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Chapter 1100 - Raid Boss Appearance

Chapter 1100 - Raid Boss Appearance

To ensure the customers were kept busy for some time as he changed the instances, Kraft had added 'resting places' which functioned as a mix of the safe houses and the Pandaren's personal rooms. (After all, the fighting was over and the use of safe houses were rendered useless.) Of course, he didn't miss the chance to charge them for such luxury.

There was the basic and free 'Tent' option, which was literally a tent that would allow the Pandarens to get back to their rooms and outfit themselves accordingly. The amount of space was somewhat lesser compared to what they had rented since there was only a c.h.e.s.t and a basic mattress to rest momentarily.

Otherwise, there was the 'Premium Tent' option, which 'only' cost a couple of Raid Points, Raid Emblems or Panda Coins to have available for themselves. On top of access to their rooms which would appear the moment they entered the tents, they also got some more comfortable furniture (albeit temporary) to relax before the last phase officially began as well as a lunch set from Lynn's Restaurant Instance.

And lastly, there was the 'Nobility's Tent' option, which cost a lot of currency of the Pandaren's choice. It was designed for groups and could connect all of their rooms. (In a way, it's priced slightly cheaper since the option was leaning towards a group setting.) And just like the namesake, it expanded the room into a Premium tent setting with everything that this choice had entailed.

Since money wasn't an issue for him, Xiong Da had booked the most expensive one. However, Xiong Da did not just change equipment, he even took a quick shower so he could feel refreshed for the next fight.

While the lawyer had been busy in the bath, Bu Dong had taken the liberty to gather everyone. Unaware of the gathering, he was taken aback when he opened the door at the sound of the knock, only to be ogled at by the large group waving at him and chuckling at his half n.a.k.e.dness.

"I'm rather surprised that you could really get the whole group here!" Xiong Da was utterly baffled.

"Please, Dear! Go back in and put on some clothes!" Ruo Ying, red like a tomato, quickly pushed her boyfriend inside, telling him to change as quickly as possible. How could she stand to allow other women in the group to check out his manliness?

"I merely came out to check what the commotion was all about! How was I supposed to know that- Ow, ow! Okay! Gimme a second to put on my b.r.i.e.f.s!" Xiong Da complained as Ruo Ying beat him back into the bathroom. A quick change of clothes later, he came out and saw that everyone was ready for the next round.

"It's quite odd to have such a long interim between the raid instances. That's not exactly Boss Jin's style to keep us in suspense." Bin Yong, the Beetle Pandawan noted as he sat on a log with his partner, Jia Le, staring at the makeshift campfire at the centre of the group.

"He might just be waiting for more cultivators to join in for the final phase. This kind of major last boss fight will feel more epic if there are more people around." Shi Zuo yawned loudly. He had come here directly after pulling an all-nighter and he was sure he would regret it afterwards. His girlfriend Luo Bo was already snoring right beside him, using her boyfriend's arm as her pillow, despite the crowd and noise.

"All I know is that I am more than happy to experience this after multiple shifts." Se Lang, the Wolf Pandawan was checking out his phone, wondering if his current assortment of equipment would be sufficient for the upcoming fight.

"Not as happy as me, seeing you WITHOUT your girlfriends for a change. Just us two FRIENDS like in the good old times. Hope you still haven't forgotten me, you know, your old AFTER WORK PARTNER!" Deng Long, the W.o.m.bat Pandawan, emphasised the last part to guilt trip his old friend but it looked like he was not giving a damn except for the group who laughed at this outburst of manly jealousy.

"The Venus Four said they would be a tad late. Apparently, they are doing some major shopping online in Jing Ru's house." Bu Dong commented and heavily hinted that Deng Long's alone time with his buddy was limited.

"Oh yea, Inspector Xue Ping and Lee An apologise that they won't be able to make it today and wish us the best. This final part of the raid has riled up the entire police station and many have put in requests for some urgent leave." Deng Long shared some inside information.

"Then how were the two of you able to come?" Jia Le, the Bellflower Cultivator questioned.

"We got really lucky with the lottery leave. It's more or less become a norm for those who want to train at Boss Jin's place to do it that way. Of course, our transponders must be active at all times, so if there is a situation that needs us, we'll have to respond immediately with no questions asked. It's a give and take situation." Se Lang commented and after their little chit chat, they noticed that the skies turned dark real fast.

"Guess, it's time. A night battle, huh?" Xiong Da picked his phone up and checked the Pandamonium App for any updates. Everyone else did the same and they kept refreshing their phones waiting for any changes. At that point, lightning struck and the thunder rumbled while the faces of the Pandawan group instantly melted into dread.

"You are kidding me?" Bu Dong could not believe his eyes when he saw the update.

"Well, this further cements the rumours that Boss Jin had a hand in that particular incident." Bin Yong scratched his head, not knowing how to respond to the latest update that appeared on their phones.

"At least it states at the bottom that this is just a work of fiction." Jia Le laughed at the blatant statement trying to fool them. "That should make this easier… right?"

"In terms of legality, there is nothing wrong about copying famous monsters for dungeon fights. After all, it's because of the possible recreation of these fights that we patronise dungeon supplier stores, isn't it?" Xiong Da remarked as he could see that everyone had put on a defeated smile on their face.

It was only natural that the wailing echoes in the background they heard from afar caused their blood to pump through their veins hard. It was a sound everyone had heard on the newsreels not too long ago. Even without seeing the monster first hand, they knew that the Final Raid Boss would be insanely hard to defeat.

For the first time in Jin's dungeons, it might be possible that they would experience an entire Raid Wipe.

"You know, I am kind of glad now that I invested all those points in for the Demopolis City upgrades." Xiong Da gulped, clueless on what to do next.

After the instance switch, all minions and NPCs had disappeared. The Home Guards and the occasional mysterious cloaked dark elves were nowhere to be seen. It was as if this entire raid was prepared solely for the Pandarens and their Final Boss.

The Loopa Ooofpa.

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