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Chapter 1360: Trying To Create The New Base Camp

Chapter 1360: Trying To Create The New Base Camp

“Hahahahah!” Gnawbones said as he finally felt that the trip here was not a waste. “What did I tell you guys?! Humans are just a piece of trash when faced against us!” The Air Force General said as he used his gloves imbued with magic to move the immobile Gunndam Aegis.

“User, the System detected intrusion into Gunndam Aegis mainframe system. Are you sure that you wish to let the Demon Rats use our weapons against our own?” The System said as a reminder since the Shaitan Slydra had dropped a bomb of information onto Jin at the worst time of all. Whether it was true or not was a question to be answered in the future but the fact that he had to watch his every single movement since the gods were always watching him might be a problem.

“Hmm? Do you think I am worried? You had been watching me for months. What’re another few lurkers?” Jin said out loud without any care, eradicating all the secrecy that the Shaitan had painstakingly taken to make sure Jin might use this to his advantage. But it seems like the Dungeon Supplier is going to throw that caution out to the winds with his current actions.

“And if they are really watching us, at least provide us some compensation god damn it,” Jin argued and if the System was once human, they would laugh bitterly at Jin’s comment. Always wanting to take advantage of the situation he was in. He was no doubt a businessman (be it a bad or good one) through and through.

“In any case, I will stay my stand. Let him have his fun. Do a thorough search for how he had managed to hijack it. Besides, we can’t always be helping the Pandarens with their battles, right? Or else, how are we going to have our money’s worth.” Jin said as he knew that there was still the internal self destruction timer counting down so there was no worthy that the Gunndam Aegis would be in the possession of the Demon Rats for long. 

In addition, with the pillar that connects the outer surface to Undercity, reinforcements had begun to flood in now that the Third Layer of the Inner Wall had been more or less secure. Roughscream had also once again used his Demon Rats lackeys to protect him as he ran away from the Pandawans further into the Northern Capital, allowing the Inner Wall to be secure if the Pandarens had sufficient time to lay the foundation. 

Xiong Da and the other Pandawans were already assisting with sweeping the Demon Rats away that were defending the Inner Wall but Luo Bo had reported that there were still more soldiers coming from the deserted Inner Town and to raid the Third Layer. It was as if the very same thing was happening all over again when they first started the raid instance, holding on to the outer wall and fighting in the Outer Town area but on a larger scale. 

But one thing was for sure. Even though the Demon Rats seemed like they were losing quite a few troops (statistically in the hundreds, but they had thousands in their midst), they had successfully diverted Pandarens’ attention into two places. In just one day, they knew roughly how many humans were attacking them and using such a tactic to divide their forces even further.

One of such humans might be able to take down five to ten rats alone but when combined strength, they could take out exponentially. So, by diverting their attention, the Demon Rats could reduce the number of casualties they could experience while continuously applying pressure on the Pandarens. This no doubt put a lot of stress on the cultivators who wanted a casual enough raid but they realised that it was not possible as they thought how realistic the entire raid instance.

They could have withdrawn and yet they knew of the prizes that had been locked behind this particular raid instance and when most of the new casuals found out that they could increase their cultivation grade, it felt like it was a pretty good motivator to continue to stay in this ‘game’.

And as Gnawbones took control of the Gunndam Aegis, the Pandarens knew they had to embrace for the worse. For once, that few more minutes that Sheep Captain Mian Ling had announced felt like it was the longest minutes they had ever experienced. Foundations of the walls were being created but it was not the full structure, allowing the Demon Rats who took the opportunity to strike on the weary Pandarens to be more successful. 

But everyone knows that ‘few’ minutes will pass and they will prevail.

Right now, all they had to do was to make sure that the Pandarens survive, especially Sheep Captain Mian Ling who was dealing with that god awful typing game which Xiong Da had to do too. But unlike Xiong Da, there was a completion bar on the console (since it was considered to be the more premium package specially catered for the Royal Zodiacs, there were also such ‘premium features’ attached to it. All hail to the power of money.)

Thus, there was indeed a time estimated for completion of the camp creation but it was just that the typing got more tedious, especially with all the interference. Unlike Xiong Da who could even withstand a few attacks if hit directly, Sheep Captain Mian Ling was not much of a combatant even though her fighting skills were above average within her team. But If one were to compare her with the other combat oriented Royal Zodiac Team Captains, she probably ranked one of the lowest. Not to mention, almost every single Demon Rat alive was trying to kill her as they had already recognised the pattern of those humans who tried to create a base camp. 

So, she had always been interrupted by them and there were always delays even though a few Pandarens, especially those with sheep cultivation, tried to protect her from the threats. (In order to gain some favour as well.)

However, the new toy which General Gnawbones had obtained was beyond their expectations and they would be in a rough spot.

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