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Chapter 24 Second Form of Boss Boar

Chapter 24 Second Form of Boss Boar

"It's enough Luo Bo, you should aid Shi Zuo." Bin Yong stood up as steadily as he could, using his sword as a support. From the position she was kneeling, she realigned her sling bag and picked up the bow she left on the floor.

Bin Yong took a deep breath in and started to use his sword to hit his buckler. "Bang Bang Bang!" The ruckus of metal against metal was amplified by his Bombardier Beetle Style and he finally got the attention of the boar.

Just as the Boar turned to see where the ruckus was from, another three arrows flew into its flesh at the flank. The boar was obviously tired while contending with Shi Zuo but the latter was injured and he looked like he would have collapsed anytime if not for Bin Yong's timely intervention.

Shi Zuo's Mad Monkey Style was meant for attack and not for defence. However, the phrase the best offense is the best defense still held true. The cuts and slashes that Shi Zuo delivered made the boar bleed and Bin Yong could see that with a little more effort, it might die.

"Oh, they might have a chance to invoke the second form." Jin accidentally spoke out loud as he was looking at Station 4 and the crowd of customers in front of the TV immediately turned around stunned.

"Boss Jin...what do you mean second form?" Cold sweat slowly dripped down from one of the customer's neck.

"Take a look for yourself, it should happen anytime soon. I think."

"Luo Bo, it seems it is dying, let's go for an all-out attack!" Bin Yong suddenly took charge of the situation. Luo Bo nodded happily and with her cultivation style, two Rabbits were seen jumping around above her. She bent her knees a little and held her bow string as stretched as possible. The arrow in the bow was slowly gathering the chi from Luo Bo and from the surroundings.

The boar suddenly noticed the threat was not from the human with the sword and shield but from the ranged weapon user. Without regards for its life, it charged frantically towards the bow user.

The distraction worked well, Bin Yong summoned out his cultivation, two beetles were flying in circles above him and he used all his might to slam his buckler towards the flank of the boar. The boar who let its guard down was pushed from the side, causing it to fall sideways.

The arrow gathered enough chi and Luo Bo released the tension of the string and the arrow blasted out of the bow. Luo Bo later fell to the ground due to providing chi energy for the charged arrow shot. Bin Yong quickly got out of the way before he got caught in the blast radius of the charged arrow.

"Boom!" A large amount of smoke and ground dust appeared when the arrow landed onto the knocked down boar. Bin Yong was amazed by Luo Bo's all-out attack. "Good Job Luo Bo!"

Luo Bo could not respond verbally but raised her hand and gave a thumbs up. Shi Zuo who was on the ground too, laughed loudly. Bin Yong started to chuckle a little. They did it right?

"Buu Buuu, Buuu Heee!!" A sound was emitted from the smoke and dust. Bin Yong immediately went into defensive stance. "What? I thought we killed it?" Bin Yong was alarmed.

Shi Zho and Luo Bo tried to sit up as well when they heard the noise from the boar. "That does not sound the same as the boar we killed just now!"

From the smoke, a small figure roughly 50 centimetres in height stood tall on the corpse of the dead eight legged boar. "Guys, I thought you said the boar is the final boss!" Bin Yong cried out to them.

"That was what we saw when Bu Dong killed it instantly!" Shi Zuo shouted back.

"Instantly…? Could it be that Luo Bo's attack was not strong enough to kill it instantly?" Bin Yong started to talked to himself. However, before he could think of any other reason, that small figure dashed out of the near dissipating smoke. Bin Yong's quick reaction in using his buckler managed to buy him more time in the dungeon but he was knocked back into a tree, causing him to throw up some blood.

That small figure was actually a cute looking piglet standing on its two legs….and it was holding the boar's tusk as its weapon. "Buuu Heee!" The piglet snorted out loud to show its aggression.

Meanwhile, the customers stared at the TV with blank looks. "Boss, did you purposely put the boar with a piglet sound and vice versa for this piglet." The crowd was waiting for the answer but Jin opened a Panda Juice and leant on the bar counter before speaking.

"Trade Secret."

