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Chapter 20 Milk Milks Money

Chapter 20 Milk Milks Money

"Judging from your performance just now, you are hoping to increase your cultivation so you might have the chance to declare for a rematch?" Jin queried and Xiong Da could only nod his head in disappointment.

"I am a bit ashamed of my previous performance but yes I would want to."

"How determined are you?"

"Very! I will go to the mountains and back again for her."

"Isn't the phrase go to the end of the world and back again." Jin sighed at Xiong Da's simplicity.

"Same thing boss, I could hardly walk up a hill, much less a mountain." Xiong Da said without thinking.

"It's alright I get what you mean. Now I will tell you my plan. I have an AI instructor that might be able to help you in your path of cultivation, are you willing to partake?"

"I heard the AI instructors are just preprogrammed bots in the dungeon instance. However, Boss Jin, so far what you have shown me in this store shows that you deal with only the best quality. So I believe the instructor you are getting for me will be top notch too." Xiong Da's earnest attitude kind of melted Jin's heart a little for believing in him.

"It will be a little costly, are you still willing?" However, that attitude did not satiate Jin's thirst for money. Fat Hippo's money.

"I told you already money is not a problem!" Xiong Da folded his arms to express his slight disappointment in Jin's distrust of his capability to pay.

"Okay, so here is the plan. At least three instances with the instructor. If the stations are occupied by other customers, you wait for your turn. If not, you can continue on once you wake up from your unconsciousness." Jin did not need anything else to convince him.

"Do at least three instances and if you think you can do more, tell me and I will set you up for more." Jin now tried to hook the hippo for more.

"How much is the instructor programme?" Xiong Da started to sweat a little.

"189 Yuan per instance run," Jin said with a firm voice.

Xiong Da nearly pulled his hair out when he heard the price. That will be 434 Yuan per instance! But how could he back down now when after he had said to Jin. "I will prove my worth!" He thought to himself.

"Okay Boss Jin, I accept your proposal. So I start tomorrow?"

"What rubbish are you talking about? Why tomorrow when you can start immediately? Is your determination that weak? Otherwise, why did I ask you to bath for? So you can start afresh!" Jin could not help but reeled the fishing line immediately when he hooked the fat hippo in. Perhaps Jin's determination to eat up Xiong Da's money was stronger than Xiong Da's courage to train his cultivation.

Xiong Da gave a gulp and he took out his phone to place it on the credit port. A total of 1302 Yuan was deducted from his phone in an instant.

Jin pretended to be serious as he continued to encourage Xiong Da about how he had already taken his first step into the road to higher cultivation but in his heart, Jin was jumping crazily because of the increase in revenue.

He also introduced the Pandamonium app to Xiong Da and told him to take a look at his stat while Jin placed his phone near the Panda Port to synchronise his only bellator, Milk, into the store's system.

After which, Jin directed Xiong Da to Station 2 for the start of training. When Xiong Da arrived in the forest instance he heard someone cheerfully calling him.

"Yooohooo! You Xiong Da?" Milk came walking in unknowingly from the edge of the woods with a seductive manner. Xiong Da could not help but gulp another portion of his saliva and nodded his head.

"Did Jin not say it's an AI instructor? Why does the instructor look so perfect? Wait, of course she looks perfect, she's an AI programmed instructor! However, she looked too human to be considered as an AI instructor. Boss Jin really has good taste and good programming skills!" Xiong Da kept on praising Jin.

"Hey there Mr Big Guy, I'm Milk! Nice to meet you." Milk's smile seemed to make Xiong Da's nose swell up with blood. The swelling in his nose got even worse as Milk's chest involuntarily shook and so did Xiong Da's head.

Suddenly, the thought of Ruo Ying appeared in his mind. He quickly shook his head and affirmed his mind's stance "My heart cannot waver! All I have is her. The one and only Ruo Ying!"

Milk noticed a subtle change in Xiong Da's behaviour so she stopped teasing him and took her book weapon out to block a sudden dagger throw from the woods. After which, she took the book with her and jumped high to knock on Xiong Da's head.

"First thing! Do not fall for the same attack again! Be alert of your surroundings!" Milk started to scold Xiong Da and he quickly observed the surroundings. His Hungry Hippo Style was more of a defensive kind of style but if used correctly, it could inflict great damage too.

"The only disadvantage your style has is speed. So you have to complement with either advanced thinking, knowing where your enemy will strike next or brute force to make the enemy come out from its hiding place." Milk opened her book and flipped a few pages to cast a strength buff on Xiong Da.

The dagger goblin burst out of the bushes to attack Xiong Da but he was able to dodge in time after noticing a slight movement in the bush with Milk's prompting. However, his eyes still could not avert themselves from Milk's chest even if his heart told him not to, else Xiong Da could have dodged and counterattacked the dagger goblin.

Jin saw the whole scene and pitied him. "The concentration you need is doubled with Milk around and she can play this succubus act so well," Jin remembered the first encounter he had with Milk.

"Focus! Stop looking at mine and start thinking about how to get hers!" Milk jumped up again and knocked Xiong Da's head. Xiong Da, with a slight bruise on his head took out his iron war club mace from his storage ring. Instead of charging, he smashed the ground with all his strength as advised by Milk earlier on. The shockwave indeed staggered the dagger goblin a little, which caused it to fall down.

"Now move forward and attack the dagger goblin!" Milk shouted and pointed her book towards the goblin. Xiong Da rushed towards the dagger goblin but this time the spear goblin came from the side and attacked Xiong Da.

The ambush frightened Xiong Da and this gave the dagger goblin the opportunity to strike from a kneeling position. Naturally, it aimed for his neck and the strike was true. Xiong Da bled profusely as the dagger goblin held onto Xiong Da's body to stab for the second time.

However, a book flew from afar and hit the dagger goblin over and it fell again. A holy energy based Cross came out from Milk's hand and it both struck the spear and dagger goblin, making them unable to attack Xiong Da.

Meanwhile, Milk walked slowly towards Xiong Da without casting a spell. Xiong Da was fading to unconsciousness from the loss of blood but Milk did nothing to save him.

"Your Hungry Hippo Style made you strong against attacks. Dare to strike your enemy while you endure attacks by your enemies. This will scare them and make them think you are either insane or invincible."

All Xiong Da could do to react was to puke sputum of blood from out his mouth while blood ceaselessly flowed out of his throat. He was later teleported back to the front of the TV of Station 2. Milk had also been returned into Jin's phone

"You could have saved him, why did you not do that?" Jin asked with some curiosity.

"Well, why hold his hand when you can guide him while he places some moolah on it too?" Milk gave a wink to Jin as she was having a video conversation with him on the phone. However, at the same time, Jin also noticed the background in her place surprisingly empty but that was just a passing thought.

"Oh Milk, I'm starting to like you a lot more." Jin curled his lips.

"Anything for the benefit of my master." Milk blew a kiss and turned her back towards Jin waving goodbye before she closed the video call with him.

"Xiong Da, I am going to make you a strong cultivator. Before that, let me improve mine." Jin stretched a little before he dragged Xiong Da again to the stairs and used Lazy Panda Swipe again to send him up to the second floor.



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