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Chapter 1095 - The Virus Project

Chapter 1095 - The Virus Project

"All projects and inventions have to go through me regardless of approval! This is the rule created between the System and me so I know for a FACT that you have not created such an item! Stop lying!" Ayse accused him as she went to the front of the War Room Table.

"That being said, I will have to agree that Kraft's is viable, mainly because this particular strain of virus is not as deadly as you all seem to think. It's an isolated strain with no chances of mutation, though that is not the issue. To put it in simple terms without boring you with the details, the virus acts as a sponge that absorbs life energy. Through the data Kiva gathered from us from the death of those soldiers, we can roughly gauge the dosage needed to create a pandemic that won't kill off the entire population."

Ayse commented and Qiu Yue raised her hand almost immediately.

"That doesn't obey the laws of physics! Especially the rule of the conversion of energy. How can you absorb this much life energy and not create something out of it?" Qiu Yue queried and Ayse happily nodded her head, feeling like a teacher proud of a good student.

"You're right, but it does create something." Ayse took a crystal out of her pocket and presented it to the group. It was transparent in colour and it shone rather brightly when placed under bright light. "Does this look familiar to any of you?"

"Looks just like a regular crystal bead." Qiu Yue shrugged her shoulders.

"Don't you think it kind of resembles a solidified Dan Tian bead?" Lynn squinted her eyes a little to inspect from afar and Ayse once again nodded her head. When she removed it from the bright light, the bead turned slightly translucent and the cultivators in the room could feel a strong aura of life energy emanating out of it in regular intervals.

"Exactly. This little bead here, has enough life energy to resurrect a man. Shouldn't be surprising seeing as it took it away from that man in the first place... at least according to the math and theoretical bullcrap Kiva presented to me when I was so suddenly informed about a certain someone's pet project." Ayse gave a smirking fox an evil glare.

As for everyone else, they were amazed by the new invention. Had the System, science team and some involvement of Kraft really created the infamous legendary resurrection bead? That was lingering in Qiu Yue and Lynn's mind until the System clarified.

"The amount of life energy harvested in one bead is only sufficient to kickstart a person's heart upon immediate death. According to the theories of eastern medicine, the body is the capsule while the Dantian is the core that provides the energy. This artificial bead, while capable of providing life energy if harnessed properly, could potentially be a life changing medicine, yet it is also a dead end to that particular solution. This is mainly because there are other factors than providing the body with life energies to wake a dead human." The System stated and started showing other facts of the crystal bead to provide circ.u.mstantial evidence for the entire group to study upon. However, everyone was more interested in Ayse's answer since the System's explanation, while accurate, was not exactly laymen friendly.

"In short and simpler terms, it's better to facilitate it as an energy crystal than a resurrection bead. We aren't that omnipotent in terms of creation." Ayse summed it up. "It does however reduce the cost of resurrection for the System."

"So does that mean that this 'virus' is just an energy sucking ...erm creation that eventually forms a bead in the patient's body. And there is no need for an antidote?" Pei finally broke her silence after watching the charade at the War Table for some time. "And it's not some virus that could be mutated and be a deadly strain that potentially causes the deaths of millions of people?"

"Hmm...something like that. Kiva even has a way of extracting it, freeing the person of its effects. It should be useful for our charade with the Goddesses later on, while also allowing us to harvest some beads for emergency medical purposes. Though... we will probably give it to Jin since he always gets sucked into some sort of fight and can't get his feet back up in time."

"With all this nonsense explained, shall we proceed with the altered master plan? I do however like what Lynn proposed initially. Her decision to include the armies into our daily life will undoubtedly be a strain on the System's resources, but that would definitely bring a smile to my face." Kraft said as he slammed the tables to conclude this meaningless meeting. After all, he was going through with his plan no matter who complained.

"Then what do you need us for?" Lynn questioned and Qiu Yue placed her hand on the Chef's shoulders while shaking her head.

"There is no need to ask, Kraft already told us what we need to do based on his last sentence. Those armies are going to need a place to stay and with Jin currently grounded and out of the loop from all outsider world stuff, it boils down to us."

"As the Empire Building Sub System User, I'll build the required houses and you who now has the basic competency to make dungeon instances to create a temporary one. As well as your knowledge on how much food to feed them. It is going to be a busy few days to clear this particular request," Qiu Yue said and Kraft happily grinned in front of the two of them.

However, that glee suddenly made Qiu Yue wonder if Kraft had indirectly manipulated Lynn or perhaps even the entire group to play to his tune. The nudging of Lynn to make her involved in a large meeting, the constant rejections from the military strategists, the appearance of Ayse to force out the truth about the virus and eventually getting a major consensus. Not to mention, kicking Jin out of the entire picture for 'valid' reasons so he could enact his plan without much resistance.

Was Kraft really that crafty??

"...Don't give too much credit." Qiu Yue reminded herself as she dragged Lynn away to be teleported away to a new Dungeon Maker instance to create their stuff while Moloch and Nubwort took over the rest of the remainder of battle. And the battles all around Demopolis started to wind down as the soldiers became lifeless. The Generals were also eventually defeated after the various groups made their appearances.

And speaking of appearances, the only Shadow King who hadn't had the chance to make much of an impact was the Eld Enclave because they were the only ones who Kraft hadn't stationed inside of Demopolis.

Instead, he had ordered them to assist the Wyvern Goblin Knights and the Devil Dragons to ensure that the aerial force of Aljun City was decimated. But extermination was not the only task they were given.

Kraft had his own devious plans for the Eld Enclave. (Or more like, squeeze them dry of their talents.)

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