"If not for my respect for Boss Jin's food and quality dungeon, I would probably smack him real hard with my cultivation." One of the customers sighed.

"Then I guess, Bu Dong did not trigger the piglet because he killed it instantly. Damaging it hard and letting it bleed to death probably allowed it to trigger the second form of the eight legged boar." Another customer deduced it and everyone thought it was the only possibility.

Suddenly the chatter around the bar counter got even more heated than usual. Some started to change their strategy while others checked if they had sufficient items to last them through the boss battle. One of the customers even asked Jin if he sells dungeon essential supplies.

"I will have them soon, they are still pending for shipping. Do not worry, if you are careful, you do not actually need to buy any items for this dungeon."

"Yeah right, I do not see how I do not need to worry when this dungeon boss has a second form! Why don't you try it and show us how it is done Boss!" One of the customers provoked Jin and somehow, it caught on with the crowd.

"Yeah Boss! Show us how this is done! I will even pay for your instance ticket!" The crowd got even louder.

"Okay, but after Station 4 finishes their turn. I might need to bring them up for health monitoring." Jin promised them and Yun laughed at the absurdity of the request of the crowd.

"Hahaha, Jin I cannot believe they are giving out free advertisement service for you." Jin grinned a little at Yun's comment and continued to enjoy the show at Station 4.

"Bin Yong, careful! The piglet is coming at you from the right, but it's a feint from the front!" Luo Bo shouted as she knew a thing or two about illusions and feints due to her style, Illusive Rabbit. However, she was too weak to help Bin Yong after the charged arrow.

Shi Zuo tried to aid Bin Yong but he was careless in his defence a few seconds ago, causing him to be slammed hard from the tusk attack, which the small piglet carried around so effortlessly. The wounds he initially got from the fights started to get bigger.

Compared to the big sized boar, the piglet lacked strength but compensated with speed and versatility. The attacks were not hard hitting enough to take Bin Yong down but it was wearing him down fast.

"I have to use a feint too, else I am not able to hit the piglet!" Bin Yong thought to himself as he defended another flurry of attacks delivered by the piglet.

The piglet finally jumped backwards after its attack to regain some stamina but Bin Yong thought this was the best opportunity to feint his way to victory. He quickly staggered and went down to his knees while pretending to lay his sword on the ground.

Instead of waiting to get some stamina back, the piglet rushed forward with all its might upon seeing the new situation. The moment the piglet was within range, Bin Yong looked at it intently and his cultivation shines brightly above him. "Bombardier Beetle Style, Bombardment Counterattack!" Bin Yong shouted. A burst of hot high pressured gas came gushing out from Bin Yong's shield and it immediately surrounded Bin Yong and enveloped the piglet.

The hot pressured gas scorched the piglet's skin, ears, eyes and even mouth which caused the piglet to be in pain and misses its attack, falling to the ground beside Bin Yong. Without any hesitation, he quickly picked his sword up to thrust at the piglet's back.

However, the severely injured piglet did not give any quarters and pushed the tusk it was holding backwards. At that heightened juncture, both managed to strike their targets. The tusk was pierced into the left lower ribs, going through Bin Yong's left lung while the sword was pierced into the piglet's neck. Both fell to the ground lying in a pool of each other's blood.

"Bin Bin!" Luo Bo cried out at her helplessness as she tried to drag herself towards Bin Yong. Shi Zuo was unable to move from the wounds he received from the piglet and he could only see his friend fall from the attack.

Suddenly, a female announcer voice was heard and stated that the dungeon was completed. The crowd did not cheer at Station 4 and there was only silence. When the trio came out of the dungeon instance, Luo Bo and Shi Zuo were back to peak health but Bin Yong was rendered unconscious.

The crowd started to clap as if to welcome them back to safety and Jin said their names out loud.

"Grade 2 Nu Bin Yong, Grade 2 Mei Shi Zuo and Grade 2 Zha Luo Bo, you have cleared the dungeon and your timing had been placed in the current scoreboard right over there. Only the top 30 timings will be listed. As of now, congratulations."

Now the crowd cheered a little, giving them the respect for clearing not just the dungeon but the hidden form of the boss too.



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