Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 33 Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance

Chapter 33 Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance

"New dungeon?" Da Se Lang was one of the new customers being roped into this new dungeon supplier by his colleague Hong Deng Long during his lunch break. Deng Long tried the goblin dungeon with a few of his friends the night before but they only managed to kill two goblins.

Deng Long knew that passing the dungeon would yield a user 10 Bronze Panda Medals. It was trending news in the Pandamonium main chat. He also had confirmation of it from customers talking who spoke personally to Shi Zuo and Luo Bo when they were in the recovery room.

In addition, he found out from other customers in the Pandamonium main chat that if people managed to kill all three goblins and reach the dungeon boss, the eight legged boar, they would earn three Bronze Panda Medals.

Hence, this dungeon supplier store did not follow the current trend of dungeon suppliers, which sold a package of dungeon instances. How that worked was to let cultivators encounter a certain set of monsters in one instance at a time After defeating an instance, they unlocked a new dungeon instance but they had to exit the dungeon to fight again.

This broke the continuity of said dungeon experience as well as reducing the difficulty of the dungeon. Hence, many customers came to Boss Jin because they liked the traditional dungeon experience where there was a continuity of the dungeon experience despite the increased difficulty.

"If the dungeon is not difficult, it should not be called a dungeon at all. I really recommend you to try Boss Jin's dungeon instances." That was how Deng Long, a Grade 2 Peak cultivator convinced his colleague Da Se Lang, who he knew was a Grade 3 Peak cultivator.

"Oh my god, the dungeons are expensive!" Se Lang saw the price and wanted to faint.

"Se Lang, I promised you this is the real deal. You said you were so sick of King's Monster dungeons that you retired about two years ago right?" As he managed to hook Se Lang, Deng Long decided to sweeten the deal.

"How about I treat you once to the new dungeon instance? Take it as thanks for constantly covering my portion at work because of my wife?" Deng Long dangled the carrot right in front of Se Lang to play with him. Deng Long and Se Lang were fellow police officers at a local police station, Tiangong Police Station near Tiangong Shopping District.

"Okay, fine. If you lie to me, you treat me to a meal too, okay?" Se Lang managed to stick one more condition in to refine the ongoing deal. "If you like it, your treat." Deng Long counter offered while he nodded his head reluctantly. However, in actual fact, he knew he was going to win this bet hands down. He smiled when Se Lang was not looking as he waited for their turn to get the dungeon tickets.

"Boss Jin! Three Goblin Dungeon Instances with Instructor Milk as per usual!" Xiong Da loudly announced his orders to Jin. Some of the customers suddenly whispered among each other. "Instructor? As in AI instructor?"

Jin nodded slightly and said "Availability is limited. At the moment there are only two instructors. You can take a look at Xiong Da's dungeon instance to get a feel of the instructors. Be warned though, Panda Medals will be reduced since the instructors are helping you to clear the dungeon."

"Xiong Da, Station 5 so I do not have to carry you around that much." Jin pointed at it and Xiong Da's Station lit up.

"Thank you, Boss! I will fight once before I eat your delicious curry rice again!" Xiong Da smiled back at Jin and walked towards it.

Some of the customers then decided to take a step back and look before they decided on something new. That included the new dungeon instance which Deng Long and Se Lang would be trying.

Yet, that did not deter Deng Long and Se Lang to try the new dungeon. Those two were police partners since they both sucked at the police academy. They knew each other's weaknesses and strengths and Deng Long believed with Se Lang around, they should be able to clear it.

"Boss Jin, nice to meet you again." Deng Long greeted him.

"Ah, Deng Long right? It's a pleasure having your patronage again." Jin had the System memorise most of the names and faces of each of his customers. This way, whenever he saw a returning face, Yun would personally remind him about it. This way, it brought a personal touch and familiarity to the customers, as if the customers really mattered to him. That was his first step to gain regular loyal customers.

"Boss Jin, I am humbled for you to remember my name. This is Da Se Lang, a dear colleague at work." Deng Long smiled and introduced his colleague Se Lang to Jin.

"So, which dungeon instance are you looking at?" Jin asked with a smile on his face.

"The new one, ehh.. Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance. Two of those please." Deng Long looked at the menu to confirm the name of the new dungeon.

"418 Yuan for one ticket, two will be a total of 836 Yuan. Please pay individually for the Panda Credits to be valid." Jin waited for them to pay at the cashier port before he issued them the dog tags.

Jin previously asked Yun whether he could change the name or give a nickname to suit Lady Snake. "Lady Snake sounds so confusing when you have the Great White Snake with her," Jin said while he browsed the monster app list.

"Well, they are your monsters, nicknames are definitely allowed. Please do not tell me you want to name her loli snake. I will personally smack you." Yun was a little feisty with her reply.

"Hahaha, as much as I would like to, I respect her strength. Zither Mistress sounds like a better nickname than Lady Snake." Jin said.

"Hmm, I am cool with that." Yun changed Lady Snake's name on the monster app to Zither Mistress and subsequently on the new dungeon instance as well. Zither Mistress was just a simple nickname that Jin thought of for the little girl turned monster he just caught. However, if Jin could see behind the scenes of the monster app, that 200 year old little girl was crying with joy for the first time.

She was abandoned and had been trying to survive for so long that she did not know a thing about warmth. Having a name, a name just for her because she mattered instead of a title given by people who feared her. She realised what it meant to have her presence acknowledged.

"Station 3, have a nice day! And hope you two enjoy yourselves." Jin bowed a little and called out to the next customer.

"How does this work?" Se Lang looked at his dog tag as he waited for Deng Long to send him back the money.

"Just place the dog tag near the TV. It will detect the dog tag and will transport us to the dungeon instance." Deng Long felt a little proud to know the procedures of this peculiar shop.

Se Lang and Deng Long were teleported safely to the dungeon instance. They found themselves surrounded by hundreds of meters of grasslands and a large sakura blossom tree erected right in front of them.

Right below the sakura blossom tree, a little girl was happily playing her zither as the sakura petals descended and danced with the music.



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