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Chapter 1186 - The Opening Of The Cultivation Zoo

Chapter 1186 - The Opening Of The Cultivation Zoo

As the Cultivation Zoo gates lit up, various sounds of animals were heard at the series of loudspeakers as if it was a welcoming horde to rave up the crowd. To make things even more interesting, Jin had also played a mixed rendition of Jurassic Park when the gates opened.

It made the experience more surreal since the gates were as huge as castle gates, similar to the movie's scene. And when the doors opened, the first batch of customers was already taken aback by the beautiful landscape right in front of them. The fusion of forests, grasslands, savannahs and the distant icy mountains was a sight to behold. Even as they were the generation of camera users, the background was enough for them to startle them for a while before they whipped out their phones.

Unlike most zoos where they kept what was to come with lots of plant foliage and a big booth to collect their tickets, the customers were treated to a sky view area of the entire cultivation zoo which allowed them to believe that this would indeed be the largest cultivation zoo that ever been created. When Xia Mao and Jing Yu walked into the park, they were blasted with wows and bewilderment despite the crowd trying to get their fullest to get a wide panorama shot of the entire zoo.

"Sometimes you wonder if Boss Jin could ever surpass his current creations and it seems like this is one of those days." Xia Mao said as he picked up his phone to try and capture the beautiful background despite the pushing from various customers. The SWAT Pandas who were on duty within the park wore a special Zoo Helmet to differentiate themselves from the regular SWAT Pandas and reminded the visitors to stay as civil as possible.

"The advertisement did this place quite a fair bit of injustice." Jing Yu commented as she hurried Xia Mao to go explore the area. While the entrance and viewing bay was free for all to enter, the rest of the Zoo was not and required an electronic ticket to pass through. Because of Jin's Pandamonium App, almost everyone had already bought their tickets beforehand and they were going through the ticket gates with their handphones.

And speaking of the ticket gates, Jing Yu found it cute that they were suitably themed instead of the usual boring metal machines. It was as if they were carved from aged wood and the barrier was a bunch of vines. When the duo was granted access to the zoo, those vines would retract and allow them to pass. But if anyone tried to cheat through the ticket gates, the vines would grab them and report to the SWAT Pandas.

It was surprising that such a scene did happen right before their eyes, thinking that they could trick into the Cultivation Zoo without a valid pass. And most of the customers who were there laughed, believing that these people were new visitors who did not know that Jin's store was akin to a simulation of a highly advanced artificial intelligence store in real life. The visitors had no idea who Jin had partnered with to achieve such 'realistic' fantasy dimensional instances but the fun and ease of access of what that matters.

"Let's go try the hamster balls!" Xia Mao shouted to Jing Yu like a curious kid in the park while the Condor Cultivator was browsing through her Pandamonium App to see what kind of enclosures were available.

"Lol. There is even a Jurassic Park enclosure but it's still under renovation. This Boss Jin is practically teasing us to come back for a second time." Jing Yu said until she realised he was out of her sight. Thankfully, they had already partied with each other and she was able to see where he was with the Pandamonium Map App tracker. At first, she thought it was useless to be used within the store instance since it usually broadcast a general location of where their party member was. But to her surprise, it became even more specific in this Cultivation Zoo instance and thus, she assumed when they were in the same service instance, the maps would be more specific.

"Xia Mao. Where. Are. You." Jing Yu furrowed her eyebrows as she gave him a call while walking towards the direction in which the Pandamonium App pointed. (She knew where he was, it was merely a rhetorical question to portray her frustration.)

"I am just looking at the Hamster Balls Selection. The Zoo Pass that we bought said we have a chance to ride them once for an hour, right?" Xia Mao said as he was contemplating whether to take the guided Hamster Ball tour or not. "They even have a dual seat Hamster Ball and a Family one. Although the family one is more of a guided tour due to its size."

"Is there a queue? I bet there is a queue." Jing Yu questioned as she tried to squeeze through the initial crowd to get to the pathways.

"Yeah, duh. I do not want a repeat of that Loud Lion Cultivator so I am merely standing at the side. Hey, they even have an opening event of this …animal duel…Animal Kaizer at the Cultivation Stadium" Xia Mao noted as he saw a flashy holographic banner right beside the Hamster Ball.

"I bet it would already be filled with people." Jing Yu said, judging by the crowd running around the place until she saw something similar to a huge aircraft hangar although it looked like a giant cavern from afar with all the flora and the waterfall.

"Want to try getting a seat? Besides, I have yet to eat anything. We could reserve seats and grab some food while waiting." Xia Mao said and Jing Yu was already tapping his shoulder from the back.

"Yeah, sure. Assuming there are still seats left." Jing Yu said and then a Red Panda popped right in front of them while riding on a mini flying hoverjet.

"Lol! A Red Panda in a Zookeeper costume on a hoverjet." Xia Mao found it cute and tried to take a picture with his phone. (And so did the other visitors around them.)

"Pandawans! It's a pleasure to serve the both of you. The Animal Stadium could be accessed by that section right over there! You would then ride on a hovercraft which would not only take you to the Animal Stadium but also act as your seat for the current event!" The Red Panda said as it flew off in its mini hoverjet to assist other customers as well.

"Looks like we have our answer." Xia Mao remarked as they went to queue for the hovercrafts.

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