"Normal+ Mode completed. Please stand by for teleportation."

The Venus Four teleported safely back to Station 6 and the girls saw that they were surrounded by a crowd of customers. The customers cheered in front of them and congratulated them for their efforts.

"You are an inspiration to the rest of the female cultivators! Show those arrogant males that we can do it too!" A female cultivator went forward to shake their hands.

"Guess I have to work harder, Boss Jin! One more dungeon instance ticket please!" Customers started to reorder from Boss Jin again which caused Jin to have a curious thought for himself. "How do these customers have so much money to spare? Is this not just a mildly developed neighbourhood?"

Subsequently, he erased that thought away, it would be a bad omen to even think about it. Yun nodded her head and looked at Jin. "Yes, just collect the money and do not think about anything else."



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