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Chapter 1085 - Extra- Preparation Phase Against The Seven Cities

Chapter 1085 - Extra- Preparation Phase Against The Seven Cities

"El Presidente, the Pandaren cultivators are actively engaging with the remnants of Taris Army," One of the goblins in the communication team replied to Kraft while using his made up title. He had been changing his titles so frequently that the goblins had no qualms following his whims.

"Well done, Comrade. Tell them to clean up the place properly, alright? Don't want any leftovers playing hide and seek in the tunnels." Kraft yawned as he swiped his tablet to check the other battlefields.

"El Presidente, you still have the flush them out option available to you." Another communications goblin reminded the dictator of this current operation that Jin had fulfilled his bargain of putting a flood tunnel within the stronghold walls. And since the Demopolis was situated right beside the sea, there was no reason not to have the capability to flush enemies out into the sea. (After Kraft drowned them to their deaths first.)

"That is true! I wonder if our hippo could survive the flooding… I mean he is a hippo, right?" Kraft laughed as he tried to give some attention to the North East and North West regions of Demopolis. But even as he browsed them like television programmes, his mind was more on the plans to thwart the naval fleets. Mainly because he IS the head coordinator for the entire operation, he had had enough of land battles and decided to go for something which he didn't have much experience in. But despite his wants to lead sea battles, that lazy fox ultimately left the seas to Wolte and his best friend Mr Derpy.

Because of his achievements in the battle of Pandapolis, more demons, especially the Demopolis Navy (or to put it bluntly, highly distinguished pirates) had started to join Wolte's fellowship of devouts. Most of the Demopolis Navy joined under him because they were in love with his battleship form, Stalingrad. They also knew that his powers primarily came from merely being under him or being part of his crazy worship and if his numbers were to grow, he might once again have the chance to evolve into something crazy. Even if he doesn't, the System did promise that he would have some pretty nifty upgrades.

Needless to say, Lord Focalor, the trusted navy admiral of the previous Demopolis Navy, was present and was appointed as the captain of the Stalingrad for this current fight, enabling him the luxury to sail in Wolte's steed. While the Stalingrad could manage all by himself if he wanted to, he felt that having hands on deck would allow the ship to multitask better and maximise the abilities and new upgrades he was bestowed by the System.

Also, with Mr Derpy on his side, Kraft barely had to worry about the incursion from the sea. Instead, he felt pity for the invaders. The Deep Ones had repeatedly proven to be the masters of the seas and no one had ever been able to win against them. However, that did not mean they did not upgrade themselves for the upcoming fight. With the System's budget for Kraft to improve the defences of the Demopolis Stronghold, the sly fox did not hesitate to provide some budget for the underwater miscreants. Via the System's interworld black market, they had managed to procure high powered submachine guns that shot nails repeatedly as well as torpedo propelled grenades that could sink sh.i.p.s easily.

All this attention could be given to the Naval Fleet mainly because Moloch and Qiu Yue were handling the mainland skirmishes while Jin took care of the Demopolis stronghold defences. The 'assist the war' event was a hit mainly because of Xiong Da pushing through the first set of milestones.

Even though the other pandarens were not contributing as much as Xiong Da, they were still following in his footsteps making this initiative a big hit. This enabled Jin to recreate the new desired state of Demopolis with no loss on his part because of the extra money rolling in.

The walls as seen in the fight against the Taris Army were erected throughout the entire Demon empire and defensive weapons such as artillery and machine guns emplacements were installed along the walls.

With the terracing wall formation, multiple gun placements were also installed to improve the stronghold's firepower especially in the North East and North West portions of the Demopolis City. Less were installed in the Northern Wall mainly because the Kraft and the System had already known the war plans beforehand. No use reinforcing when they already knew that they had sufficient firepower to get by. Additional placements of guns could be added later if necessary since the System and Qiu Yue were on a level that could modify stuff on the fly.

As for the Demopolis Home Guards, General Vual had ensured that his troops were thoroughly trained in these defensive weapons when they were sent to Pandapolis boot camp to learn these new sets of skills. The Orc Artillery Team's training regime was so fierce that the Home Guards now understood why the Demopolis Army were able to lose so terribly. The Orc's strictness in firing and the speed to adhere to needed more than just focus. One would need the stamina to do so too and the Orcs could care less that the Home Guards were not as muscular or physically talented as the Orcs.

So long they could not hit their minimum standards, their whole team was not allowed to return back home. And because of the completion of this strict training, the Home Guards were desperate to show it off to the incoming human armies the results they earned through sheer effort. The only thing stopping them now was the insufficient range of their cannons and the go ahead order from either Qiu Yue or Moloch.

"Yawnn… I guess they should be reaching soonish? They did promise for a coordinated hit." Kraft opened his mouth wide to yawn with no courtesy of using his hands to cover them. He lazily saw through the visors of his Night Foxes that Merah and Bodek Army had no clue as to what had happened to Taris Army. Those poor sods were still in a high mood that they were going to win this.

But the Home Guards were not the only few defenders waiting for their arrival. The Three Shadow Kings were doing the same, with their own agenda, those mafia families were to hit and protect the city from those unsuspecting human armies.

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