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Chapter 18 Abrupt Mission

Chapter 18 Abrupt Mission

"You are all alone by yourself Jin. This is karma for ignoring me. K A R M A. lalalalala~♫" Yun started to hum a song happily in his head.

"I should quickly eat my tonkatsu rice or I won't have any strength to carry him!" Jin rushed to his curry rice and started to take in a few mouthfuls of the now lukewarm tonkatsu. He took the plate along with him towards Station 2 in order to watch the battle instance.

Just as he was about to sit down in front of Station 2's TV behind the bar counter...Xiong Da was already teleported back from the instance, lying flat on the ground.

Breathing but motionless.

Jin stood behind the bar counter with his eyes filled with boredom, weariness, frustration and emptiness. Did he forget to mention he had a mouthful of delicious pig meat in his mouth too? Yes and that.

"Oh no! Someone had been rendered unconscious! What can we do? Oh! Boss Jin is around, isn't he? But he can't seem to hear me. What shall I do?" Yun whined ceaselessly.

"Fine! I am sorry Yun for ignoring you!" Jin spoke with anger mixed with regrets. "Can you help me with this?"

"What was that? An apology? Or did I hear a plea? System, I think my hearing is getting worse. Should I do tell the whisperer to do the job himself? What? You actually agree with me that this should be a punishment for him? I think so too!" Yun was in bitch mode. If Jin could have physically seen Yun, he would have pummeled her into orange juice.

"Fine! I'll do it myself after my lunch…" Jin grudgingly accepted his fate.

"But what if that person needs medical attention? What if he does not feel good lying on the floor for such a long time? Oh oops, why am I talking to the wall? Silly me!" Yun continued to be spiteful.

"OKAY, I WILL DO IT NOW!" Jin reluctantly put his spoon down but not before he stuffed another mouthful of curry rice into his mouth.


Abrupt Mission: Bring the unconscious Xiong Da to the second floor.

Mission Objectives: as stated above.

Secondary Objectives: Kowtow three times in front of the phone with the magnificently gorgeous picture of Yun. The picture will be sent to you.

Rewards: Yun's Forgiveness.


Jin immediately choked on the food he had just swallowed and quickly grabbed a jar full of spring water to calm himself down. "Oh My Gosh. This Yun." He took a deep breath and walk out of the bar counter, towards the fatty 'lazing' around on the floor.

He grabbed Xiong Da by the hand and tried to pull normally. He did not budge a single centimetre. "What kind of weight does he have?!"

"You mean how heavy he is? According to the stats here obtained from the dungeon instance... about 185kg." Yun said with a chuckle.

"18- WHAT? How did he even walk so quickly just now?!" Jin felt that his soul wished to depart from his body upon hearing Yun's reply.

"It is probably his cultivation Hungry Hippo which allowed him to withstand such weight or maybe you are just weak. Weak Boss Jin." Yun gave a 'tsk tsk tsk' sound to show her dissatisfaction towards Jin.

Jin immediately used his cultivation the Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas, and two pandas silhouettes as lazy as Xiong Da appeared at the top of Jin. The way those pandas acted was not helping his situation but he now was able to drag Xiong Da towards the stairs leading to the second floor as if he was trying to hide a murder victim.

"He does not feel like 185kg, more like nearly 300kg!" Jin complained

"Oh did I not say a two before saying hundred and eighty five kilograms? Must be a slip of my tongue." Yun giggled again.

"There is no way I can carry this behemoth-sized piece of flesh up the stairs." Jin's head started to hurt more than the pain he felt behind his back at the thought of the abrupt mission. However, at this moment, he realised something and went to check the abrupt mission objectives again.

Suddenly, Jin had a grin. An evil one.

"The mission did not state on the kind of condition Xiong Da will arrive on the second floor." Jin went into his fighting stance and did the newest move he just learnt Lazy Panda Swipe! With twice the power of his strength in selected muscles in his right arm, he lazily did a swipe towards Xiong Da's belly. To his surprise, the swipe was indeed strong enough to knock Xiong Da up the half space landing of the stairs leading to the second floor.

"Oh my! You are so violent, Jin!" Yun was satisfied that Jin was able to figure out the agenda of the mission objectives. Jin quietly said thank you in fear of Yun's repeated retaliation and did the same Lazy Panda Swipe again to push Xiong Da to the second floor.

He later dragged Xiong Da to a suitable angle and distance to a lounge chair. "I hope the System's lounge chair is sturdy enough to hold 285 kg of weight plus or minus the residual kinetic energy of his weight." Jin readied his Lazy Panda Swipe and once more, Xiong Da flew but landed straight onto a lounge chair.

"Hooray for studying physics in engineering." Despite using the moves only three times, Jin felt his entire right arm muscle becoming extremely sore. He immediately plugged the pulse oximetry onto Xiong Da and turned on the cardiac monitor to check his breathing and pulse. Jin also checked the areas he used the swipe attack and realised there seem to be no damage done.

"The Hungry Hippo Style allowed the cultivators to use his adipose tissues or his fats like the blubber of a hippo. They are nearly impervious against blunt attacks at higher grades of cultivation." Yun explained like she was a teacher.

"Then how did this fatty die so fast in the instance?"

"Dagger to the throat, there is nothing to protect the throat." Yun turned on the video recording of Xiong Da's death on Jin's phone. All Jin could do is shake his head at Xiong Da's incompetence.

Jin massaged his right arm a little before doing the second objective. Since no one was around on the floor except the unconscious fatty, Jin placed the phone beside the wall of the second floor and Yun immediately showed a picture of her in her younger days.

Jin was actually slightly bewitched by Yun's picture. The flowing silky walnut brown hair and that devious smile with a pair of horizontally wide eyes staring at him. He could not help but felt a skip in his heart even though he knew that was a picture of his mother's younger self. The kowtow somehow became a little easier when you started to idolise a person.

He did three sincere prostrations and the abrupt mission was completed. "Your apology has been accepted, I forgive you," Yun spoke in his head. "I have unlocked a few features of your shop in completing not just the abrupt mission but the mission you did halfway too."

Before Yun could say another word, Xiong Da spoke out loud. "Big Brother Boss, you have a girl you could not get too?" His eyes started to tear up as he saw Jin in a prostrated position at a picture of an extremely gorgeous girl the moment he woke up.

"Oh no..." Jin wondered what he got himself into.



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